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From La Marseillaise to Mulch: The Trajectory of the Masonic "Rights of Man"

One Stepped Over Aunty Em Dr. Chojnowski: I am not sure which analogy to use. The Revolution's crusade for "The Rights of Man" ala Tom Paine and those that have so enthusiastically followed in his wake are cascading (no cascading is too noble and grand an image), are plopping down onto the ground of the absurd. Not only is liberal democracy in Britain, in America, Canada, France, etc. showing itself to be divisive, stupid, incompetent, and nauseatingly unsatisfying, but the "human rights" and "human dignity" that has been the banner since 1776 ---- shall we site Thomas Paine's Common Sense  --- is reaching such absurdity and counter-productivity that we can hardly fathom what might be the next step.  In politics, the incompetence of leadership in all of the Western Nations is reaching the point of absurdity and everyone kn

World Congress of Families Fights Back Against the New Anti-Christ Europe. Italy, Russia, Hungary, Moldova and Poland Sign Up to Defend Christian Civilization.

Image Dr. Chojnowski: In this sign of the emergence of some militant resistance to the anti-Christian anti-Natural forces that have taken over Europe over the past 30 years, the World Congress of Families  has situated itself in Verona, Italy, a city which has declared itself a Pro-Life City. The article from CNN linked to above is very informative and encouraging, if you can wade through the name-calling and labeling that is their only rational argument against such a common sense movement. The "balanced" article sticks the word "hate" on the entire movement before the movement is considered in its issues and the variety of its national manifestations. As expected, the strange feminist, pro-abortion, and pro-sodomite opposition is high-lighted in this article. Thank the Good God that there are whole European nations which are rising up and saying that they will not acce

What Can the Virtue of Faith have to do with the Roman Pontiff? Here is What St. Thomas Aquinas Says.

The Harrowing of Hades St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, II-II, Q. 1, Art. 10: Whether It Belongs to the Sovereign Pontiff to Draw Up a Symbol of Faith?  Respondeo: A new edition of the symbol [creed] becomes necessary in order to set aside the errors that may arise. Consequently to publish a new edition of the symbol belongs to that authority which is empowered to decide matters of faith finally, so that they may be held by all with unshaken faith. Now this belongs to the authority of the Sovereign Pontiff to whom the more important and more difficult questions that arise in the Church are referred.... Hence our Lord said to Peter whom he made Sovereign Pontiff (Luke xxii. 32): I have prayed for thee, Peter, that thy faith fail not, and thou, being once converted, confirm thy brethren. The reason for this is that there should be but one faith of the whole Church, according to 1 Corinthian I. 10: That you all speak the same thing, and that there be no schisms among you :

A Meditation on the Holy Shroud for Holy Saturday by a Reader.

The Holy Shroud of Turin  Oh Holy Shroud, which wrapped our Divine Gift After having suffered such terrible torments Is now laid to rest on you like a bed With your soft cloth you covered His Holy Body The Holy Body which was torn and tormented His Holy Head which was pierced, struck and insulted His Holy Hands and Feet which were pierced with cruel nails His Holy Shoulder which shone purple under the weight of the Cross Oh Holy Shroud who soaked up the Precious Blood Now worth more than the universe and everyone in it. Who at last covered His poor exposed Body from the  World which had caused Him so much humiliation He suffers no more He is laid to rest to rise on the third day He has gone to Hell and opened the gates of Heaven  He will claim His Kingdom in the sky  He will prepare a place where we will be happy He will act as mediator between God and Man But now His Body rests with you in this tomb  You wrap Him like a gift, a sign that our faith is not in vai

Why is Fox News Trying to Surpress Speculation, Based On Second Hand Testimonies That The Finger of Responsibility for the Inferno at Notre-Dame Could Fall on Those Who Have Been Regularly Desecrating Churches in France and Germany?

                                              This Really Creeps Me Out!                                 Update Holy Saturday: New video claims that the figure is a fire fighter. Even if this is a video of a fire fighter, it does not explain the origin of the fire and why it was that Macron ruled out "terrorism" when the fire was still raging on Monday night. The "paranormal" video maker seems to have lost all interest in the possible nefarious cause of the fire and runs after Macron the Mason's statement that the cathedral shall be "rebuilt" with many "donations." I bet there is more to this fire than meets the eye. And another video taken about 1 hour and 10 minutes before the fire officially "started." Look at the video and then see comments from various individuals, some of whom are French. One says:  hello i'm from france 30 min after the fire began the media told that what an accident..... we know t

Macron's Muslim Miopia: If the Notre-Dame Fire Was NOT Set By Islamists, it would be a Complete Anomaly. Read the Report of Islamic Desecration Throughout Western Europe.

