'Vaccines won't work': US virologist breaks down COVID-19. To Date Best Thing That I Have Heard About the Effects and Treatment of Covid-19. The Virologist is not saying that a Vaccine Will Not Work, but that it is Not a Panacea; Still No Vaccine for SARS-I, Never Mind Sars-2.

This American virologist does not deal with the question of whether this is a man-made virus or if it has its origin in nature. Recorded at the beginning of the pandemic.

If You Say This is the Real Sister Lucy, Why Don't You Accept JPII's 1984 Consecration of All Humanity IF SISTER LUCY SAID THAT IT WAS ACCEPTABLE TO OUR LADY? Silence.......

Starting at 9 minutes: 

Here are JPII's words of "consecration" of all of Humanity to the Immaculate Heart: "Mother of the Church, enlighten the people of God on the path of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Enlighten especially those peoples whose consecration and entrustment you await. Help us to live in the truth of the consecration to Christ of the entire human family of the contemporary world."

This in itself shows that Sister Lucy II is a fraud who did not receive the revelation of July 1917 and June 1929 concerning the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Here the Fraud endorses the Universal Salvation doctrine taught in all of the major encyclicals of John Paul II. Here "Sister Lucy" is fraudulently USED AGAIN to advanced the apostate theology of the apostate JPII. Glad he was nice and spoke many languages and was good at clowning it up before large audiences! Also, "pro-life" based on the moral philosophy of Max Scheler, an…

This Recently Released Video from the Vatican, Demonstrates that the Fake Sister Lucy IS THE GREATEST FRAUD IN THE HISTORY OF THE Catholic Church. Period.

Here are the lies and distortions that I have found so far in this video. I will underline those directly involved in perpetrating this LIE. Lies will be in black and the truth will be in red.

a) Cardinal Bertone says that he was sent by "St." John Paul II to "Sister Lucy" to "authenticate" the contents of the Third Secret. He was, rather, sent in order to get the do what Sister Lucy the Fake was intended to do all along, "authenticate" a Third Secret that was not the real Third Secret.

b) John Paul II released the "Third Secret" in 2000 in order to stop the "apocalyptic interpretations" that were spreading. JPII wanted to put to rest for ever the expectation of the faithful that the Third Secret contained an indictment of the crimes of the Modernists against the Church of God. He also wanted to eliminate the idea that the world was on the downward slope rather than perpetually on the upward swing as the Left would have it. JPI…

Lies from Beginning to End. Why does the Vatican and Cardinal Bertone Want to Again Tell us that Our Lady's Purpose in the Third Secret Given in 1917, was to tell JPII to "Watch His Back" in 1981? Stop the Hijacking of Fatima! Support Sister Lucy Truth.


Or maybe Our Lady in 1917 wanted to warn us about Covid-19 and good Pope Francis speaking to an empty square and praying with the faithful of all religions for the end of the virus? Why not? If you can use Fatima for whatever you want to, thanks to the Identity Thief Pictured Below:

RadTrad Thomist and Sister Lucy Truth Break into the French Traditionalist World with Interview on Fide Catholica.


Cleaned Up Stills From 1946 Footage of Sister Lucy the Real at Fatima. Links to The Sister Lucy Truth Investigation Included. Help Us Rectify the Injustice and Reveal the Crime to the World.


For the video footage from the 1946 footage of the Real Sister Lucy's visit to Fatima, see :

Newly-Released Video Footage From 1946 Shows the Real Sister Lucy Visiting Fatima Again for the First and, Presumably, Last Time Since 1921.

See Previously Unseen Footage Here:

More Screen Shots from the Real Sister Lucy's 1946 Visit to Fatima.