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If No Communist Connection to the Assassination Attempt on John Paul II, How does the Ratzinger/Sodano Interpretation of the Third Secret Make Any Sense?

Dr. Chojnowski:

I am trying to look at the "Third Secret" released by the Vatican in 2000 again in light of our handwriting experts judgment that the text from January 1944 WAS WRITTEN BY THE REAL SISTER LUCY, since it is consistent with her earlier writings. See,
If we consider the whole question of the Third Secret again, we wonder why the Vatican would focus its "interpretation" of the Third Secret on the assassination attempt on John Paul II and the suffering of the Church under the Communist regime of the past. Why this if John Paul II HIMSELF did not believe that the Communist Soviets were behind the assassination attempt on him? You can hear his spokesman from those days speaking above. Even more, if John Paul II knew that he was meeting with an imposter and that the message of Fatima was going to be fundamentally distorted both by the imposter and by his own Vatican, if he knew that the whole …

Proof of Forgery Puts the Last Nail in All Talk of "Diabolical Disorientation." Sister Lucy's Disappearance and Substitution by a Third-Rate Identity Thief Demonstrates "Diabolical Collusion."


First Principles of Reason CANNOT be Irradicated From the Human Mind. Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, and the ENTIRE Perennial Philosophical Tradition (i.e., philosophy of common sense) Obliterate Chris Ferrara's "Diabolical Disorientation" and all forms of "MenteVacantism."

Chris Ferrara's video on "Diabolical Disorientation"

St. Thomas Aquinas -- Summa TheologicaePart II, I, Q. 94 The Natural Law
A note on this text:
This is a selection from the the Summa Theologicaof St. Thomas Aquinas, Second and Revised Edition, translated by Fathers of the English Dominican Province,1920. This translation is now in the public domain. Article 2
Whether the natural law contains several precepts, or only one?

... As Boethius says (De Hebdom.), certain axioms or propositions are universally self-evident to all; and such are those propositions whose terms are known to all, as, "Every whole is greater than its part," and, "Things equal to one and the same are equal to one another." But some propositions are self-evident only to the wise, who understand the meaning of the terms of such propositions: thus to one who understands that an angel is not a body, it is self-evident that an angel is not circum…

Fatima Fraud: Our Case for an Impostor Sister Lucy, in PDF form, October 2019


We have broken through into a discussion thread on the SSPX Resistance site, Most like what we are doing. One throws "Paul VI's ear" at us!

Time To Stick A Fork In It: Chris, at this Point Only You and Your "Clan" Seem to be "Disoriented." Everyone Else, Whether For Good or Ill, Seems to Know Where the "Light Switch" Is.

Time to "stick a fork in it"! This is what must be said to Chris Ferrara and all those who continue to speak of "diabolical disorientation," citing the "Sister Lucy" of 1970 for their paradigm by which they judge the post-Vatican II situation in the Catholic Church. 
Power up your courage and listen to Chris Ferrara's 2018 speech in which he uses the idea of "diabolical disorientation" to try to "understand," or rather, spin, the current state of apostasy "in the Church." First, a preliminary note. It is on the tactless reference to the altar that stands, ready for Mass, behind him as he speaks. Granted this is common practice for conferences devoted to "traditional Catholicism," but for someone who was to speak about the "progress" in "restoring the traditional liturgy," the statement that, "This joke is suggested to me by this wonderful backgro…

"The Last Letters of Sister Lucy" - In HD


Imposter Sister Lucy was a Native Portuguese Speaker.

Dr. Chojnowski: Sister Lucy Truth has just been informed by a Professional Linguist that the woman in this video (Sister Lucy II) has the accent of a Native Portuguese Speaker. It seems as if this woman was from Portugal. That narrows it down somewhat, no? We are trying to get a full linguistic analysis, along with a professional translation, of this video.

Sister Lucy Truth Hits the French Traditionalist Scene. On this Beautiful Day....And My Birthday, We Make Some Progress Getting the Word Out to the World.


Fatima Fraud: Our Case For An Imposter Sister Lucy, October 2019

Sr. Lucy Truth Presentation 
I.1Introductory remarks on Sr. Lucy and this presentation a.Acknowledgments b.2Dr. Chojnowski autobiographical comments  i.Received degrees in political science and philosophy from Christendom College and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Fordham University. ii.Specializing in the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas and Catholic Social Thought. iii.Have taught at institutions of higher learning for over 30 years and written over 300 articles for a variety of publications, both scholarly and popular: 1.Institutions of learning a.Fordham University, Fairfield University, Iona College, St. Louis University, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, Gonzaga University, St. Mary’s Academy and College in St. Mary’s. KS, and Immaculate Conception Academy in Post Falls, ID.  2.Publications a.British Catholic Medical Journal, Catholic Family News, Latin Mass Magazine, Journal of Metaphysics, the Fatima Crusader c.3Founding of Sr. Lucy Truth i.Conceived in 2017 ii.In 2018 established with the I…