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Are These The Plans Behind Matt's "Uniting of the Clans." Cardinal Burke on the Plans for the SSPX. Well Hasn't the Other "Clan" the FSSP Been Preaching for Decades "Obedience" as the Highest Virtue?

Cardinal Burke: "Oops! How did that slip out?" Here is what Cardinal Burke said on June 15, 2012 --- and what he would still say today, no doubt --- "There will have to be a change in the way of thinking and acting by which the OBEDIENCE to the Holy Father (Benedict at the time, Francis now) becomes much more concrete, because they have not been during these past decades. The challenge of OBEDIENCE is in the Church, there are others who have other ideas and approaches whom the Holy Father calls to OBEDIENCE and so I think we can all learn from this, with Catholic Faith and the Sacraments that OBEDIENCE can grow, but it is at the heart of our life in the Church."  How many times can he say OBEDIENCE? 

RadTrad Reader Posts an Article Which Goes To the Very Roots of the Feminist Errors So Prevalent in Our Traditional Communities.

No, A Christian Can’t be a Feminist   By: Khater Augustine             When speaking with fellow Catholic college students about my opposition to Feminism, I will often hear things like “Yes Khater, I agree with you. Third wave Feminism is awful!”  Their agreement often turns to shock and horror when they find that not only do I oppose 3 rd wave Feminism, but also 2 nd and 1 st wave Feminism. They ask, surprised “So you don’t think women should be able to vote?” This is the response one will get from most so called “conservatives” today. The embrace of Feminism is one of the more revolting aspects of our emasculated modern “conservatism” It is even more saddening that otherwise orthodox Christians have embraced this movement, a movement which the preeminent Southern Presbyterian theologian and political philosopher  R.L Dabney in his tract entitled “Women’s Rights, Women” called “sheer infidelity”   Feminism, or the “Women’s Rights Movement” as it was called in Dabney’s ti

This Mission the Evil Men Who Took Over the Vatican DEFINITELY Had to End. No Matter What it Would Take.

From the last known interview with the REAL Sister Lucy of Fatima. Translation of the video of the FAKE Sister Lucy coming soon.

Fr. Kramer Releases his Book Against Gallican Distortions of Traditional Catholicism: "To Deceive the Elect: The Catholic Doctrine on the Question of a Heretical Pope." Critical Text now Available for Purchase from Link Below. Salsa and Disco Call Your Offices!


Tragic Disappearance of the Real Sister Lucy dos Santos Foretold to Jacinta, Right Before She Died, by the Blessed Virgin Mary. Contrary to being Safely Stowed in a Convent, Sister Lucy's Life was Always Under Threat.

Did Our Lady Predict, in 1920, the Constant Persecution and Final Demise of Sister Lucy of Fatima? It appears so.  Dr. Chojnowski: Here are a basic chronological description of the life of Lucy dos Santos up until her sudden disappearance sometimes between 1957 and 1967. I would like to put special emphasis --- as I did with my bolding of the text and capitalization  --- on the Prophecy that Our Lady made to Jacinta immediately before her death concerning her cousin Lucy. For all of the below, we follow the account given in the excellent text by Mark Fellows,  Fatima in Twilight (Niagra Falls, Ontario: Marmion Publications, 2003).  The Life of Lucia dos Santos, Seer of Fatima Life before and during the Apparition, both of the Angel and of the Mother of God Lucia dos Santos, born the sixth and last child of Antonio and Maria dos Santos. She came into the world on March 22, 1907. Her family and that of her 1 st cousins Jacinta and Franscisco Marto lived in a little

"An Indictment" Version 2A In HD


Break Through: German Website Picks Up on Sister Lucy Truth! Challenges Vatican to "Put the Truth on the Table." Dr. Chojnowski Accused of überhaupt zu überschießenden Formulierungen. How exciting!

Image Here are the basics of the Google Translate of the article into English. If anyone can provide a better translation I will publish it. How many Sr. Lucia of Fatima are there? AN APPEAL TO THE PROFESSIONALS ......... September 21, 2019  Between statements and broadcasts by Sr. Lucia dos Santos before 1957 and after, a break is noticeable. Can it be the same Sister Lucia? Recent research by US philosophy professor Peter Chojnowski provides evidence of what critical minds have been saying for decades: the person who was presented to the world as Sr. Lucia of Fatima from 1967 to her death in 2005 may not have been the real seer. This affair stinks to heaven. Because it is not explainable why the events of Fatima, recognized as early as 1930 by the Church (Diocesan Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Dom Jose Alves Correia da Silva) and immensely popular in the faithful people, after the interview of Sr.