Elizabeth Warren Cedes the 2020 Election by Demanding Reparation Payments to Same-Sex "Married" Couples. Other Democratic "Reparations" Shenanigans ensures that a White, Straight, Old Guy Will be President in 2021.

RadTrad Thomist: Since I was in the cradle and being brought to work in political campaigns by my parents --- the first being in the the Mayoral Campaign of Paul Manafort, Sr. (Father of the infamous Paul Manafort, Jr. my 3rd cousin) --- I have been an active participant in the United States Political Process. With the demands for "reparations" being proposed --- a new type every day --- to be paid by American taxpayers to the tune of 10s of millions of dollars --- I can tell you that they will not go for it and it will be one of the millstones around the necks of some of the more left-wing Democratic candidates that might give them a flash in the pan moment among the haters of Western Christian Civilization, but will ultimately be bring about their defeat. No matter the state of the now pricked asset bubble created by the Federal Reserve since 2008. People are just not going to go for it. And they are not going to go for it in a big way. After the articles about Elizabeth W…

...una cum famulo tuo Michahel Matt et Christophorus Ferrara....Isn't it Strange How Francis Could Watch Athanasius Schneider Participate in the Matt/FSSP Catholic Identity Crisis Conference, without Censure or Disciplinary Action, Even Though Matt has Said that the "Remnant" "No longer accepts the Vatican of Pope Francis as a moral authority in ANYTHING." Strange. Just Sayin'

"We got them Holy Father, Just Give Me a Little More Time." "Your Excellency, Once That is Done, We Can Find A 
Nicer Place For You Than Kazakhstan.....Hegel will win in the 
        end, my son, the Pope Emeritus has assured me of this."

Dr. Chojnowski: Isn't it strange how Francis can allow Athanasius Schneider to regularly participate --- along with the "ever loyal" FSSP --- in the "Catholic Identity Crisis Conference," including the one this year in November 2019, even though the conference is organized by Michael Matt a person who regularly slams and rejects the "moral authority" of Francis? Is there something up? If you check out the Wikipedia entry on Schneider, you find that he was "consecrated" by Cardinal Sodano of Fatima Third Secret of 2000 fame and he is part of an order called Canons Regular of the Holy Cross of Coimbra. Anything remotely to do with the Carmelite Convent of Coimbra that has produced a forged tex…

Who Cares? The Remnant Moderator (Michael Matt?) Excises the Papacy from the "traditional Catholic Religion." Horrible Question to the 20,000 Pilgrims. Who do you see as a Rock of the Catholic Faith? Michael Matt's Remnant or "the Vatican of Pope Francis". Another little question. I thought "Counter-Revolutionaries" were Ultramontanists not Gallicans?


How many of those 20,000 still believe that Bergoglio is the legitimate pope?

Remnant Moderator. Wilf Nethertona day ago
Who cares?
"to let the whole world know that faithful practicing Catholics who go to Mass every Sunday no longer accept the Vatican of Pope Francis as a moral authority on anything."

Dr. Chojnowski: Is the Remnant Romanticism, displayed on the "annual Chartres Pilgrimage" moving the "resistance" to the Conciliar Church from Gallicanism to full-scale Protestantism? Would even King Louis XIV say what Michael Matt said in the above clip (around the 20 min. mark) in which the teaching authority of the man he is certainly calling pope is completely rejected and the independence of "traditional Catholics" is being asserted? Are we assuming the mantle of High Church Anglic…

"Am I to stay here alone?" In Light of the Sister Lucy Truth Investigation, these words spoken by Sister Lucy to Our Lady during the June 13th, 1917 Apparition at Fatima are Even More Heart-Rendering. Read Cornelia Ferreira's Latest Fatima Newsletter Here.

Apparition of June 13, 1917
As recounted in Sister Lucia’s Memoirs
The Word Spreads The 13th of June, feast of St. Anthony, was always a day of great festivities in our parish. On that day, we usually let out the flocks very early in the morning, and at nine o’clock we shut them up in their pens again, and went off to the festa.
My mother and my sisters, who knew how much I [Lucia] loved a festa, kept saying to me: “We’ve yet to see if you’ll leave the festa just to go to the Cova da Iria, and talk to that Lady!” On the day itself, nobody said a single word to me. Insofar as I was concerned, they acted as if they were saying: “Leave her alone; and we’ll soon see what she’ll do.”
I let out my flock at daybreak, intending to put them back in the pen at nine, go to Mass at ten, and after that, go to the Cova da Iria. But the sun was no sooner up than my brother came to call me. He told me to go back home, as there were several people there wanting to speak to me. He himself st…

Meditation on the Holy Season of Pentecost from a Reader. Come Holy Ghost! Fill the Hearts of Your Faithful and Enkindle in Them the Fire of Your Love.

Continually through the public life of Our Lord, we see the weakness of the Apostles and the great need they had for Our Lord to be present at all times in order to keep them from losing all hope or falling into temptation, for example the Storm at Sea when Our Lord had fallen asleep and at the Court of the Sanhedrin when St. Peter denied Him three times.

After the Ascension, the Apostles and Disciples all hid in a house, in the company of Our Lady, preparing for the Coming of the Holy Ghost, Who Our Lord promised to send. The Apostles huddled together, afraid of the Jews and Romans. Look at these men, hiding, trembling, not fully understanding the truths Our Lord had left them. Are these truly the men Jesus chose to represent Him? 

As usual, God in His infinite mercy, provided, as He said He would, and sent to them the Holy Ghost in the form of tongues of fire. God sent Love bearing Seven Gifts to a world so full of hate. This moment was the first Confirmation, when the Apostles were m…

Pentecost 2019: Remembering the Holy Ghost. Guarantor of Infallibility in the Church and Craftsman of Souls.

The Craftsman of Souls: The Holy Ghost and His Gifts Dr. Peter Chojnowski
Instinct. Normally this term is used to express a nonrational, unlearned condition which facilitates behavior which is both in accord with nature and which is beneficial and, even, necessary to the creature who possesses these inclinations. In the world of nature, it is the nonrational animal kingdom which is most characterized by it reliance on instinct. Man, as a rational animal, possesses a modicum of instinctual responses which all relate to the preservation of his bodily integrity, e.g., the repulsion which expecting mothers experience when in the presence of a certain type of food which could be, potentially, toxic for her unborn child. In a previous article, I have written of St. Thomas Aquinas' consideration of the most basic inclinations of our human nature, which constitute the very matter of the Natural Law.For St. Thomas, inclinations are a law revealing the inner ratio and purpose of man's …