John Salza, Call Your Office: Fr. Kramer Releases His Text Showing that Heresy Automatically Separates one from the Catholic Church WITHOUT declaration.

Dr, Chojnowski: Here are the first 19 pages of a 222 page document explaining the Catholic doctrine on Leaving the Church and Falling from Office due to Heresy, Schism, or Apostasy. The rest of the UNFINISHED document will be published shortly.  I am sorry for the jagged presentation of the text in some places.  The blog format caused the text to be interrupted by the copious footnotes. I will try to organize it in a better way, as I publish the whole 220 pages of a work STILL IN PROGRESS. 

from the Faith & the Church - Faith, Heresy, and Loss of Office - An Exposé of the Heresy of John Salza & Robert Siscoe Part I Fr. Paul Kramer B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.) SECTION ONE FAITH, HERESY & LOSS OF OFFICE The sin of Heresy per se, like apostasy and schism, has the intrinsic effect of separating the heretic from the Church by itself, without any ecclesiastical censure or judgment; and is distinguished from other sins which do not by their very …