Time To Stick A Fork In It: Chris, at this Point Only You and Your "Clan" Seem to be "Disoriented." Everyone Else, Whether For Good or Ill, Seems to Know Where the "Light Switch" Is.

Was "Sister Lucy" Neo-Conned Back in 1970?

Time to "stick a fork in it"! This is what must be said to Chris Ferrara and all those who continue to speak of "diabolical disorientation," citing the "Sister Lucy" of 1970 for their paradigm by which they judge the post-Vatican II situation in the Catholic Church. 

Power up your courage and listen to Chris Ferrara's 2018 speech in which he uses the idea of "diabolical disorientation" to try to "understand," or rather, spin, the current state of apostasy "in the Church." First, a preliminary note. It is on the tactless reference to the altar that stands, ready for Mass, behind him as he speaks. Granted this is common practice for conferences devoted to "traditional Catholicism," but for someone who was to speak about the "progress" in "restoring the traditional liturgy," the statement that, "This joke is suggested to me by this wonderful background" ---- and the joke is a Jewish joke --- is tactless, at best, touching on sacrilegious at worst. 

Now to the content. Mr. Ferrara bases his speech on "diabolical disorientation" on the supposed letters of "Sister Lucy" from 1970 in which she mentions a "diabolic disorientation" that is supposedly taking hold in many parts of the Church. 

If we wonder who exactly Chris Ferrara is saying is "diabolically disoriented," it is those who "occupy places of responsibility in the Church." In this regard, "Sister Lucy" says, "In these times of diabolical disorientation" people are being deceived by false doctrines. Then the "diabolical" purpose of this "disorientation." It is because Satan is engaged in a "final battle between [himself] and Christ OVER MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY." 

I cannot wait to comment at the end of this analysis. Here we see "Sister Lucy" Neo-Con way back in 1970. First there is no idea that it is a pope that is "diabolically disoriented" -- we have a letter in which she praises profusely Paul VI and calls him a great shepherd which all true Catholics must follow -- also, what is the great battle over? Not the sources of sanctifying grace, not the nature of the Mass and the sacraments, not the nature of the Church, or the priesthood, not the question of who is saved and by what means, but ---- foreshadowing the Neo-Con "argument" with NewChurch in our day, speaks about "family issues." Forget about real changes of doctrines --- which Ferrara continually insists are "still on paper" --- we are to worry about an "eclipse of reason" in the Catholic Church --- a "suspension in the use of reason." 

Chris cites Fr. Gruner, who speaks about this "disorientation" as being due to the "tricks" of the devil. It is when someone [heresiarchs] think that it is the truth, when actually it is a lie." We experience this "diabolical disorientation" when "churchmen" utter "absolute nonsense" [notice, not HERESIES] with regard to doctrines, which remain "unchanged in principle." These head-spinning "churchmen" are "not flying on instruments" and, hence, heading straight for the ground." In a form of Bishop Williamson's "mentevacantism" stance of old, Ferrara says that the "Church hierarchy" is not using "basic instruments of thought." This is their "diabolical disorientation." Note here, no one is to blame for "being disoriented." Do I confess stumbling to the light switch in a darkened bedroom? In an interesting revelation of his Neo-Con credentials, Ferrara only mentions moral issues when he is speaking about this doctrinal "disorientation" ---- but nothing is changed, of course! 

Again, according to Attorney Ferrara, the Devil "has suspended the LAWS OF SPECULATIVE REASON IN THE MINDS OF MANY CHURCHMEN." They are "confused." In this Church it is an "assault on right reason." This is the reason for the "pastoral novelties" --- LEST WE ACTUALLY TAKE THE MODERNISTS AT THEIR WORD AND SAY THAT VATICAN II TAUGHT NEW DOCTRINES --- like the ones they always insist the SSPX accept in "order to be in full communion."

Continually insisting that these "churchmen" are guilty of the "suspension of doctrinal reason" and "abandoning reason." It is interesting in this speech that Chris speaks about the Church being reduced to a "gnostic sect" by its, you guessed it, FOLLOWING THE TEACHINGS OF THE POPE. Um....okay.......

When telling the audience what they are to think about "papal pronouncements" such as Amoris Laetitia, he cites the opinions of Fr. Brian Harrison (I suppose from the Remnant) and Bishop Schneider. Ubi Brian ibi ecclesia, right? He cites Bishop Schneider as saying, "the pope is not above the Word of God." Echoes of the preaching of Jonathon Edwards. Also, lest we remember the 60 years of deviant doctrine and practice which has been experienced by the faithful, he says that Amoris Laetitia is "unprecedented." 

