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ProposalImposter: The Murder and Substitution of Sister Lucy of FatimaAn Investigation
Sister Lucy of Fatima #1   1946
Sister Lucy #2 (1967)
For a religious person, it is a crime of the centuries, for those following the Vatican it is a dark question, for those with eyes to see and a mind to think, it is a mystery like no other. The story of the three children of Fatima who saw the Virgin Mary in 1917 is well known to the world. The leader of that little group of Portuguese peasant shepherds, Lucia dos Santos, the one who not only saw, but heard, and spoke to the Virgin, the one who asked for a miracle and the Miracle of the Sun, seen by 70,000 people, was granted her, is the subject of one of the greatest and, yet, still, unsolved crimes of modern times. A crime that has been identified by a few and is, as yet, unknown to the world at large. A crime of such magnitude that the entire enterprise of renovation and change, initiated from the highest levels of the Vatican since 1958, would b…

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Lista Pecorelli: Were these involved in Vatican Penetration But Not Involved with the Murder/Disappearance and Imposture of Sister Lucy of Fatima?

“Pecorelli’s List:” Alleged Freemasons in the VaticanFrom, also published in Chiesa Viva by Fr. Luigi Villa, personally commissioned by Pope Pius XII and Padre Pio to uncover Masonic infiltration of the Catholic Church at the highest levels. See, The Pecorelli list alleges the presence of Freemasons in the upper ranks of the Vatican II Church (prohibited and causing excommunication). The list was published by Carmine Pecorelli, a member of Propaganda Due and the Grande Oriente d’Italia, purporting to be a list of 120 masons in or associated with Vatican dicasteries, including cardinals, bishops and priests as well as members of the laity. It included Cardinal Jean Villot and Cardinal Agostino Casaroli who were Secretary of State in the Vatican City. Pecorelli himself was murdered shortly after in March 1979.*Each man’s name is followed by his position, if known; the date he was allegedly initiated into Masonry, his code #; and his code name, if known:*Alberto Albondi. Bi…

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