On Centenary of the Death of Francisco of Fatima, New Photographic and Soon to be Published Handwriting Evidence Fixes the Date of Sister Lucy I's Disappearance to the years 1958 to 1967. New Evidence Also Squarely Implicates the Carmelite Convent at Coimbra in the Fraud.

Francisco Marto, the Boy who Saw Our Lady at Fatima, Pray for Sister Lucy Truth as We Inch Closer to the Truth.

Dr. Chojnowski: Along with being the centenary of the death of Francisco Marto of Fatima, a cousin of Sister Lucy dos Santos, it is also the second anniversary of the death of our beloved friend John Vennari. That he should die on this day shows us that God stitches together the details of our lives and even our deaths with the steady hand of His Providence in the most wonderful ways. John was devoted to Francisco and that such a man should die on the same day as did the Visionary of Fatima, an apparition to which John gave so much of his life, makes us weep with tears of gratitude. Rest in Peace John. Francisco pray for us that we may set aright the grave injustice that was perpetrated on your cousin Lucia. Our Lady promised you Heaven. Be at our side.

The latest coming into Sister Lucy Truth is very important and scientifically helps to identify both the fraud of the 1967 and after "Sister Lucy" but also DIRECTLY IMPLICATES THE CARMEL AT COIMBRA IN THE COVERUP AND SUBSTITUTION OF AN IMPOSTER FOR THE REAL SISTER LUCY. Soon to be published information, with the accompanying analysis and texts, prove that SOURCE TEXTS attributed to Sister Lucy, from which the "Pathways" book, published by the Carmel of Coimbra, is drawn, is an example of forgery. Also, what was that....the Carmelites of Coimbra are "Cooperators" of what organization........just saying.

Thanks to one of our readers and his access to later editions of the "Pathways" book, we have located pictures of the real Sister Lucy, some of which date from the early 50s and one of them is dated 1956. This gives photographic evidence for the fact that Sister Lucy was very much alive in 1956. This information can be placed alongside the seemingly authentic interview with Fr. Fuentes on December 26, 1957 to establish the real Sister Lucy as still being very much on the scene at least until 1958.

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  1. If you haven't already, you should consider putting together some videos that present the stongest evidence of the fraud and post them on a Sr. Lucy Imposter YouTube channel.

  2. At some point the Vatican II sect is going to be exposed and those who belong to this cult are going to have to chose between Christ Bride and the counterfeit church their souls will hang in the balance.

  3. This may be of some interest. The 10 October 1957 issue of the Portuguese weekly magazine "Mundo" reported on page 18 that a movie about the Fátima seers, which was being directed by Gentil Marques and produced by António Lopes Ribeiro, had been "suspended by superior orders". This was considered as a "most extraordinary" decision by the experienced film crew, considering that great care had been taken to respect the truth and that Canon Galamba de Oliveira himself had been invited as an adviser to the film, which was to be called "O Milagre de Fátima" (The Miracle of Fátima). Even the young girl who was to play the role of Lucy, Maria Antónia de Vasconcelos, was chosen among over a hundred candidates because she looked very much like Lucy. The excuse for suspending all work on the film was that it could not compete with a similar one then under way in Spain (which was a disappointing failure), which was a rather lame excuse. It was expected to resume the production of the filming at a later date, but in the event this did not happen, and what had been done until then appears to have been lost.


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