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All Smiles Again in the Conciliar Church: Cardinal Muller Caves! Dubia gets nowhere. Fraternal Correction gets nowhere. Its full steam ahead for Conciliar Apostasy. 2018!

Dr. Chojnowski: Here is a recently released article by Andrea Tornielli published in La Stampa. Not that any of this is surprising. Why would someone who denies the physical resurrection of Our lord Jesus Christ defend the church's teaching on divorce and remarriage to the death if necessary? Rocco Buttiglione was a close friend of phenomenologist Dr. Damian Fedoryka and worked with Josef Seifert at his Philosophical Academy in Lichetenstein that was enthusiastically supported by fellow Phenomenologist john paul II. WHEN IS IT THAT WE FINALLY SAY, FOR THE GOOD OF SOULS, THAT "CONSERVATIVE CATHOLICS," INSOFAR AS THEY AGREE WITH THE TEACHINGS OF THE CONCILIAR CHURCH, ARE NOT CATHOLIC? HERE IS THE LATEST FROM THE VATICAN: ANDREA TORNIELLI VATICAN CITY For his seventieth birthday, the most significant words were those received by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI: Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller has "defended the

IRS approves Sister Lucy Truth as a Non-Profit Tax-Deductible Organization. Help Me to Find Out the Truth About Our Lady's Beloved Lucia. In 2018, It Begins!

                                              God has not let the Centenary year of the Apparitions of Fatima go by without aiding our Cause. The Internal Revenue Service has approved Sister Lucy Truth as a tax-deductible charity which is pledged to investigate the truth of the life of Sister Lucia of Fatima. Before we can launch the professional investigation, using the best that the business has to offer, we will need $10,000. I wish I could put up the money myself, but I cannot. I will be working with a major bank to set up for on-line and through the mail donations. I will work to have this all up an operational in the next couple of weeks. Please do what you can. The bank will provide you with the tax-deductible donation forms. Every dime donated shall go towards the investigation. I shall continue to work for my living. I will let you know when the account is ready to received donations. Then I will come forward with all the details of the investigators involved along with

Hermeneutic of Continuity? Yes, but just not Continuity with the Catholic Faith: Fr. Peter Scott's Account of the History of the Humanist Apostasy from the Renaissance to Benedict XVI and his "co-pope" Francis.

And, let us remember the great Humanists of modern times and the great things that they have done for humanity, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Freud, Martin Heidegger, Robespierre, Karl Marx, Margaret Sanger.  With "humanism" like this, I am surprised that humanity has survived. Dr. Chojnowski: We welcome Fr. Peter Scott to RadTrad  Thomist. Certainly one of the best minds in the SSPX, he presents here an account of the history of Godless Humanism as a destructive force in Western Civilization leading, ultimately, to a Humanistic Apostasy within the institutional organization of the Catholic Church. Let us not be one of those that only sees the "next thing" coming down Apostasy Road and, instead, put all of it within its proper historical, philosophical, and theological context. Fr. Scott's essay first appeared in the SSPX newsletter from South Africa, Nova et Vetera. Here is the article: THE ERROR OF COMMUNISM Our Lady of Fatima told us that if Rus

Tridentina Malta reaffirms its information: Francis will make the 1962 liturgy mix with the 1969 modernist meal. Proof that every year of the 60s brought with it a New Devolutionary Stage of the Sacred Liturgy.

The Latest from Tridentina Malta Recalling the liturgical changes of the 1960s The changes in the liturgy began in the 1950s, with the revision of Holy Week and the first simplification of the rubrics in 1955. A further simplification occurred in 1961, leading to the publication of the 1962 Missal. Those changes set the stage for what was to follow, especially after  Sacrosanctum Concilium . The imprudence with  Sacrosanctum Concilium  which called for “noble simplicity” and for the rites to be “simplified”, without specifying what  exactly  that should entail, in my opinion, ensured that chaos was to follow. The transitional period before the implementation of the so-called  Missa Normativa , which became the  Novus Ordo Missae , had in fact many revisions. Mass around 1965. The 1962 Missal, still in use to this day by traditional Catholics, started being changed almost immediately. In 1963, changes eliminated the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, and elimi

Charles Martel Call Your Office: Macron gives away Christendom. But, of course, someone has to pay for all the make-up!

Dr. Chojnowski: Here is a fascinating article by a Giulio Meotti originating at The Gatestone Institute concerning the Islamization of France and its subsequent de-Catholicization. Even though the author is himself a secularist and speaks as if "the West" began with the French "Enlightenment" of the 18th century, the article shows 3 things that I find interesting. First is the fact that Emmanuel Macron --- who according to latest reports spends $10,000 a month on make up (enough to pay for 2 nice cruises for my entire family) --- is an anti-Catholic who wishes to destroy what remains of Catholic France --- like, Francis I is moving to destroy what little remains of Roman Catholicism itself. Second, it shows that, by closely embracing Zionism and the Israeli State of Bibi Netanyahu, the United States is causing the geopolitical "plates" to shift and the system put in place after World War II to break up. The vote at the UN concerning Trump's move

The Trinitarian Theophany and Our Blessed Lady's Request for the Consecration of Russia: December Fatima Newsletter from Cornelia Ferreira

Dr. Chojnowski: Here are just a few of my thoughts on the part of the Fatima Message spoken of in the December issue of Cornelia Ferreira's newsletter.  Note first that Sister Lucy, in her holy hour, behaved before the Blessed Sacrament as she saw the Angel of Portugal (which many believe to be St. Michael) behave towards the awesome presence of Almighty God in the Blessed Sacrament --- she prostrated herself. The whole apparition before the formal  request  for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is a glorification of the Mass and the grace and sanctification that the Holy Trinity communicates through the Mass. By being a Manifestation of the Holy Trinity as effectuating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, this apparition is a CONFIRMATION OF THE ENTIRE CATHOLIC RELIGION. The Catholic Religion comes from God SO NO OTHER CAN. Not even the Eastern Orthodox, who have preserved the Sacraments, devotion to the Saints and Our Lady, the Christological and