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The Chief Lay Broken Record of the Gallican-wing of the Novus Ordo Church Successfully Recruits Dr. Taylor Marshall to High Church Modernism and Continues to Peddle the "Diabolical Disorientation" Lie of the Fake Sister Lucy.

For the Gallican escape hatch for not facing the Heresies of Vatican II as REAL heresies that either bind or must be militantly rejected --- along with rejecting those who uphold the Vatican II heresies --- see min. 46 into this video. The text quoted seems to give them an out, but read the actual speech by Paul VI below, speaking about the "authority" of the Vatican II documents, and understand the deception propagated by Chris Ferrara and now Dr. Marshall. Spoiler alert: Paul VI certainly does insist that the documents are binding on Catholics as part of the supreme ordinary universal magisterium.

Dr. Chojnowski: I must recall the contents of this video from memory, because I am not going to watch it again, 3 hours and 16 minutes of this sophistry is really not a good expenditure of time; for anyone. If you think it is, I know that you misunderstand the radical nature of what happened to the Catholic faithful and hiera…

Sister Lucia, Kissin' and a Huggin'? Read an Expert Translation of the 2000 Video Interview with "Sister Lucy." Who Needs Prayer and Penance When You Can Have Kissin and Huggin?

"But these days, everyone kisses everyone. Whenever I go out, everyone wants to kiss me. Men, women, men with moustaches. What can I do? There’s no way around it."

Update: Just a little section from the Wikipedia account of Sister Lucy of Fatima, specifically about her life in the Carmelite convent: Because of the Constitutions of the community, LĂșcia was expected to "converse as little as possible with persons from without, even with their nearest relatives, unless their conversation be spiritual, and even then it should be very seldom and as brief as possible"[note 3] and "have nothing to do with worldly affairs, nor speak of them..."Ășcia
Does this seem like this applies to the woman interviewed below?

Here is the video in the original Portuguese, with a translation from a native Portuguese expert below:

(Children Singing)
Narrator: “She is the last living witness of the events …

Breaking News: New Linguistic Report Shows "Sister Lucy" in 2000 Interview Does Not Have the Portuguese Accent of the Aljustrel (Fatima) Region Nor Of the Portuguese Countryside, but of the City of Coimbra and suburbs. Translation of Relevant which "Sister Lucy" has to be told "her" own age.....and the Full Linguistic Report Coming Soon.


Does the Woman Appearing in these Newly Acquired May 13th, 1967 photos and film of "Sister Lucy of Fatima" Appear to Portray a Woman of 60 years old? Anyone say, Yes?

Here is the link to the full report from the Forensic Artist:

Here is video coverage of the May 13, 1967 meeting between Paul VI and the woman who was presented as "Sister Lucy of Fatima."