Proof of Forgery Puts the Last Nail in All Talk of "Diabolical Disorientation." Sister Lucy's Disappearance and Substitution by a Third-Rate Identity Thief Demonstrates "Diabolical Collusion."

Time for Vatican to Come Clean

Bart Baggett's Unified Report on the True and Forged Writings of Sister Lucy. Forgery of 1967, 1969, and 1980 letters of "Sister Lucy" Demonstrate that No Letters or Writings Concerning "Diabolical Disorientation" from 1969 and 1970 Can Be Taken as Anything Other than Vatican and Coimbra Deceptions.


  1. "Proof of Forgery Puts the Last Nail in All Talk of 'Diabolical Disorientation'".

    Thank goodness.

    If the devil were able to cause an eclipse of reason in the Church (as Chris Ferrara erroneously suggested), giving the Church's leaders a perception different from reality, convincing them that truth is a lie, and causing the undermining of doctrines, what would it mean?

    It would mean that the "diabolically disoriented Church" could not be the Indefectible Institution of Salvation. The Holy Ghost could not be its Soul. It could not be called Holy. It would have no unity of faith or communion, and the gates of hell would have prevailed. It would be just as false as the Modernist Church we see today.

  2. So are you saying that the message from Our Lady to Lucia that satan would invade the highest levels of the Catholic church are false?

    1. If you're talking about diabolical disorientation, the answer is yes, the message would be false. No where does it ever say that Our Lady told Lucia that "satan would invade the highest levels of the Catholic Church". This is a conjecture that many make on the subject.

      In the famous Fr. Fuentes interview, Lucy referred only to priests and religious losing their vocation because of temptations of the devil. The *real* Sister Lucy never said that a true Pope and the clergy at the highest levels would be diabolically disoriented. At any rate, Church teaching is clear that if one becomes a heretic, at any level in the Church, he is automatically excommunicated and no longer holds office.

      If private revelation contradicts the Church's teachings (i.e, that the Church is the Indefectible Institution of Salvation, etc.), then that revelation would be false. What we are witnessing today is the apocalyptic scene of people accepting a pagan/apostate as the Vicar of Christ.


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