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Now that Our Experts and Investigators are Confirming that the Pictorial Evidence CONFIRMS that There Was An Imposture, They Advise that a DNA Test is the Next Step. For that, I Need Your Financial Help. Donate Something Today!


How Much Money Was Leveraged to Continue to Cover-Up the Greatest Case of Identity Theft in Church History? The Million Dollar Question.

Co-Conspirators and Identity Thieves Dr. Chojnowski: Here is the leaked details of the grand conspiracy to purge those working with the Fatima Center who were judged by the Chris Ferrara/John Salza Novus Ordo clique to be favorable to the "resignationist" thesis: I can confirm that this kind of back room dealing and drama was going on between those involved with the Fatima Center and Catholic Family News. The main focus of the attack was Fr. Paul Kramer AND the current Vice President of the Canadian Fatima Center, Andrew Cesanek. Apparently, the Novus Ordo clique of John Salza, Robert Siscoe, Chris Ferrara, and Michael Matt had to wait until the death of John Vennari to chop a whole slew of us from the Fa

On the Hundredth Anniversary of the Death of Jacinta Marto, Sister Lucy Truth Shares With You Its Correspondence with One of Its Experts, Prof. Lois Gibson: Evidence for the Two Sister Lucys, "Can be Observed by an 8 year old."

Jacinta of Fatima, Pray for Us. On the 100th Anniversary of the death of Jacinta of Fatima, we would like to share with our readers a correspondence we have just had with Professor Lois Gibson, a Guinness Book of World Record Forensic Artist. When discussing her work on the Sister Lucy case so far, she said: " If one is certain, there is no need to present long wordy arguments. I have distilled my findings down to these three one-page forensic photo comparisons attached. Honestly, these can be observed by an 8 year old and understood." With this powerful analysis and definitive judgment from such a world-class expert, we have decided to commission new work  concerning  the identity of the imposter Sister Lucy that appeared with Paul VI in 1967 and the Sister Lucy that appeared with John Paul II from 1982 to her death in 2005. Was there only one imposter Sister Lucy or was there two? It will be fascinating to see Prof. Gibson's work-up and her answer to a quest

We won't be satisfied with "pope-spray," as we wait for a "future pope or council." Either the pope is the standard of the faith or he is nothing.

Image Here, however, we encounter the question whether the Holy Ghost has allowed the Church to be afflicted for a time by a de facto antipope whose election cannot be contested and whose papacy must be presumed valid until such time as a successor Pope or Council declares otherwise.  On that vexed issue, in my view, we can have nothing definitive to say, meaning nothing by which the Church as a whole could gain operative certitude and proceed accordingly. What is certain, however, is that this Pope must be opposed in his efforts to undermine the Faith. Dr. Chojnowski: The above quotation comes from Chris Ferrara's latest article on the Remnant website, "Inspiration or Calculation." Because I cannot stand to read the sophistic sameness of his articles, which are always directed to leading the faithful no where, I will only r

How Can You be a Catholic When You Teach that a Whole Group of People DO NOT Need to Submit to Jesus Christ? Fr. Kramer Calls Out the Bergolian Apostasy which states that the Old Covenant HAS NEVER BEEN Abrogated.

Shalom.......Just Shalom...... What does 'shalom' mean to a Christian? Most Christians would be aware that the Hebrew word Shalom means peace. However, this is only a small part of the real meaning. Strong’s Concordance defines it’s meaning as ‘completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord‘ – phew! Dr. Chojnowski: As we read through Fr. Kramer's book, "To Deceive the Elect," we find the the following concerning Francis' apostate teaching that there is some race of men that need not submit to the law and baptism of Jesus Christ because of their ethnic origin. Is this not a fundamental rejection of the very fundamentals of the Catholic Religion? If it is not, what exactly would such a rejection look like ? Add to this the denial of the need for faith as the foundation for the life of grace and for salvation.  Here is the c

"Patently Absurd"! Fr. Kramer cites "Liberalism is a Sin" by Fr. Sarda to Prove that Catholics Can Actually Use Their God-given Minds to Judge Whether a Man is a Heretic Or Not. Wait 50 Years for a Catholic Pope? If You Cannot Judge, How would we know that that future Pope IS Catholic?

Dr. Chojnowski: We cite from Fr. Paul Kramer's To Deceive the Elect: The Catholic  Doctrine on the Question of a Heretical Pope , Vol. 1 (Fort Collins, CO: Gondolin Institute, 2019), pp. 43-45.  "All the canons, and teachings against privately judging superiors and prelates do not refer to judgments of conscience, such as the judgment concerning the manifest heresy of one's superior, when it can be known with certitude, but rather, they prohibit judgments that require jurisdiction; and explain that private individuals do not possess the requisite jurisdiction for rendering an official judgment, and therefore they man not presume to judge their superiors juridically, and depose them with force of law. However, the right of conscience to judge privately as a matter of conscience in such cases as that of manifest heresy pertains to the divine law  [emphasis mine.], since such judgments of conscience are sometimes necessary for salvation; and such a right is acknowledge

In One Way Or Another, Word is Getting Out! Interesting Podcast Below..........and by the way, its pronounced HOY-NOV-SKI.


St. Robert Bellermine's Teaching Gives Gallican "Kick the Can Down the Road to the Next Catholic Pope" A Kick in the Backside. History Shows that Popes Cannot Infallibly Judge the Legitimacy of Other Popes.

Image CHRIS FERRARA RESPONDS TO ANN BARNHARDT ON BENEDICT’S ABDICATION: “THAT IS A MATTER FOR THE CHURCH TO DECIDE” Dr. Chojnowski: To show you that we need to use our own God-given intelligence and judgment to understand and decide on our situation as Catholics in this present crisis of the Catholic Church, we give here a quote from St. Robert Bellermine's De Controversiis : On the Roman Pontiffs, to show that the Doctor of the Papacy clearly states that the popes have not been infallible when judging the legitimacy of a predecessor's reign. The typical Gallican "out" for the apostasy we see all around us is to say, "Some authority will figure it out in the future and then we will know what was happening in our own time." As St. Robert shows, when trying to judge the legitimacy of their predecessor's "reigns," they have gotten it wrong. Conclusion: If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it