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"The Real History Of Fatima by Dr. Peter Chojnowski"


"Fatima Fraud-Our Case For An Imposter Lucy" Full Film 1


Big Mouthful of Dentures! Watch the Chin! Kevin Symmons Didn't Read Our "Objections and Responses" Page Published, Well.........Years Ago!

Image 8. Why don’t dental work or aging explain the differences in appearance between the two Sr. Lucys? Dr. Joseph Mascaro, Dr. Ruud Karsten, Dr. Julio Garcia, and Lois Gibson all independently affirm that the preponderance of physical differences between the two Sr. Lucys  cannot be explained away by dental work, dentures, plastic surgery, or the aging process.  They further state that the differences are so significant that the most reasonable explanation for them is the existence of two separate individuals. When one considers that the success of their professional careers has been based on the rigorous competence of their medical and scientific training, it would be rash to flippantly claim that they were all wrong on the same points. Further, in our facial math measurements report, conducted with the help of an independent prosthodontist, we measured ratios of specific anatomical landmarks to see whether aging could explain the o

Proof that our Experts knew about the dentures. In fact these facts help to demonstrate that there were two different women. Keep trying. But first, READ. We are not idiots, but you seem like one here. Also, Dr. Chojnowski is poorly portrayed. Need a better actor!

Image FROM DR. MASCARO'S ORAL SURGEON REPORT After reviewing the photographic and video evidence over the course of several months, it is clear that “Lucy I” (Subject A/B) and “Lucy II” (Subject C/D) are not the same individual. Several anatomical facts support this conclusion particularly when the profiles are compared. RETROGNATHIC VS. PROGNATHIC PROFILES Lucy I’s mouth/teeth tend to extend anteriorly (forward). In other words, her mouth area sticks out relative to her other facial structures. This is an underlying feature of Lucy I’s skeletal structure. This skeletal structure would not significantly change if all of her teeth were extracted and dentures worn. In contrast, Lucy II’s profile presents a nearly opposite condition: a prognathic profile with a concave appearance. TOOTH EXTRACTION AND DENTURES Skeletal structure would not significantly change if all of her teeth were extracted and dentures worn. Dentures, which seem to be at

No Really? The Detractors of Sister Lucy Truth have come out with a ridiculous and comical video that asserts that we and the experts that we have consulted did not take into consideration the real Sister Lucy's dental work and the effects it may have had on her look. Not only did we know about it, but our experts have said in almost every report that dental work DOES NOT EXPLAIN the differences between the pictures. The only explanation for the differences being two separate individuals.

See the evidence at In fact, since the experts received photos of the real Sister Lucy before and after her dental work in the late 40s, and they still judged that the woman appearing first in 1967 is not the same individual would not that fact add greater weight to the case that we are dealing with two separate individuals.  If this is their best argument against the scientifically demonstrated claim that there were two "Sister Lucys" --- a mere Strawman argument with dentures --- they are getting desperate, I think. And, by the way, thanks for the publicity! Also, to my knowledge, handwriting is not affected by the getting of dentures. 

A Sister Lucy Truth Update -The Fatima Investigation. Clear Findings in the Case Demonstrate that John Paul II was a Liar of the Highest Order. He knew this Woman was NOT Sister Lucy and, yet, He Presented Her to the World as if She Was.


The Last Vision had by the Three Children of Fatima, during the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917, was that of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Wouldn't You Think that "Sister Lucy" in her book "Calls" (published in 2000) Would Mention Something About Wearing the Brown Scapular when Speaking About this Apparition? Nope.

Image Our Lady of Mount Carmel Has Nothing to Do with the Brown Scapular In the chapter dealing with “the call to a life of total consecration to God,” “Sister Lucy” starts out: In my view,  the apparition of Our Lady of Mount Carmel means total consecration to God.  By showing herself clothed in a religious habit, she wished to represent all the other habits by which those who are totally consecrated to God can be distinguished from ordinary secular Christians. (p. 180) Later on in this chapter in which nothing other than the religious life is discussed, we hear the constant refrain from “Sister Lucy” about the necessity of “obedience”: All of us, but more especially consecrated souls, need to live by faith: that faith which sees God in others,  in authority,  and in everything that happens: that faith which assures us that  authority represents God  and, then, by obeying, we are doing the will of God. (p. 181) Sure

Able to Withstand and Overcome the Arians and the Muslims, the Toledo Cathedral is Desecrated by the Scum of the Modernist church and the Apostate Spanish Culture. It Seems as If Once Franco has been Ripped from His Grave Anything Goes. The Greatest Desecration in this Primatial Church has been, of course,, the Novus Ordo Missae.

Image In the name of the Lord the Church of Saint Mary was consecrated as Catholic, the first day of the ides of April, in the joyful first year of the reign of our most glorious king Flavius Reccared, Era 625 [13 of April of 587]. The city had been the episcopal seat of  Visigothic  Spain. The numerous  Councils of Toledo  attest to its important ecclesiastical past. Also, the abjuration of  Arianism  on the part of  Reccared  occurred there. The  Muslim  invasion did not immediately eliminate the Christian presence and the bishopric remained established in the church of Saint Mary of Alfizén Dr. Chojnowski: Not only was this the church, dating back to the 6th century before the Muslim Invasion, in which King Reccardo converted from Arianism to the true Catholic Faith, but its current form, a gem of the High Gothic Period, was begun by or

04 October 2021 “Religion and Science: Towards COP26” With a Special Appearance by.........Francis!!! It looks like Roncalli, Montini, the New Theologians Got Exactly What They Wanted, a Church that is Nothing But a Conduit of the New World Order.


1957-The Last Interview of Sister Lucy of Fatima. What Sister Lucy actually said about the New Efficacy Given by God to the Rosary.