SSPV Publicizes Sister Lucy Truth. Slowly but surely, we are getting there! Topic of Sister Lucy Truth comes up at the 30 minute mark.


  1. Subscribers can also see and share widely your recent excellent talk at the Sr Lucia Truth Conference, part of which, since there is only audio, is best listened to while looking at the photos at (Sister Lucia Truth, Part1) (Part 2)

  2. The priest in the video gave a much needed reminder regarding private revelations. The Modernists probably created the impostor Lucy to keep the faithful attached to the new religion. O.K., thanks to Sr. Lucy Truth, now we know with scientific certainty that there was indeed an impostor.

    But some misguided Catholics think that if it had been the real Lucy who recognized the Modernists as legitimate leaders of the Church, then it would've been a sign from heaven that they were indeed legitimate. This is wrong. Private revelations and their seers are not infallible. They do not possess that sort of power and authority over the faithful. And the Church does not, and cannot, impose belief in a private revelation and its contents, either on an individual or on the faithful at large.

  3. Hey there. Dr Jonathan Gemmill here from New Zealand.
    Fr Jenkins SSPV is on point.
    I pray that the new kid on the block Dr Taylor Marshall has the courage to follow truth to its conclusion 🙏.
    Thank you Dr Chojowski for leading me to truth!! God bless, Ave Maria 🙏❤💙⛪⚓⛪.

  4. Please explain to me why this self proclaimed Fatima expert tells Catholics that Fatima is ,"Divine Revelation and therefore infallible".
    Seems there is more than one imposter playing the Fatima for fame and profit game.
    Watch this video around 17:00 and beyond where she claims Fatima is,
    "Divine revelation and therefore infallible."


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