Image Why the Instant Call to Rebuild? Why the Immediate Denial that it was Terrorism BEFORE THE FIRE WAS EVEN NEAR OUT? Why Not Find Out WHO DID IT FIRST? St. Thomas Aquinas, when giving an example of efficient causality and the natural desire of mankind to know causes, gave the following example: If a farmer went into his cottage and found manure scattered all over the place, what would he say when he looked at the room, "Manure!" No, of course not, he would say, "Who did it?!!" All the reports surrounding the fire have been sprinkled with, "Something to do with the reconstruction." Just because the external circumstances made for the spreading of the fire that does not mean that the materials which were involved in the reconstruction CAUSED the Fire. Read the article, also, about the European media's attempt to squelch stories

"Paris will be burned" ---- Our Lady of La Salette: Collapsed Spire, Collapsed Catholic Civilization. How the Notre Dame Fire is an Image of the Real Church's Situation Today.

The Spire of Notre-Dame Collapses. "Paris will be burned."  "France, Italy, Spain and England will be in war; blood will flow in the streets; Frenchman will fight with Frenchman, Italian with Italian; subsequently there will be a general war which will be appalling. For a time, God will no longer be mindful of France or Italy, because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is no longer known. The wicked will deploy all their malice." "Rome will lose the Faith and become the Seat of the Antichrist." Dr. Chojnowski: The 3 prophecies above, all coming from the Secret entrusted to Melanie by Our Lady at La Salette, seem to speak about our own day. The most important thing in Paris has now catastrophically burnt, the stage is set or it is on-going, for massive civil unrest. Frenchman is already Fighting Frenchman and Italy does not seem to be far behind. Is this the time in which, "God will no longer by  mindful of France or Italy, because the

The Great American Apostasy By the Numbers.....And this does not include the 23% of the American Population that Call Themselves "Catholic"

Political "Liberty" + Religious "Liberty" + Sexual "Liberty" + Marriage "Liberty" = Modern Apostate America or "Why is My Neighbor Mowing Her Lawn on Sunday?" Dr. Chojnowski: Ever wonder why your neighbor seems to have no concern for the Sabbath day, when they are shopping or doing their lawn as you come back from Mass? Why does Sunday feel like another day in the America of 2019. Putting aside the 3% of the US population that can be classified as Jewish, Muslim, or Seventh-Day Adventist, we must suppose that most of the rest have ancestors who historically honored the Sunday Sabbath day. In the Connecticut of my youth, they even had "Blue Laws" that closed down stores on Sunday. If it were not for our own religious observance, Good Friday would be the most depressing of days since the population as a whole does not seem to distingui

The Blue and Brown Conspiracy: Photographic Proof that the Blue Army, the Carmelites of Coimbra, and the Bishop of Coimbra Participated in the Identity Theft of Sister Lucy of Fatima. Wait Until You See the Handwriting Evidence That is SOON to Be Posted.

Any problem here? In a book filled with dated photos and historical events which are illustrated by specific photos, here we have a clear deception. Under the general title of "Sister Lucia in the garden of the Carmel of Coimbra" we see put together undated photos of Sister Lucy II (on top) and Sister Lucy I (on the bottom). I guess we are supposed to believe the two individuals are the same because of the "in the garden" bit.  Heart rendering picture of Sister Lucy I (1956) who  is surrounded  by pigeons which accompanied the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary that was blessed by Archbishop Fernando Cento.  Upper left photo shows the Sister Lucy I with the First Image of Our Lady of Fatima. This statue was give to here in or around 1947 and then made a pilgrimage through many countries. Photo at the bottom right shows Sister Lucy I with Bishop Ernesto Sena de Oliveira, along with Mother Prioress Sr. Maria de Cristo. Since Sr. Maria de Crist

On Centenary of the Death of Francisco of Fatima, New Photographic and Soon to be Published Handwriting Evidence Fixes the Date of Sister Lucy I's Disappearance to the years 1958 to 1967. New Evidence Also Squarely Implicates the Carmelite Convent at Coimbra in the Fraud.

Francisco Marto, the Boy who Saw Our Lady at Fatima, Pray for Sister Lucy Truth as We Inch Closer to the Truth. Dr. Chojnowski: Along with being the centenary of the death of Francisco Marto of Fatima, a cousin of Sister Lucy dos Santos, it is also the second anniversary of the death of our beloved friend John Vennari. That he should die on this day shows us that God stitches together the details of our lives and even our deaths with the steady hand of His Providence in the most wonderful ways. John was devoted to Francisco and that such a man should die on the same day as did the Visionary of Fatima, an apparition to which John gave so much of his life, makes us weep with tears of gratitude. Rest in Peace John. Francisco pray for us that we may set aright the grave injustice that was perpetrated on your cousin Lucia. Our Lady promised you Heaven. Be at our side. The latest coming into Sister Lucy Truth is very important and scientifically helps to identify both the fraud of the 196