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L'Arche and L'Eau Vive Exposed! Strange Heretical "Mystical" Sect, once Condemned and Suppressed By Pope Pius XII's Vatican, Went on to Practice Sexual Deviancy Based on Blasphemous Heresy for Over 60 More Years. Will the Sister Lucy Imposter Secret Be the Next One EXPOSED?


New and Updated Website for Sister Lucy Truth --- All the Information, Presented in Such a Way That NO ONE Can Deny it!

Image How it all began on July 28, 2018 when we got the results of the first facial recognition report. 

Fr. Gruner, at the 5:15 min. mark, provides another testimony to the fake letters sent by "Sister Lucy," and, also, testifies to the fact that Caroline, Sister Lucy's sister, said that her sister NEVER USED A TYPEWRITER.


Let us remember when Cardinal Josef Ratzinger denied the Necessity of Baptism and Endorsed the Heretical Doctrine of Universal Salvation when speaking about the traditional Catholic Doctrine on Limbo. He clearly presents Sanctifying Grace as an Old Conception Concocted by Previous Centuries. Total Modernism.

  Commentary from Dr. Chojnowski: This text always shocks me. It does and it doesn't. As far as I have been able to discern, this is the only place where Josef Ratzinger speaks of "sanctifying grace" in his 2000 interview with Peter Seewald. He mentions "sanctifying grace" here when he is speaking of the doctrine of Limbo, a doctrine which is in accord with the dogmatic teaching that baptism is necessary for salvation and that sanctifying grace is what is necessary for salvation and that this comes to us in baptism. Unlike the view presented by Ratzinger, baptism does not only bestow a new epistemological "meaning," nor is it a matter of accidental significance, as Ratzinger here states, the emphasis being on the omnipotence of God as being able to save all regardless of whether sanctifying grace has been conveyed through the sacrament of baptism or through desire for the sacrament, whether explicit or implicit. All the Fathers and Doctors of the Churc

What was Carmelite Life Like in 1959, when we believe that Sister Lucia of Fatima was replaced with an Imposter? See this beautiful video interview in which the Natural and Supernatural Order, pre-Vatican II and still intact, is on full display. Also, interesting to note, the HOLY SEE was the one to give permission for the reporter to enter the Carmel. Commentary below.

Image Reflective Considerations: 1) Here we see the Catholic Church in tact and fulfilling its purpose in this world in 1959, before the Modernist Revolution hit in 1962.  2) Even the British reporter can respect the life of these religious woman and see its intrinsic value.  3) We see that even father and mother of the religious could only "see" their daughter 4 times a year, behind the grate and with other sisters in attendance.  4) The reporter had to seek permission to visit and film, not just from the Mother Superior, or the local bishop, but rather, from the Holy See itself.  5) The Carmelites themselves show a beautiful balance between the natural order and the supernatural order. The ones interviewed had worked in the world, in difficult jobs, and turned the world down for the contemplative life.  6) The nuns and the reporter show a level of propriety, in their attitudes, in their speech, and in their general demeanor, that shows

At least there are CRACKS in the Unnatural Feminist Insanity in Europe. Meloni, and the Russians by the way, lead the way towards the return of Common Sense, the Natural Law, and the Intrinsic Rationality of the God-Ordained Natural Order.

Italian Sanity: German Insanity (e.g., a "feminist foreign policy" in a world poised at the edge of nuclear conflict?):

Personal Testimony from Fr. PAUL KRAMER Answers the Objections concerning Sr. Lucia's Family. He has first-hand testimony which indicates how close a Sister of Lucia was allowed to get. Also, the REAL Sister Lucia NEVER used a typewriter.