Montini exposed as Bridge between the Communists and Vatican during the 40s and early 50s.



  1. Montini, Sodano; Same Club. The clerical Homosexual Network Strangling the Church--the very group ow headed by the False Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio--which I am sure is behind the disappearance of the real Sr [Saint] Lucia and the emergence in 1967 of the Faux or Fake 'Sister Lucy.'

    Which fact lends a certain interest to this data-bit that Brother Bugnolo uncovered earlier this year: "The Bishop who assisted the new and improved Sr. Lucia of Fatima, make her moves on the stage of world opinion, after 1960, was a member [of the Canons Regular of Santa Cruz (the Crosiers), the order that directs the movement of the Work of the Angels, called in Latin Opus Angelorum]."


    The plot thickens.


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