Pachamama Idols Thrown Into the Tiber in Rome! Now What About the Idolators?

Is this the "Boston Tea Party" of the Catholic Counter-Revolution?


  1. Nice to see the laity stepping up to their God given job.


  2. On Oct. 21 is the commemoration the blessed Laura of Saint Catherine of Siena. She is the one of the two nuns mentioned on the last papal consistory by Benedict XVI on Feb. 11, 2013(!) and I claim that she inspired these young brave Romans to throw these pagan puppets into the Tiber River. Here are the arguments:
    She founded the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Virgin Mary and Saint Catherine of Siena in Columbia, working persistently among the native Indians to convert them to Catholicism and integrate them into civilized society. The start date of this congregation is May 14, 1917 A.D., the day after the first apparition of the Holy Virgin in Fatima. With her performance in Rome (casting out pagan idols from the Temple of Our Lady in Traspontina) she followed in the footsteps of her patron Saint Catherine of Siena, always anxious for the good name of Rome as the capital of all Christendom.
    Blessed Laura died in her hometown of Medellin on October 21, 1949, i.e. 70 years ago.
    Unfortunately, in the same city the vauting „Medellin Conference” of CELAM (Latin American Episcopal Council) took place in 1968, which adopted the liberation theology and the "preferential option for the poor", which pushed the whole continent into the embrace of communism, depopulated churches and finally offered people a return to tribal paganism.
    Souls who blessed Laura and her missionaries won for Christ, the leftist bishops sacrifice the devil. Blessed Laura of Medellin says emphatic 'no' to paganism on the Amazon and on the Tiber.
    This Miss Laura has a truly southern temperament!


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