Franco's Grave is Desecrated as the Desiccated Spaniards Look On. The Man Who Stared Down Stalin, Hitler, Truman, and Paul VI Is Pulled From His Grave By the Socialists Who Could Not Beat Him in the Battlefield or Overthrow Him during his 40 Year Reign.

First Pictures from the Desecration of the Tombs of Religious and of Churches that Was Going on Unhindered BEFORE Franco came on the Spanish Scene to Stop it.

Now for the Desecration of the Tomb of Generalissimo Francisco Franco: 
I could not make the Picture Larger. RIP
From the MSM Reports: 
Outside the new burial ground, Macarena Martínez Bordiu, a distant relative of the dictator, said she felt “outraged” with what was happening and accused the government of “desecrating a tomb.”
In a statement, Franco’s grandchildren said, “the government, aided by other powers of the state and the Church’s hierarchy, has completed the profanation of the sepulcher of our grandfather Francisco Franco, gravely violating our basic rights.”
“What the government presents as a ‘victory of democracy’ is no more than a shameless media circus only seeking propaganda and electoral gains,” they added.
The exhumation and reburial will not put an end to Franco’s legacy on Spain’s political scene, since it comes just weeks ahead of the country’s Nov. 10 general election.

For a brief account of Franco's achievements, from memory, since I don't believe my series of articles on Franco is any longer available from "Catholic" Family News:

1) Against all odds, he defeated the armies of the Communists, Socialists (who were, at the time, ideologically identical to the Communists), and the Anarchists. These Leftist forces were aided with generals and soldiers and tanks by the Soviet Union. 

2) He stopped Spain from becoming the 2nd Soviet State in Europe in 1936 after the Soviet Union.

3) He was blessed and praised by Pope Pius XI and Pope Pius XII.

4) He kept Spain out of the Second World War, even though he allowed the Spanish Blue Legions to fight with the Germans against the Communists.

5) He tried to convince Hitler to stop the war against Britain since it would just open Europe to Christendom's greatest enemy, Stalin. He saw the German/British War as fratricidal.

6) He was critical in defeating Hitler in World War II by refusing to allow him to cross Spain in order to take the British enclave of Gibraltar and thereby cut the British Empire in half.

7) He had Spain consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

8) He went to Mass and said the Rosary every day.

9) He stopped, by his leadership of the Nationalists in the Civil War, the most intense persecution and slaughter of Catholics since the time of Diocletian. 

10) He saved hundreds of thousands of Jews from German concentration camps in World War II. In this, he was in competition with Pope Pius XII and the King of Sweden. 

11) He restored the Spanish Monarchy, even though, in his early years, he was a Republican.

12) He restored the traditional flag of Spain, which is retained to this day.

13) He took the Spanish economy from absolute devastation because of the Civil War to the 9th largest economy in the world by the 60s. 

14) He industrialized Galicia, his home province.

15) He held two referendums which affirmed his rule and his restoration of the Spanish Monarchy.

16) He made the, thankless, Juan Carlos de Bourbon, the future King of Spain.

17) He became a firm ally of NATO against the Soviet threat in the Cold War.

18) For 40 years he produced the most stable and most prosperous times in Spain since the French Revolution.

19) Neither the Americans, the British,  or the Soviets could overthrow Franco after World War II, because of his overwhelming support from the Spanish people.

20) Opus Dei, even though part of Franco's government, realized that they could not overthrow Franco because of his overwhelming support. They sought to undermine his regime with the introduction of Liberal Capitalism.

21) He kept Spain absolutely unified as a single nation. He would not let the Basques or Catalans tear it apart or separate it into many parts.

22) He upheld the traditional moral and social teachings of the Church in the political order. 

23) He only incorporated complete "religious liberty" when forced to by Paul VI's Vatican in 1965.

24) He maintained the traditional Cortes, the Spanish parliament as an advisory institution.

25) He attempted to blend into a coherent governing ideology the Falangism and Carlism.

26) In his last will and testament, he died on All Saints Day 1975, he said, "I die a Roman Catholic."

Pedro Sanches, the Wicked Leftist Who Ordered the Desecration of Franco's Tomb and of the Monument to the Last of the Crusades.


  1. He actually died on November 20, not on November 1.

  2. "Catholic" Family News

    Ha! That made me chuckle!

    Impressive list.


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