When did they start calling "World War II" "World War II"? NYT admits that CIA, Canadian commandos, and NATO Special Ops have been in Ukraine "boots on the ground" throughout the Ukrainian War.. So the Rainbow West is fighting a war against Russia. Settled!



  1. Israelis were there. Americans were there. Europeans were there... the whole wargame is created, funded, operated it under the claws of the Jews and Israel... They did not chose that fag-comedian Jew to be president of Ukraine for nothing. They had their plan to carry out exactly as they wanted. Nothing surprise. God had chosen Russia to punish the whole world and it will be so exactly as God warned. But why then we need to do the consecration of Russia for, since God had chosen Russia? Conversion and blessings. Russia can't receive the "BLESSINGS" if no "consecration." Russia has been violated and insulted with so many crimes and sins that she was cut off from the branch of the Church and therefore with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Do you know that abortion come from Russia? Yes, 1920 Russia legalized abortion, and the wildfire spread to the whole world. Did you know that the Jews control Russia just as the USA? (The children were killed probably over two billion babies by now.) Many other sins and crimes that Russia had committed direct against Her Heart. I talked about that before, don't need to repeat here again.

  2. Again, it is the sins and lies of the Bolshevik Jews and their criminal government, that they established and not of the Russian people. We have all sinned.


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