From La Marseillaise to Mulch: The Trajectory of the Masonic "Rights of Man"

One Stepped Over Aunty Em

Dr. Chojnowski: I am not sure which analogy to use. The Revolution's crusade for "The Rights of Man" ala Tom Paine and those that have so enthusiastically followed in his wake are cascading (no cascading is too noble and grand an image), are plopping down onto the ground of the absurd. Not only is liberal democracy in Britain, in America, Canada, France, etc. showing itself to be divisive, stupid, incompetent, and nauseatingly unsatisfying, but the "human rights" and "human dignity" that has been the banner since 1776 ---- shall we site Thomas Paine's Common Sense --- is reaching such absurdity and counter-productivity that we can hardly fathom what might be the next step. 

In politics, the incompetence of leadership in all of the Western Nations is reaching the point of absurdity and everyone knows it. The much vaunted "elected" leaders normally cease to possess the confidence of the majority of the electorate, not to mention the citizenry in general, after a few months. Most never have the confidence of the majority of the nation. Nation States that have been based upon one stage of the Revolution, whether they be the United States (1776), the "United" Kingdom (1688), or France (1789) are now so divided and fragmented as polities that the political nation (not including here the state security apparatus) has for all intents and purposes ceased to function. Let Trump and Pelosi shout about "infrastructure," let Macron offer "tax cuts," let Theresa May pledge to "implement the results of the referendum" all they want, the people are nauseated with the System and it has ceased to "work." 

The social situation has also "plopped" into absurdity like we have never seen it in our lifetimes --- NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE. More than two genders accepted "legally," redefining marriage to mean what ever the Sodomites --- never known for their "monogamous" sexual activity --- want it to mean --- stripped as it is now of any reference to bearing children within the context of a permanent male and female --- father and mother relationship. All of this being pretend-accepted as "normal" and "constitutional" and as "human advancement" from the "Middle Ages" which was full of "discrimination." 

Now we prepared to be mulched. Here is where the weeds get their revenge by planting themselves in --- guess what --- YOU. THE GARDENER BECOMES THE GARDENED. Please read the above linked article in which the Governor of my home state, Washington, who will be coming to a Democratic presidential primary near you soon, has signed a bill which allows -- for the first time in US history --- human composting. Here we are. After HUMAN DIGNITY HUMAN DIGNITY HUMAN DIGNITY, remember the endless cant of John Paul II ---- simply repeating of course the Dignitatis Humanae of Vatican II --- we have reached the ultimate stage in this Revolutionary "Human Dignity" --- the right to be mulch. Man is so dignified and so autonomous and so independent of the dictates of God and the Church and the Priesthood and the Papacy and Kings and Princes and Guilds that he CAN NOW BE MULCH. He can be mixed with the horse manure and tunneled through by worms after a noble life of seeking ones "liberties" and  "human dignity." 

Face it. Only that tiny part of the population that still believes in the Physical Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of all Men at the Last Judgment, have any real sense of the dignity of man as expressed by a deep concern for the dignity of the human body, both before and after death. Conclusion: Reject the Revolutionary Roundup and embrace the Natural Organic Fertilizer of God's own  Created and Sustained Reality. Only the Real Natural and the Real Supernatural will save us. 


  1. One website nonchalantly says that "during the recomposting process, bodies will be screened for non-organic materials like metal teeth fillings, pacemakers and artificial limbs, which will be recycled whenever possible."... They're playing with our minds and trying to drive us as crazy as they are.


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