Why is Fox News Trying to Surpress Speculation, Based On Second Hand Testimonies That The Finger of Responsibility for the Inferno at Notre-Dame Could Fall on Those Who Have Been Regularly Desecrating Churches in France and Germany?

                                             This Really Creeps Me Out! 
Update Holy Saturday: New video claims that the figure is a fire fighter. Even if this is a video of a fire fighter, it does not explain the origin of the fire and why it was that Macron ruled out "terrorism" when the fire was still raging on Monday night. The "paranormal" video maker seems to have lost all interest in the possible nefarious cause of the fire and runs after Macron the Mason's statement that the cathedral shall be "rebuilt" with many "donations." I bet there is more to this fire than meets the eye.

And another video taken about 1 hour and 10 minutes before the fire officially "started." Look at the video and then see comments from various individuals, some of whom are French. One says: 

hello i'm from france 30 min after the fire began the media told that what an accident..... we know that it is not

Below is the Fox News attempt at suppression of all ideas about the fire being intentionally set, even though such would be one of thousands of cases of such events through out Western Europe.

Dr. Chojnowski: For those traditional Catholics who get their view of the world from Fox News, check the first two videos links above. One has Neil Cavuto cutting off totally different kinds of guests, one Bill Donahue and the other has Shep Smith cutting off a Frenchmen with personal contacts among the staff at Notre-Dame. They are cut off when they raise the possibility that this fire was intentional and when the simple FACT that similar fires and desecrations of churches are a regular fact of life in France and Germany. 


  1. Lou Dobbs Show Fox News ...gave a rundown of some 200+ churches in France that have been desecrated and or set ablaze. Mr Dobbs minced no words.
    BTW....I would hang up on Bill Donahue also. In fact , I would have never have had him on the phone as a guest representing anything Catholic.

  2. Ann Barnhardt makes a point about how Notre Dame will be turned into a mosque...

    "Notre Dame Will Be Repaired at Taxpayer Expense, but as a “Shared Cultural Space”. And That Is How It Will Become a Mosque.
    Notre Dame Will Be Repaired at Taxpayer Expense, but as a “Shared Cultural/Spiritual Space”. And That Is How It Will Become a Mosque.
    This will be done with the FULL support and cooperation of Antipope Bergoglio and his coven occupying the Vatican.
    The “repurposing” of Churches into “Shared Ecumenical Spaces” after the Notre Dame model will become all the rage, and will probably become legally mandated. Fire nor earthquake needed. Just the Compass and Square of Freemasonry under the sword of islam.
    As someone else said and said well yesterday, God is JUST GETTING STARTED with France. And it won’t stop with France."

  3. Absolutely sickening the way people are been manipulated, MSM should report facts, not suppress them not just on this issue. The west has dicimated the Middle East, Iraq Libya, Syria, and yet people are surprised that its inhabitants are hostile . Those wars and the immigration is all smoke and mirrors. We are all been played by puppet masters.

  4. I saw the YouTube video and immediately recognized the individual as a construction worker with hard hat and orange vest. I see them all the time on the highways here in Colorado and this fellow looks just like the workers here. I think this is much ado about nothing. It is universally known that Notre Dame was undergoing renovations. The fire erupted in the late afternoon when both the construction workers would be at work and the church would be filled with springtime tourists. It is unlikely any terrorists would risk setting off an incendiary devise at the roofline and the base of the spire when there when the cathedral was open to the public and construction workers were there. Someone may argue that an explosive was installed with a timed detonator, but I still can't see this being feasible with the daily traffic at Notre Dame combined with 24 hour security.

    1. Terry M, actually the cathedral was closed to the public by the time the fire broke out; but why would you think terrorists, whoever they might be, would avoid setting off an incendiary devise when people are around? Do you think they respect human life? As for the construction worker that you saw with hard hat and orange vest, you were probably watching a different video.

