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Australian "Catholic Youth Day 2017" --- Can the New Church Stoop Lower? I should not have said that!

Here is the description of the Australian "Catholic" Youth Festival 2017 from the Tradition in Action site. The Pictures Follow. Question: Does it really matter that they ALLOW the "Latin Mass" for those with "sentimental attachment to past liturgical forms"? If Pope Pius XII saw this, would it be to far-fetched to imagine that he would think it is the time of the Great Apostasy or would he even think "post-Antichrist"? As for Australia, good thing the Brits came, convicts and all! Tribalism at Australian ‘Catholic’ Festival Under the pretext of honoring their local aborigines, nudism and tribalism were strongly promoted at the 2017 Australian Catholic Youth Festival.

Above, we see half-naked, grimacing young men crawling on the floor, their torsos painted.  Below, rows one to four, other men wearing leather strips that barely cover their genitals glorify the fetishist practices of Australians natives. Youth of both sexes pose in positions sugges…

Vatican Alert! Francis to Demand Oath of "Fidelity" to Himself and His "Magisterium" from all Clerics in Conciliar Church. Coming in "Months." Who among "us" will take the Oath?

Just in....A Translation of an Italian article coming from information circulating at the Vatican. Francis will demand Oath of Fidelity to Himself and His "Magisterium" from all Clerics in the "Church." All who do not take this Oath will be Suspended from their duties. My question is who amongst the traditionalists will continue the theological game of Twister and find a way to take the oath by cosmic acts of "mental reservation." 
Here is the Breaking News.....Be ready for a very intense 2018! The Article whose translation Fr. Kramer says is 99% accurate:

"Drrafts part LVII: the danger of the schism. Oath of fidelity to the magisterium of Bergoglio "of Fra Cristoforo
I state that what is reported in the drafts comes from a source very much in the Vatican circles. And he tells me how important he feels about what he succeeds in "capturing" all the entourage that hangs out daily in Santa Marta. So I report exclusively what is "con…

Fr. Kramer's Conclusion: Cardinal Billot and the Principle of Papal Injudicability

CONCLUSION In view of what has been stated and elaborated above, the observation of Fr. Gleize can be seen to be entirely correct on this point: «The opinion of the medieval theologians (cf. no. 3), which acknowledges that the Church has a power to depose the pope if necessary, contradicts the divine constitution of the Church: Cajetan recognizes that this thesis mentioned in an objection was (at least in his era) the common opinion. But it does not hold up, because since the pope is above the Church by divine right, if there is an exceptional case in which the Church has power over him, this case must be explicitly foreseen and stated as such in the sources of revelation. Now, “when we consider the exceptional case of heresy, divine law does not foresee that the pope should be subject to the Church” (see De comparatione, chapter 20, §280). This is why the explanation set forth by these theologians should be rejected: it contradicts the explicit teaching of revelation. »      Fr. Gleize…

Fr. Kramer and the Theologians --- Installment #3. AKA "How to give a Response to 'But John OF ST. THOMAS SAYS........."

Depositus» vs. «Deponendus»      St. Robert Bellarmine, in his doctrine on the question of the deposition of a manifestly heretical pope, with a tightly woven logic, gives systematic expression to the teaching of Pope Innocent III set forth in his Sermons; 1) on the point that the Roman Pontiff may be judged by no one, except for heresy, in which case he cannot be tried as pope and judged (deponendus), but, 2) he can only be shown to have already been judged – to have fallen from the Pontificate (depositus). Thus, the Church would exercise no power over the pope if it were to judge that the man occupying the cathedra had actually fallen from the pontificate by his heresy, but then the Church would only determine that the occupant of the throne, being a heretic, and thereby having fallen from the pontificate, is no longer the pope; and would therefore declare the See to be vacant, and proceed to the election of a new pope. It is in this broad sense that Bellarmine and Ballerini speak of…