Proof that our Experts knew about the dentures. In fact these facts help to demonstrate that there were two different women. Keep trying. But first, READ. We are not idiots, but you seem like one here. Also, Dr. Chojnowski is poorly portrayed. Need a better actor!


After reviewing the photographic and video evidence over the course of several months, it is clear that “Lucy I” (Subject A/B) and “Lucy II” (Subject C/D) are not the same individual. Several anatomical facts support this conclusion particularly when the profiles are compared.


Lucy I’s mouth/teeth tend to extend anteriorly (forward). In other words, her mouth area sticks out relative to her other facial structures. This is an underlying feature of Lucy I’s skeletal structure. This skeletal structure would not significantly change if all of her teeth were extracted and dentures worn. In contrast, Lucy II’s profile presents a nearly opposite condition: a prognathic profile with a concave appearance.


Skeletal structure would not significantly change if all of her teeth were extracted and dentures worn.

Dentures, which seem to be at least reasonably well-fit, further support the conclusion that these images depict two different people. The presence of dentures would work to maintain the vertical dimension and prevent over-rotation of the mandible. With the vertical height maintained, there is no good explanation regarding Lucy II’s significant chin protrusion forward when compared to Lucy I.

In addition, Lucy II’s facial height does not appear radically different than Lucy I which, again, supports the opinion that removal of all the teeth is unable to account for the marked change in profiles, particularly the mandibular protrusion.


A severly prognathic chin is skeletal, not dental in origin.


During the course of my career, I have performed hundreds of jaw osteotomies (precisely planned fractures of the jaw to reposition the bones) and extracted thousands of teeth. I am familiar with expected changes to an individual’s face as a result of tooth extraction and placement of dentures. It is my opinion that Lucy I and Lucy II are not and cannot be the same individual. These opinions are offered to a reasonable degree of medical certainty.


  1. The real Sister Lucia didn't "lose all of her teeth and has new denture" you idiot. The denture doesn't change the eyebrow, nose, forehead, and the whole cheekbone... of a person. What about the DNA? Did the new "denture" change her DNA too? Those who denied the truth just make them look real stupid.

  2. I used this silly skit on Reason and Theology as a way to recommend, about a dozen times, that people have a look at the ‘Wynn Young’ YouTube channel, and make up their own minds about the evidence. My comments were deleted almost as fast as I made them, but a few are still there.

    Now I am blocked from Reason and Theology, Kevin is not pleased with me. No-one censors something unless they are afraid it is true!


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