Our Darkest Hour. With the "Canonization" of Paul the Sick, Either NewChurch is a Huge Diabolical Fraud or It is Good and in Accordance with the Will of God. We Much Choose Either Undying War Against the Modernists or Submission. RadTrad Thomist Chooses War.


There WAS an Imposter. On the Day of the Miracle of the Sun, We Publish Our First of Many Expert Reports. A Plastic Surgeon's Judgment on the Case of the Two Sister Lucys.

"On the 101st anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, we are presenting one expert report on the issue of an imposter Sister Lucia. Hopefully, the release of this report demonstrates that we are approaching this issue very seriously and have engaged some of the top doctors, scientists, and companies in the world. There will be much more to come, and we need your support now more than ever. The investigation is intensifying. 

As seen in this report (and others) the analysis of the photographic images refers to Subject A (0-18 years old), Subject B (20-40 years), Subject C (60 years old), and Subject D (75 years+). Attached is an example of a photograph from each Subject. These are the four groups we divided the images into to organize the analysis. We are currently of the opinion that Subject A and Subject B are the same individual. We are also relatively confident (though not certain) that Subject C and Subject D are the same individual. As Dr. Garcia notes, we are confident Subject A/…

Exactly 60 Years Since the Death of Pope Pius XII. The More Time Passes the More It Seems as if EVERYTHING happened in October of 1958. The Death of Pope Pius XII, Fear on the Part of the US Government Of the Election of a traditional Pope, the TWO Occasions of White Smoke ---- October 26th and 28th, and the Disappearance of Sister Lucy.

Lest We Forget, the Month When the Take-Over               
 Happened and The Church Entered the Twilight 

Just passing, some 20 minutes ago, was the 60th Anniversary of the Passing into Eternity of Pope Pius XII. Since then, the world has come to believe that Catholic Doctrine has changed, the Catholic Mass has changed, the Catholic Sacraments have changed, the Catholic Priesthood has been infested with Sodomites and Violators of the Innocence of Youth, the Social Doctrine of the Church has changed into Marxism Lite or Not So Lite. Catholic Universities are where you go to have your faith destroyed, not bolstered. Catholic schools teach the vilest of immoralities, allow unnatural situations, have undergone a Mass Falling Away into Apostasy and Secularism. Catholic Politicians Try to Out Do themselves Fighting to Implement Laws which directly Violate the Natural and Divine Laws. Catholic customs gone, Catholic devotion gone, Catholic modesty gone, a…

Found Out! Brian McCall Fired as Dean at Law School For Articulating Common-Sense in the Secular Realm. Welcome, Brian to the Other Side of the Tracks --- Sort of.

When they found out he was Editor-In-Chief of the
                                            "Anti-Semitic" Catholic Family News it was "Bye-Bye"
                                            Dean McCall. Today marks one Yalie Up another Yalie Down!


Also, from Yahoo. women-must-veil-form-associate-dean-resigns-law-school-sexist-homophobic-book-excerpts-spark-controversy-193427497.html

Criminal Case: Sister Lucy Truth Facial Recognition Report Soon to be Released, Dossier of Medical Experts, Handwriting Analysis Planned, New State of the Art Website to Display Results, and Cyber Security Experts to Protect information.

I would like to post an update of where we are in the Sister Lucy Truth investigation. Here is what we are doing now:

1) The investigator --- whose name I will reveal when  he finishes wring his report --- is writing his report on the runs of facial recognition technology dealing with the pictures of "Sister Lucy" throughout her life. This should be done shortly and will be available for the public. 2 Facial Recognition runs have been done, and another, from a third or even fourth company is is being planned.

2) The investigator also wants to employ the best hand writing analysts from around the world to deal with this Sister Lucy Case, which the investigator is now treating AS A CRIMINAL CASE. That means the evidence must be extensive and definitive. There is also another facial recognition analysis of the "Sister Lucy" question, this will be included in the report. The investigator is also nursing the other investigation along. Both of these reports, including t…

Spanish Actor Willy Toledo, Recently Arrested for Blaspheming Our Lord and Our Lady, Proclaims Himself Worshipper of Satan.