This Gnostic Movement is Complete Apostasy from the Christian Faith. In this video, Complete Apostasy is Reached By the 20 Minute Mark. Dr. Smith and Mr. Coulombe, with great respect, I call upon you to RENOUNCE this COMPLETELY, ROOT AND BRANCH, and not just "Touch it Up" in an Exoteric Manner.

  Dr. Chojnowski: In this video of a lecture by "bishop" Stephen Hoeller, orthodox Christianity is rejected and arrogantly dismissed as being a product of the "takeover" by Constantine the Great of the Church. Salvation from SIN by Christ is dismissed as quaint and erroneous. Jesus Christ is put alongside Buddha, Zarathustra, Mani, and other "enlightened" ones as being a partial and "for his time" manifestation of the Messiah. Dr. Smith and Mr. Coulombe must seek the only remedy that God has offered to men, which is within the true Catholic Church. "Right-wing" ecumenism cannot be healed by the "left-wing" ecumenism of the current Bergolian church. This "interesting" gnostic insanity seems like quick sand for the mind. Hoeller in this video speaks of Manly Hal, the well-known Mason and Occultist, as if he were blessed.  What is "the rub"? To accept the Christian religion is to REJECT AS FALSE all other reli

And He Hates St. Thomas and Thomism! Soooo, How is He On our side?

Image From "Just a Catholic":   In that article, the staunchly Neoplatonist Coulombe pours scorn on the “Aristotelian” philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas, which he denounces variously as “ill-fitted for Catholics,” “simply untrue,” and “a recipe for disaster” ultimately responsible for “devastating” Christendom. “St. Thomas’ canonisation,” he laments, “and the employment of his philosophy (or, to be more accurate, more or less distorted versions of it) in the Counter-Reformation, seemed to grant it official status, as though it were THE Catholic philosophy.” By Coulombe’s reckoning, Christianity has been spiralling into ruin ever since: Thomism “contributed to the decline of the Church… [and] rocked the very foundations of both the Medieval Church and State,” he writes. The only way to arrest and reverse this alleged decline is to repudiate Thomism and embrace th

Charles Coulombe is not a traditional Catholic. He sees no INTRINSIC Problem with the Novus Ordo, New Church, NewPapacy, or Vatican II. He admits, towards the end of this video that he MOST OFTEN goes to the Novus Ordo. "Communion" "reverently" given by Ms. Sheila in the Morning and a Little Tarot Reading with "Bishop" Hoeller in the Afternoon...or more likely Evening, No?

How Nice, Reverent, and Non-Threatening is "Bishop" Hoeller? See full-blown Occultism here. When Mr. Hoeller says that "Satan" is just a concept coming from the Christian mind so "a Satanist has to be a Christian first," you just got to wonder: Further proof of Coulombe's involvement. Mr. Coulombe must feel comfortable transitioning between is "during the week" Novus Ordo and the Gnostic mockery of the Mass seen below:

Now that Coulombe has been dragged out of the Gnostic closet, can we begin to identify other 'traditional" connections to "right-wing" Freemasonry?

Charles Coulombe must denounce this man and his activities if he is to avoid scandalizing all of the traditional Catholics and traditional right-wingers that he has associated with for 3 decades. There is no way that such a close association with a high gnostic priest and occult practitioner can, in any way, be consistent with an adherence to the Catholic religion. We ask also what is this "St. Benedict Center West" that "bishop" Hoeller cofounded with Mr. Coulombe in Los Angeles 35 years ago? What does this have to do with the anti-baptism of desire stance of the St. Benedict Center "East Coast"? Stephen Hoeller is not just a tarot card reader. He is also the leader of the Ecclesia Gnostica, a former lecturer for the Manly Hall Philosophical Research Society, a speaker for the Theosophical Society in America, and the author of such books as The Royal Road: A Manuel of Kabalistic Meditations on the Tarot  and Freedom: Alchemy for Voluntary Society . Questi

Identity Thieves in the Vatican and in the Carmel of Coimbra.


Just when you thought that the Apostasy could not get more bizarre: "Traditional Catholic" Apostasy and Esotericism ---- with Tarot Cards. The Fall of Dr. Wolfgang Smith.

Image Dr. Chojnowski: I have had experience, over the years, with some of the men who are mentioned in this article. I have worked on books and articles of Charles Coulombe when I was helping out at Angelus Press. It was during those years that the stories about Coulombe's writings for Gnosis magazine first emerged. This caused a sensation at the time and caused the Angelus to distance itself from Mr. Coulombe, even though he had done excellent work on the topics of Christian Civilization, Monarchy, and the history of the Papacy. From what I remember, it was more his connections to Gnosis  and not his Feeneyite beliefs nor his Monarchist politics that was at the center of the controversy. This was in the mid-90s, stretching to at least the year 2000. He has continued to contribute by his frequent interviews about the various traditionalist movements of the past and

Police of the Irish Republic try to Shut Down Mass at the Consecration. I wonder if the Mass Rocks are Still Available?

John Stone @Johnthemadmonk · Apr 5 This was sent to me about the SSPX apostolate in Dublin. "St John's Monkstown raided by police at the Consecration of the. 10am Mass this morning. Tried to have the Mass stopped. Congregation would have none of it. Mass finished properly." Let's not forget the Irish Republican Prime Minister and His Partner. Let's also not forget referendums legalizing abortion, contraception, sodomite marriage, legalized blasphemy, and even pubs open on Good Friday --- I think the last one was by unanimous consent! Just an Historical Note, it is the 105th Anniversary of the Easter Rising against the British. I am sorry, but there in nothing Catholic about Ireland any more.