The Post-1958 Sister Lucy and NewChurch are One. If She was authentic then Most Everything Relating to Fatima had to do with the "John Paul II the Great". If this is an Imposter, then we are speaking about a diabolical deception of the Highest Order.

How serious is our investigation of the "Sister Lucy case'? It is clear that if the woman who is presented to the world as "Sister Lucia" after 1957 is identical with the person who was clearly Sister Lucy prior to 1958, then the following conclusions follow:

2) RUSSIA HAS ALREADY CONVERTED, but "Conversion" has NOTHING TO DO WITH CONVERTING TO THE CATHOLIC FAITH.  Just as John Paul II would say since he is the one who approved the Balamand Declaration in which it was said that the Catholic Church no longer sought the conversion of the Eastern Orthodox.
3) The Third Secret is about an unsuccessful assassination of John Paul II, which, for some reason, would be better understood in 1960 even though it would take place in 1981.
4) The New Mass is Fine. Sister Lucy, the Seer of Our Lady, went to it with great joy.
5) The Teachings of Vatican II and the Newpopes are fine. Sister Lucy in no way objected to them a…

FrancisWar Continues to Heat Up! Exclusive Sneak-Preview of Fr. Chazal's Latest Edition of Contra Cekadam

After reading an early edition of Fr. Chazal's updated attack on Sedevacantism and the writings of Fr. Anthony Cekada, I formulated 6 questions that came to mind when reading over the new text. My questions to him are immediately below and his response is below that. Of course, I am not a trained theologian....heck, I don't even have my accounting degree! 

The board is set...the pieces are moving..............I would like to hear comments on this from ALL sides. Submissions welcome!

Dear Fr. Chazal,

I admit that I have not read the second part of your essay yet. However, I do have questions about the position that it outlines.  1) Personally, I think after reading on this issue and considering what I have published on my blog from Fr. Kramer, that public heresy alone qualifies for defection from the Church and for loss of office. How can you be a heretic —— publicly reject the faith and yet be part of the Church founded on the Faith? Also, how can you hold office in a Church that …

1961: Letter reveals Demands made by The American Jewish Committee to Cardinal Bea to Change Catholic Teaching and Liturgy. Guess what ended up happening?


100 year old Counter Plan to Our Lady's Fatima Message of Her Universal Queenship Uncovered in Vatican Archives. These Declassified and Newly Uncovered Documents are Making Everything Clear!

Here is a report from by Maike Hickson, dated May 11th of last year -- just recently brought to my notice --- which brings to light another document, in this case a letter from 1918, which reveals information circulating at the highest social, ecclesial, and political levels of Europe in which a plan by Grand Orient Freemasonry ---- facilitated by the American and French Republics --- would attack and destroy the primary institutions of Europe namely the "Throne and Altar." Dr. Hesemann is not a traditional Catholic and yet he is an honest historian who was given access to the Vatican Archives. Below is the content of the letter. It concerns information gotten by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany who wished to convey it to the Pope Benedict XV via Cardinal von Hartmann. Remember that Kaiser Wilhem II, "Kaiser Bill" in American historical mythology, was the one who dismissed Bismark from his post as Chancellor, thereby ending the Kulturkampf…

Vatican Document Affirms that not only do the Jews share our Religion, but the Torah is the Word of God just as Jesus Christ is the Word of God. Was this the final documentation of the Apostasy set up in 1958 to play itself out now? If so, why be so mad at Francis?

I have put my own comments in Red and I have bolded in Black the texts statements that I believe are the most indicative. Was this what all the hoopla was all about Alfi?  Vatican Curia “The Gifts and the Calling of God Are Irrevocable” (Rom 11:29) 
 Created: December 10, 2015  Written by Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews A Reflection on Theological Questions Pertaining to Catholic-Jewish Relations on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Nostra Aetate(No. 4) INDEXA brief history of the impact of “Nostra aetate” (No.4) over the last 50 yearsThe special theological status of Jewish-Catholic dialogueRevelation in history as ‘Word of God’ in Judaism and ChristianityThe relationship between the Old and New Testament and the Old and New CovenantThe universality of salvation in Jesus Christ and God’s unrevoked covenant with IsraelThe Church’s mandate to evangelize in relation to JudaismThe goals of dialogue with Judaism PREFACEFifty years ago, the declaration “Nostra aetate…