  5. A RABBINIC CURSE ON NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL A religious duty (“mitzvah”)
    to burn churches Leading Israeli Rabbi Shlomo Aviner says Notre Dame
    was cursed with fire as divine retribution for medieval French
    Catholics having burned the Babylonian Talmud By Michael Hoffman
    www.RevisionistHistory.org “Notre Dame Fire May Be Divine Punishment,
    Says Prominent Settler Rabbi Urging ‘God-fearing Jews’ to refrain from
    grieving. “Leading religious-Zionist figure invokes 13th-century Talmud
    book burning as possible reason for the devastating blaze. “The
    conflagration at Notre Dame de Paris that badly damaged the ancient
    cathedral on Monday was possibly divine punishment, an influential
    Israeli rabbi said on Wednesday April 17, invoking a 13th-century
    burning of Jewish scriptures. “...when answering the question ‘So it
    can’t be said that it was punishment?’ the rabbi wrote, ‘It is
    possible, after all. The first big Talmud burning was in Paris, there
    in the plaza of the Notre Dame Cathedral.’ “Aviner said it was a result
    of the Paris trial, ‘In which Jewish sages in France of that generation
    were forced into confrontation with the Christian sages. The result was
    the burning of the Talmud. The Talmud books were brought to the Notre
    Dame square in 20 wagons...and were burned there, meaning, 1,200 Tamlud
    books.’ “French-born Shlomo Aviner, now the rabbi of West Bank
    settlement Beit El, also said it is a mitzvah - a deed done from
    religious duty - to set fire to churches in Israel...” — Source: Yotam
    Berger, Israeli newspaper Haaretz, April 17, 2019 “Rabbi Shlomo Aviner,
    the rabbi of the Beit El settlement and head of the Ateret Yerushalayim
    yeshiva, said Christianity ‘is our number one enemy throughout
    history.” — Source: Times of Israel, April 17, 2019 “ The great
    Christian Church in Paris is on fire. Should we feel sorry for that, or
    should we rejoice, as it [the cathedral] is idolatry, which is a
    mitzvah to burn?’ — Israeli Rabbi Shlomo Aviner “Several immensely
    important rabbinic rulers, most prominent among them Maimonides, ruled
    that churches are places of idolatry and ought to be destroyed. The
    rulings are very clear.” — Source: Mondoweiss

  6. Just an accident. Why did it take firefighters 3 hours to begin to fight the blaze? Why have there been over 800 churches in France desecrated with little or no media coverage? How could banker Macron declare the fire was an accident with no investigation and the fire still raging? Wouldn't normal procedures require some sort of investigation? How is it that Atheist and billionaires, CEOs and celebrities begin to immediately pour millions of dollars into the reconstruction as if the elites had some kind of advance heads up. If you were going to write a check for a few million wouldn't you want an assessment of the extent of the damage and want to know what the new renovation would entail? The sad joke that the CIA put out in the 60's that conspiracies don't happen is mind control. Not to see conspiracy written all over the Cathedral event is blindness.

  7. "The media and the French authorities were very quick to come out and say that it was all likely just an accident and that nothing suggested arson. But how could they affirm that before even launching an investigation? There’s no way they could know if nothing suggests the fire was intentional before a proper investigation, and there hasn’t been a proper investigation yet.

    So why were they so quick to try to discredit people’s logical concerns?They could just have said that it was too early to know and that everything was on the table, but instead they choose to shut down a rational theory supported by an increasing pool of evidence.

    The fire started at 18:15, after the workers were gone. If the media and the French authorities continue pushing the “accident” narrative, they’ll have to explain why a fire spontaneously happened at that time instead of happening when the workers were operating whatever tools and machinery were in place for the restoration project.

    French churches have been suffering from a vandalism spree lately, so it isn’t far-fetched to think that Notre Dame burning is another instance of said vandalism.

    Some groups of “youths” apparently wanted to burn other cathedrals, too.

    La Voix Du Nord, March 26, 2018:

    On Sunday evening, a group of youths scaled the scaffolding found on the right side of the tower of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame à Saint-Omer. A can of gasoline and a burned worker’s uniform were found at a height of 50 meters, not far from the construction worker’s cabin. The police of Saint-Omer have opened an investigation.

    French churches in general appear to be ridiculously under-protected.

    If random guys can just climb over French cathedrals and film themselves exploring them, then thinking that someone may have deliberately started the fire after illegally entering Notre Dame is not an absurd proposition." DS



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