Exclusive to RadTrad Thomist: Interview with Fr. Paul Kalchik, Who Burned the Rainbow Flag and is Now In Hiding from the Thugs of Cardinal Cupich. Since Fr. Kalchik is in Hiding, the Interview was Carried Out through a Secured Email Account.

Here are the questions posed to Fr. Kalchik by a lawyer friend of RadTrad Thomist. The questions are in black. The response from Fr. Kalchik, as he wrote it, is in red.

How was the flag used before you arrived at the parish? During Mass? Processions?

How exactly did Cupich contact you to let you know that you are no longer serving in that parish? Written? Verbal?
Have you received any formal documents with regard to your removal, possible laicization, etc?
Were you instructed that you had to go to a psychiatric facility for evaluation? I ask because this is a common way that heterodox bishops get rid of good priests?
Here is Fr. Kalchik's response:
For the full story about what played out this fall, my explanation of the events, as I wrote it, check on the Web site  What was bantered about by the press, four fifths of which was just made up.  It's not like parishioners went to Walmart and bought a bunch of gay flags and had a bonfire.  What was burned was a banner…

Vatican Fraud Exposed! Sworn Declaration from Professional Handwriting Analyst that Letter from Sister Lucy II in 1969 Was Written By Imposter and Not By Sister Lucy I. Here is Scientific Evidence that the Sister Lucy II, post-1958 Was a Fraud. Read the 125 page declaration here.


And Much Much More To Come. The Fraud Has Been Exposed. The Evidence Mounts.

Just in case you missed it on October 13th, here is another expert report, this time from a plastic surgeon concerning the case of Sister Lucy I and Sister Lucy II.

Fr. Poisson Call Your Office! Fr. David Hewko Gets Ready to Jump Ship in Pfeifferville! Dubious Ambrose Moran Cited as Cause of Upcoming Split

I also know that Fr. Pfeiffer has wanted to be the first bishop consecrated by Bishop Williamson going back to at least 2013. Bishop Williamson has not only refused to consecrate Fr. Pfeiffer but he has even refused to bless the oils necessary for the administration of the sacraments for Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Boston, Kentucky. 

Fr. Hewko must know that Fr. Pfeiffer plans to be "consecrated" a "bishop" by Ambrose Moran. This has been clear since the summer when Fr. Pfeiffer was definitively asserting that Ambrose Moran was a "valid Catholic bishop." 

Fr. Poisson seems to be doing the mission runs to the groups that Fr. Hewko once covered. I really do not know where Fr. Hewko will go. Where is Fr. Raphael now? Both have been so critical of the statements of Bishop Williamson, it is hard to believe that they would rejoin him. 
Here is the announcement by Fr. Hewko and the link to the statement posted by one of the faithful: 

Dear Faithful, we must pray! We a…

The Saint Peter Dossier, Part IV: The Fraternity of Saint Peter is Part of Modernism! The Final Installment of RadTrad Thomist's Interview with former FSSP priest Fr. Joseph Poisson.

Fr. Joseph Poisson: There was some anger there [concerning my years with the Fraternity of St. Peter.] But some good things came out of it. I learned to say the Mass, I served as MC at the seminary, I learned the rubrics, I learned about how to do the paper work, the book work and how to run a parish. That is all in my blood. I have had that experience. But the basis of all of it was a lie, that the Archbishop had been [legitimately] excommunicated. Whereas, Fr. Bisig and all of them that left Econe should have known that it was not valid. But they were influenced by Cardinal Ratzinger in a bad way. I got over that. I let them figure it out for themselves. I could write a book about this. But if you are not searching for the truth, you don’t care. You have to want to search for the truth, it means a sacrifice. My reputation is gone. No money, no security, no pension, nothing. No car. Nothing.
RadTrad Thomist. Probably the best position to be in if you are a priest dedicated to Christ. …

The Saint Peter Dossier, Part III: Trek Over the Traditional Landscape. Fr. Poisson Tells Of His Exit from the FSSP, His Encounter with the SSPX, and His Settlement in Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Boston, Kentucky.

Part III of RadTrad Thomist's exclusive interview with Fr. Joseph Poisson, former Priest of the FSSP. 

Fr. Joseph Poisson: The Fraternity priest in Scranton one year brought the bishop to the Mass on the Epiphany. Then there was a nice supper afterwards, and they said nice things and he said nice things.  It is just talk and they sang music to him. It was just stupid. He does not give us the Sacraments, we get the Sacraments from Bishop Timlin. He is just there to look happy and to see the pretty girls in dresses. They are dressed modestly. Everything to make the bishop happy. He never gave us anything. He never gave us the Sacraments. The retired Bishop Timlin gave the Sacrament of Confirmation. Because our bishop would not get into the old rite. Our Lady was really giving me a sign that I was to get out. Another thing that was pulling me towards the SSPX occurred when I went to Nigeria for 9 months. Before I left for Nigeria in 2010, a woman knocked on the rectory in Saint Cather…

The Saint Peter Dossier, Part II: When the Bishop Says Jump! A Continuation of Our Exclusive interview with a former FSSP priest.

Continuation of RadTrad Thomist's interview with Fr. Joseph Poisson. Part II, When the Bishop says "Jump"!
Fr. Poisson:  The solution of the Fraternity, if there is a problem with the bishop, is to change priests. I knew then, since I was being picked on, that I would never be a parish priest. At one point, I could not even go to the bishop’s Mass, the Holy Thursday [Chrism] Mass anymore. Now I wanted nothing to do with it. So I could only be an assistant priest and I was happy with that. That released me from it. Then I was sent to Scranton.  
RadTrad Thomist. What was your experience of the [Novus Ordo] bishops that you met along the way? 
P. What can I tell you on that? 
R. What did they seem to want from you?
P. Oh! They just wanted the money! They want the collections. They want their fund raising They want their Fraternity priests to make their [financial] goals. It is just about their money. We give you the church, the privilege to be here, the collections are meant to…

The Saint Peter Dossier: Fr. Joseph Poisson Gives RadTrad Thomist an Exclusive Interview Detailing his Years as a Fraternity of Saint Peter Priest. Part I: When the Smoke Cleared.

Written transcript of Interview with Fr. Joseph Poisson, formerly of the FSSP, given to RadTrad Thomist in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on January 5, 2019.
RadTrad Thomist has sat down with Fr. Joseph Poisson, former priest of the Fraternity of St. Peter, to give an exclusive interview concerning the inner workings of Ecclesia Dei’s Fraternity of St. Peter. What you don’t know about this organization WILL hurt you!

RadTrad Thomist: Father, I would like to start out with your story.  Can you tell us who you are and how you became a priest and how you got involved with the Fraternity of St. Peter?
Fr. Poisson:  I was always Novus Ordo. I come from Ontario. We lived way out on a dairy farm. The closest Latin Mass was in Ottawa. Because it was an international situation [being the capital of Canada] they have never let go of the Latin Mass. They always had the privilege of the Latin Mass. That is how the Fraternity started there, because of the commitment to keep it going. We were 85 to 100 mile…