Declassified US Plans to "Americanize" the Catholic Church and the New World Order Agents that Made it All Happen. Clearly it was the Potomac that Flowed into the Rhine. Is there a Washington-Rome-Coimbra Nexus?

CIA's Plan for Ideological Warfare Against "Un-American" Doctrinaire" Systems of Belief (1953).

Telegram Warning the Dulles Brothers About the Possibility of a Traditionalist Cardinal with "Unrealistic" (read, "Un-American") Views of the World were Papabili and Had to be Stopped Via Cardinal Spellman.

They got what they wanted! Was Vatican II one of the "Spiritual Initiatives" that John XXIII launched to bring the Liberalism-Condemning Catholic Church into line with Americanism and all of its Works and Pomps? 


  1. "Upon the rivers of Babylon, there we sat and wept: when we remembered Sion:" Psalms 136:1
    Notice, "rivers" are plural!
    As the Rhine flows into the Tiber, the Potomac flows into the Tiber, and the Amazon flows into the Tiber. Here we the faithful sit and weep when we remember Christendom!
    Rhine - new false theology and philosophy. Potomac - religious liberty, religious indifference, and egalitarianism. Amazon - paganism, and idolatry.


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