Why is Fox News Trying to Surpress Speculation, Based On Second Hand Testimonies That The Finger of Responsibility for the Inferno at Notre-Dame Could Fall on Those Who Have Been Regularly Desecrating Churches in France and Germany?

                                             This Really Creeps Me Out! 
                              It looks Like a Muslim to me.

Dr. Chojnowski: For those traditional Catholics who get their view of the world from Fox News, check the first two videos links above. One has Neil Cavuto cutting off totally different kinds of guests, one Bill Donahue and the other has Shep Smith cutting off a Frenchmen with personal contacts among the staff at Notre-Dame. They are cut off when they raise the possibility that this fire was intentional and when the simple FACT that similar fires and desecrations of churches are a regular fact of life in France and Germany. 

Next view the third video of what looks like a Muslim imam or some kind of Muslim male walking in the external galleries of the cathedral DURING THE GREAT FIRE OF APRIL 15TH. The "paranormal" guy narrating is confused as to what a Catholic clergyman would wear, however, he has located an eerie video that needs to go viral.


  1. Lou Dobbs Show Fox News ...gave a rundown of some 200+ churches in France that have been desecrated and or set ablaze. Mr Dobbs minced no words.
    BTW....I would hang up on Bill Donahue also. In fact , I would have never have had him on the phone as a guest representing anything Catholic.

  2. Ann Barnhardt makes a point about how Notre Dame will be turned into a mosque...

    "Notre Dame Will Be Repaired at Taxpayer Expense, but as a “Shared Cultural Space”. And That Is How It Will Become a Mosque.
    Notre Dame Will Be Repaired at Taxpayer Expense, but as a “Shared Cultural/Spiritual Space”. And That Is How It Will Become a Mosque.
    This will be done with the FULL support and cooperation of Antipope Bergoglio and his coven occupying the Vatican.
    The “repurposing” of Churches into “Shared Ecumenical Spaces” after the Notre Dame model will become all the rage, and will probably become legally mandated. Fire nor earthquake needed. Just the Compass and Square of Freemasonry under the sword of islam.
    As someone else said and said well yesterday, God is JUST GETTING STARTED with France. And it won’t stop with France."

  3. Absolutely sickening the way people are been manipulated, MSM should report facts, not suppress them not just on this issue. The west has dicimated the Middle East, Iraq Libya, Syria, and yet people are surprised that its inhabitants are hostile . Those wars and the immigration is all smoke and mirrors. We are all been played by puppet masters.

  4. I saw the YouTube video and immediately recognized the individual as a construction worker with hard hat and orange vest. I see them all the time on the highways here in Colorado and this fellow looks just like the workers here. I think this is much ado about nothing. It is universally known that Notre Dame was undergoing renovations. The fire erupted in the late afternoon when both the construction workers would be at work and the church would be filled with springtime tourists. It is unlikely any terrorists would risk setting off an incendiary devise at the roofline and the base of the spire when there when the cathedral was open to the public and construction workers were there. Someone may argue that an explosive was installed with a timed detonator, but I still can't see this being feasible with the daily traffic at Notre Dame combined with 24 hour security.


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