All this Gallicanism, trying to pass itself off as orthodox Catholicism, stands on letters from 1970 by "Sister Lucy" and the claim that the first principles of speculative reason, exemplified by the PRINCIPLE OF IDENTITY, the PRINCIPLE OF NON-CONTRADICTION, and the PRINCIPLE OF THE EXCLUDED MIDDLE, are suspended in the minds of "modern Catholic churchmen." 

For scientific, professional PROOF that the letters of "Sister Lucy"  from 1967 on were forgeries see, https://sisterlucyimposter.org/handwriting-analysis/

Now for this idea that the first principles of speculative reason can be "suspended" --- thereby EXCUSING THE HERETICS AND THEIR HERESIES  --- and getting rid of any idea that they may actually have "malice" in their minds and hearts --- let us cite exactly the same St. Thomas Aquinas which Chris uses to prove this "diabolical disorientation." For the knowledge of all such, "mentevacantists," please note that SAINT THOMAS IS PRECISELY THE ONE WHO SAYS THAT THE FIRST PRINCIPLES OF SPECULATIVE REASON CANNOT BE SUSPENDED BY A FUNCTIONING HUMAN MIND.   The rational human mind habitually employs these principles in order to THINK ANYTHING. They are part of the basic functioning of the human mind, THEY CANNOT BE SUSPENDED AT ALL. 

To quote St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, I, Q. 85, Art. 6, "Therefore, also, in regard to those proposition, which are understood as soon as the terms thereof are understood, the intellect CANNOT ERR, as in the case of the FIRST PRINCIPLES from which arises INFALLIBLE TRUTH IN THE CERTITUDE of scientific conclusions." 

To cavalierly cite St. Thomas to justify such a ridiculous idea that the Modernist don't know what they are doing and are just thrashing around in the dark --- not smashing into any "doctrines still on paper," of course --- is to ignore what Sister Lucy Truth has photographically, graphologically, and mathematically determined about the imposter Sister Lucy and the CONCERTED EFFORT TO DECEIVE THE PUBLIC, from May 1967 to the present day. This was not arranged by those who have their mental lights shut off.  


  1. So according to Chris, following the teachings of the popes leads you into a gnostic sect, but following his doesn't? It's as nonsensical and anti-papal as Protestantism. The problem is that every day many of these kind of people say in their Creed, "I believe in the Catholic Church", when they no longer do and have long ago separated from what they say is "the Catholic Church" and now continue to attack it. If only they could find the real Catholic Church by studying the catechism once more and stop adding in the "explanations" they have, to make it fit their ideas of life in 2019. Now that is Modernism!

  2. I love the airport analogy!
    Let's take it a step further and see how it falls apart:
    "The Pilot and co pilot" (the Pope and Hierarchy) "are flying without instruments. They are headed into the ground." (Why? What and where are these "instruments" that "Lucy" and her wordcrafters spoke of?) Mostly, where is the doctrine about Papal infallibility and the protection of the Holy Ghost here?
    So...the flight attendants and baggage handlers (we in the pews) are to take control of the instrument panel and right the ship?
    Nope. We need to bail!

  3. The R&R (i.e. The Fatima Center, CFN, The Remnant, and the SSPX) have been conveniently ignoring the scientific evidence about the two Sisters Lucy because it is an inconvenient truth for them. They've used the term "diabolical disorientation" and "Sister Lucy II's" approval of the heretical popes (after Vatican II) for decades for their own ends. So, they will obviously stay the course to the end. Since they habitually use fallacious arguments to attack real Catholics, they must obviously know that their position is wrong. You have to wonder if they believe in God at all.

    1. "You have to wonder if they believe in God at all."
      I can totally relate to the sentiments behind this comment. If people are no longer interested in the truth, then how can they be sincere at all in terms of serving God. Christ said, "I am the...Truth." If they reject truth, they have rejected him as well. Without faith it is impossible to please God. If you are without the truth, you are without the faith.

  4. I have to say, that I am very sad about and for Chris. He is a sincere, courageous, industrious, intelligent, and studious man, with no small talent for rhetoric, but he clearly, seems so wedded to the R&R position and the diabolical disorientation theory, that it looks like he cannot question them, at all, which is somewhat ironic, given his argument against the Novus Ordo sects defenders, which I think is meant to make the simple, but nevertheless, important point, that Francis and co, have elevated, what they feel, above reason, in the sense, that they, don't care, what the strongest argument is or even what is demonstrably, more authentically, Catholic, in spirit, even if it is supported by, reason and evidence, because this is the offense of which he is guilty. Saint John of The Cross, said that 'feelings', were a primitive stage in spiritual development, and that we have to get past them sometimes.

  5. Stick a fork in it... and put a sock in it.


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