On the Hundredth Anniversary of the Death of Jacinta Marto, Sister Lucy Truth Shares With You Its Correspondence with One of Its Experts, Prof. Lois Gibson: Evidence for the Two Sister Lucys, "Can be Observed by an 8 year old."

Jacinta of Fatima, Pray for Us.

On the 100th Anniversary of the death of Jacinta of Fatima, we would like to share with our readers a correspondence we have just had with Professor Lois Gibson, a Guinness Book of World Record Forensic Artist. When discussing her work on the Sister Lucy case so far, she said: "If one is certain, there is no need to present long wordy arguments.
I have distilled my findings down to these three one-page forensic photo comparisons attached.
Honestly, these can be observed by an 8 year old and understood."

With this powerful analysis and definitive judgment from such a world-class expert, we have decided to commission new work concerning the identity of the imposter Sister Lucy that appeared with Paul VI in 1967 and the Sister Lucy that appeared with John Paul II from 1982 to her death in 2005. Was there only one imposter Sister Lucy or was there two? It will be fascinating to see Prof. Gibson's work-up and her answer to a question that has been an issue since this investigation began. We will give you the results of the new investigation, as soon as they become available.

For Prof. Gibson's work so far, see, https://sisterlucyimposter.org/forensic-art/

Also, pray to dear Jacinta, on this the 100th Anniversary of her death, for further success for Sister Lucy Truth.
By the way, right before she died, she warned that Lucia was in "grave danger." She certainly was. 


  1. See latest Ann Barnhardt post on Salza/Siscoe and the fake Fatima center. It's all about fraud
    and the money. Thanks professor, thanks Thomas, thanks Dante. The occult money power rules the church of Rome and the world.

  2. Yes, indeed and they are sitting right now in the White House and in all our agencies from top to bottom and in walk of life to drag Americans into wars for them and to destroy every human being on this planet until the wishes accomplished. However, Our Lady has a big surprise for all of them. KEEP WATCH AND PRAY ROSARY DAILY, "THREE DECADES A DAY TO KEEP THE DEVILS AWAY" as Bishop Williamson suggested.

  3. Love of money and wars mentioned above in the comments, and what about the loss of souls... forever... This is what little Jacinta lamented as well as the wars being punishment for sins. What about the love of pleasure instead of the desire for self-sacrifice for the conversion of sinners and penance for our own sins. What about the neglect of prayer and religious instruction. These are the true evils of our age and we won't care in 50 years time about money or the White House, but we will be conscious of what we did and did not do for the state of our souls and to gain grace for others. Lucy, Jacinta, Francisco, pray for us.


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