Euthanizing the Third Secret: The New Theology Tries to Kill the Secret with Lethal Modernist Gas....What they did not realize is that they accidentally slipped in a canister of Laughing Gas!

Dr. Chojnowski: This is Cardinal Ratzinger's "Theological Commentary" which was attached to the "released Third Secret." His commentary is in black and mine is in red. More to come.....
Fatima, 13 May 2000     
THEOLOGICAL COMMENTARY    A careful reading of the text of the so-called third “secret” of Fatima, published here in its entirety long after the fact and by decision of the Holy Father, will probably prove disappointing or surprising after all the speculation it has stirred. It will be "disappointing" because it does not resemble IN ANY WAY the revelation that the world was expecting for some 40 years. Notice that the pronounced understanding of the world and Church Militant with regard to the Third Secret is contemptuously called "speculation." Since this is the Third Secret "in its entirety" and since it is done "by decision of the Holy Father" we know that this entire secret as "revealed" will be NOTHING …

Wanted: The Gang of 8 Who Hijacked Fatima. If This Is a Criminal Investigation, these are the Obvious Suspects and the As Yet Unindicted Co-Conspirators.

The Gang of 4

Gang of 4 more

Cardinal Bertone: Brought the "Third Secret" to "Sister Lucy" for Her Approval in 2000. Clueless about the Fraud?

Liars and Fraudsters. How a Secret which, according to Cardinal Ciappi, Deals with Apostasy WITHIN the Church and an Attack on Catholics FROM WITHIN, In 2000 was Spun as an Attack By an OUTSIDE FORCE, Attacking the Apostates Themselves. Go Figure. Get Mad.

Dr. Chojnowski's Commentary in Red.

SECRETARY OF STATE    At the end of the Mass presided over by the Holy Father at Fatima, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Secretary of State, made this announcement in Portuguese, which is given here in English translation: 
Remember, this was all done in front an applauding and attentive "Sister Lucy" who was obviously made aware of what was going to be announced that day. She did not show the slightest objection to release or to the hinted at content of the message.
Brothers and Sisters in the Lord!    At the conclusion of this solemn celebration, I feel bound to offer our beloved Holy Father Pope John Paul II, on behalf of all present, heartfelt good wishes for his approaching 80th Birthday and to thank him for his vital pastoral ministry for the good of all God's Holy Church; we present the heartfelt wishes of the whole Church.  So at the beginning of the announcement, 40 years late in coming, th…

Investigating the "Third Secret." We Must Rethink the "Third Secret" "Revealed" in 2000, which Reduced "Sister Lucy" to a Sycophantic Devotee of the Man Who Brought NewChurch into Full-Blown Apostasy, JPII.


The "Official" Image: A Perfect Representation of Deception: The Fraud was Intentional and Professional From the Beginning. All with "Ecclesiastical Authority"!

The “Official” Image: A Devious Gift That Keeps Giving Sister Lucy Truth exclusively broke the reality that one of the most widely circulated, “officially” approved photographs of “Sister Lucy” and Paul VI in 1967 is, in fact, a fraud. This “Official” image is below: INSERT: 1 - Official Image Lucia and Paul VI

We proved that this “Official” image could be traced all the way back to a June 13, 1967 publication of Voz De Fatima, the official mouthpiece of the Shrine of Fatima, thus refuting any argument that the image emanated from some “unofficial” source years later. However, it is important to now focus in on precisely the level of deception at work with this Official image. Indeed, as we will prove below, this is not the case where a picture of “Lucia” was innocently cut out and placed next to Paul VI in collage fashion. No, it wasn’t that simple. The level of intent is far more calculating.  As conclusively demonstrated below, the source image of the “Lucia” depicted in the “Official” …

Fr. Marc Vernoy SSPX Calls His Fellow Priests to Do their Duty and Denounce and Fight the Evils of the Modern World and the Novus Ordo Sect. He is Obviously a Courageous Man.


Full Update on Status and Extent of the Sister Lucy Truth Investigation: The Evidence Continues to Build