Breaking News: John Salza leaves SSPX and returns to Novus Ordo church after "studying Sedevacantism." Who will publish Next 3 Vol. set???

Breaking News: John Salza has left the SSPX and has returned to the Novus Ordo church. Our source, who has worked with him on True and False Pope, says that he came to this decision "after studying sedevacantism."

With a Slight of Hand, Cardinal Ratzinger (2000) Affirms that the "Third Secret," released by the Vatican, is both "authentic" and "complete." Our Experts said, "Yes" to the First, but even Common Sense says "No" to the Second.

For our expert's analysis of the text released by the Vatican as the "Third Secret," see,
Dr. Chojnowski: "The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith made available to the press THE FULL TEXT of the so-called third secret of Fatima, at a press conference on June 26, which the text in Sister Lucia's handwriting is reproduced in facsimile, so there can be no further reasonable discussion as to the authenticity and the completeness of the text [as if these are the same thing; they are not. Without the real Sister Lucy's testimony, how would we know that the text is "complete"?]. In this booklet, not only the sequence of visions but also the series of pieces written about them by Sister Lucia [hence the importance of the investigation into the identity of Sister Lucy and her apparent disappearance.]....Furthermore, the address you referred to by Cardinal Sodano is reproduced and I personal…

Ratzinger's Report on the Message of Fatima: "It's all just a matter of faith, hope, and love."

Dr. Chojnowski: "I too have been able to have a brief conversation with her".........and now I realize that it is not the authentic Sister Lucy at all but an imposter put in place in the years before I was prominent during the Vatican II is not my fault!!! ---- Unfortunately, nothing like this was said by Cardinal Ratzinger in 2000, during his interview with Peter Seewald. Instead, he presented the following lies, both about the Fatima Message and about "Sister Lucy":
"Indeed, the message itself is quite simple. And Lucia, the only surviving one of the children, has placed more and more emphasis on this simplicity and has said, Don't take any notice of all the other things you are told about [i.e., the Conversion of Russia, the reality of Hell, the fact that Our Lord is much offended by sin, "the apostasy in the Church will come from the very top," the First Saturday devotions to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to make reparation for wh…

What is the Fatima Message about according to the "Great Restorationist" Josef Ratzinger? It is "a story of freedom."

Well, Not Quite the Last..... Dr. Chojnowski: Want to know what Cardinal Josef Ratzinger thought about Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun in 2000 as found in the book, God and the World: A Conversation with Peter Seewald (San Francisco: Ignatius Press)? We only need look in the chapter entitled, "The Mother of God."  In response to Mr. Seewald's question on the Miracle of the Sun, Ratzinger responds, "Whatever happened or did not happen on that October 13th, from a purely scientific point of view, we have no way of knowing for certain." [Dr. Chojnowski: There was a miracle of the sun, seen by 70,000 people, reported by the New York Times. Meaning we know it for certain. It is not really rocket science.]  "What MATTERS is that people were visibly moved by the unique EXPERIENCE of that movement." [Dr. Chojnowski: What matters, actually, is that people were moved by what they saw visibly. What is important is that the "experience" followed from the…

Substitution of Sister Lucy for an Imposter was Clearly a State Secret of the Highest, and only the Highest, Levels of the Vatican. Cardinal Ottaviani seems to have had No Knowledge of it when he sent Fr. Luigi Villa there in 1973.

Must be the reason why Cardinal Ciappi said that the Third Secret was about, "the apostasy in the Church will begin at the VERY TOP." Obviously one or two steps down did not have "clearance" to know about the Fatima Fraud. See link to Chiesa Viva article below. the sensitive issues assigned to him by Card. Ottaviani, was a meeting with Lucia of Fatima. One day Cardinal Ottaviani told Fr. Villa: «I think I will send you to Fatima to speak directly with Sister Lucia.»He accepted with joy. A business man from Padua joined him, Mr. Pagnossin, a convert of Padre Pio, who offered to pay for the trip and the stay in Portugal. Cardinal Ottaviani had provided him with a personal letter, signed by him, as Prefect of the Holy Office. This was to be delivered to the Bishop of Coimbra, to allow him to arrange a meeting with Sister Lucia. But the Bishop of Coimbra, before granting the meeting…

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