Let us remember when Cardinal Josef Ratzinger denied the Necessity of Baptism and Endorsed the Heretical Doctrine of Universal Salvation when speaking about the traditional Catholic Doctrine on Limbo. He clearly presents Sanctifying Grace as an Old Conception Concocted by Previous Centuries. Total Modernism.


Commentary from Dr. Chojnowski:

This text always shocks me. It does and it doesn't. As far as I have been able to discern, this is the only place where Josef Ratzinger speaks of "sanctifying grace" in his 2000 interview with Peter Seewald. He mentions "sanctifying grace" here when he is speaking of the doctrine of Limbo, a doctrine which is in accord with the dogmatic teaching that baptism is necessary for salvation and that sanctifying grace is what is necessary for salvation and that this comes to us in baptism. Unlike the view presented by Ratzinger, baptism does not only bestow a new epistemological "meaning," nor is it a matter of accidental significance, as Ratzinger here states, the emphasis being on the omnipotence of God as being able to save all regardless of whether sanctifying grace has been conveyed through the sacrament of baptism or through desire for the sacrament, whether explicit or implicit. All the Fathers and Doctors of the Church knew that God was omnipotent. However, they also knew that man must accept the supernatural grace, which is not by nature due to man, in a free act or through the free acts of one's godparents at baptism. 

The reason unbaptized infants and those without the use of reason go to Limbo when they are unbaptized is because they do not have the quality of sanctifying grace as this is conveyed through baptism. This is Catholic Doctrine, period. This is not simply a "way people sought to justify the baptism of infants." 


  1. St. Francis de Sales taught that the desire for baptism in a catechumen or otherwise unbaptized person indicates the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in that person. The saint concludes that, since the Holy Spirit is the soul of the Church, the unbaptized person is thus linked in a practical way with the Church through the desire for baptism. Ratzinger's treatment of this seems a bit more vague, and thus not as useful or helpful.

  2. Cardinal Ratzinger was not dealing here with the ways in which a soul could participate in the grace of baptism. Rather he was obviating the need for any kind of baptism at all. The omnipotence of God was said to cover any contingency with regard to man.

  3. Ratzinger...13 rabbis on his mother's side...a Jew. We have been totally Jewed...we just don't get it.

  4. Ratzinger had 13 rabbis in his family, and jp2 and Montini (Paul 6th) were also of Jewish extraction, we have been jewed for a long time!

  5. The institution of the most mortal sin of usury over the centuries by the catholic clergy, Sodomy and total perversion would prevail. ( JP2's mother was a Katz) Aquino, Dante and Our Lord understood this. The Jews would have their short lived revenge and we are living in it.


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