New and Updated Website for Sister Lucy Truth --- All the Information, Presented in Such a Way That NO ONE Can Deny it!

How it all began on July 28, 2018 when we got the results of the first facial recognition report. 


  1. SLT has done a masterful job. It has proven beyond ANY and ALL reasonable doubt that the Modernist Apostates subverted the Church. and "disappeared" the real Lucy of Fatima (and the true third message) The sons of Satan have masterfully pulled a fast one....and...they have gotten away with it. The truth is no one really cares....that is until all hell starts breaking loose. The Last true Pope was Pius XII. It is clear that all after him have been fake Popes. Bergoglio is just the worst one. He is a blatant , in your face, apostate Marxist who is guilty of promoting a Fake Sister Lucy. NO TRUTH. NO POPE(S)! NO MASS. NO GRACE. Why? The True Third Secret? Bet anyone money that it was/is all about what we have been/are living through since the death of Pope Pius XII. Clearly, end times are in play. If anything it's going to get worse. We have been warned! Rome's Response? Go to hell! May God Have Mercy On Us.

  2. Interesting video from The Fatima Centre on where Catholic charity donations are going ,and how Saul Alinsky in 1958 has three private meetings with Archbishop Montini of Milan.



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