The Last Vision had by the Three Children of Fatima, during the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917, was that of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Wouldn't You Think that "Sister Lucy" in her book "Calls" (published in 2000) Would Mention Something About Wearing the Brown Scapular when Speaking About this Apparition? Nope.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Has Nothing to Do with the Brown Scapular

In the chapter dealing with “the call to a life of total consecration to God,” “Sister Lucy” starts out:

In my view, the apparition of Our Lady of Mount Carmel means total consecration to God. By showing herself clothed in a religious habit, she wished to represent all the other habits by which those who are totally consecrated to God can be distinguished from ordinary secular Christians. (p. 180)

Later on in this chapter in which nothing other than the religious life is discussed, we hear the constant refrain from “Sister Lucy” about the necessity of “obedience”:

All of us, but more especially consecrated souls, need to live by faith: that faith which sees God in others, in authority, and in everything that happens: that faith which assures us that authority represents God and, then, by obeying, we are doing the will of God. (p. 181)

Surely, with another chapter of Calls dedicated to the meaning of the apparition of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we would find another chance for “Sister Lucy” to speak about the Brown Scapular and its role in protecting the faithful in this age of apostasy. No. Instead we have another chapter filled to the brim with Bible quotes, this time on “the [generic] call to holiness” (p. 195).


  1. What do you think of this ,alleged connection between 9/11 and the secret ,despite the errors of Russia been Communism.

    1. In one sense there's a connection between the "errors of Russia" and 911 since both were primarily Jewish operations. As for that blogspot mentioning the Freemason Cardinal Bertone meeting "Sr Lucia," if you've followed you'd know that the real Sr Lucia was "disappeared" around 1958 (the same year of the "irregular" papal conclave producing antipope John XXIII) and probably murdered. The blogspot also calls Karol Wojtyla "Pope St John Paul II," as do so many confused, misinformed, and misguided Catholics. That consummate actor and impostor paved the way for his own and the other 2 Vatican II antipopes' "canonization" by dispensing with the "Devil's Advocate" in the canonization process. If it were maintained, this abundant evidence of his betrayal of Christ and His Church by Fr Luigi Villa (commissioned by Padre Pio and then Pius XII to expose and fight against ecclesiastical Freemasonry, or more accurately Judeo-Masonry, would have been made public: ("Karol Wojtyla Beatified?")

      That same website also has articles proving John XXIII and Paul VI to be enemies of Christ as well.

  2. I wonder if there could be a connection between the date of the final apparition and the feast of St Edward the Confessor, which is on the same date. Is it possible that the rule of this peace loving English king who ruled his kingdom in holiness, peace, justice, and charity until his death could be a foreshadowing of the future "Pax Mariana"; the figurative 1000 years of peace prophesied in Revelation 20 and Isaiah 2, as per the teaching of the Fathers of the Church?

  3. If anyone who truly loves the truth, will seek the truth until he finds it. Apparently, all the people who love to be confused and mixed up with the FAKE SISTER LUCY and the SATANIC LUCIFERIAN CHURCH OF THE VATICAN II: THE NEW JEWS WORLD DISORDER/THE TRUE RELIGION OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN are indeed the seeds of Satan, they are Jewish Kabbalah in blood or in spirit or both.

    You can't find a Zionist without a string of the Jewish in his blood or relatives. All come from one race or one religion: Talmudic Judaism. The errors of Russia come from Jewish Russian Jews. The Israel today made of with 85% Russian-Jews and they took control of the USA in all sectors and they run this government. So the connection is here, all you have to connect the dots and see the pictures.

    Only the pseudo Katholics would said "I wonder this, I wonder that..." Jesus said "no secret to be hidden..." There is nothing to "wonder"... Everything is loud and clear and exposed under the sun for hundreds of years.

    The worst kind of enemy is the one who pretends to be your friend but actually your enemy from within. Avoid and run far away from those FAKE KATHOLICS, they are the worst snakes.

    Two thousands years under the Prophets, they didn't believe the Prophets but killed them. Then Son of God came, they gathered to kill Him. They still gather for 2000 years to kill His Church which is the Kingship of Christ, the Authority, the Divine Law and Order of this planet. They said we will make "gods" that take our orders and do our will, we will not submit to GOD that we have worship and do HIS WILL. LOUD AND CLEAR.

    If you people can't see that all the evils, wicked plans, and wars they created around the world and in all religions to get all things under their plan, you are plain stupid. You should be shamed of yourself. For God doesn't make His Disciple that stupid.

  4. The one thing that always strikes me is the instruction to release the third secret in 1960 or on the death of St Lucia, which ever would happen first. Wouldn't the all knowing God know which was going to happen first? Seems more likely one would happen without us knowning so it was a signpost for us to identify something is not right here.

  5. Please note the same of unrational obedience is still underlined in Diary of sister Faustina Kowalska.

  6. Anonymous: said: "Is it possible that the rule of this peace loving English king who ruled his kingdom in holiness, peace, justice, and charity until his death could be a foreshadowing of the future "Pax Mariana"; ...?
    Your intuition is right, Anonymous! You probably know the story, but read again Since this ring was offered by the king, St. John the Evangelist became the mystical king of England, and he revealed this to two English pilgrims in the Holy Land in the Lord's year 1065. St. King Edward died on January 5, 1066, on the eve of the Epiphany, commemorating the visit of the three kings from the East with the king of the Universe, Jesus Christ. Also st. Joseph of the royal lineage of David was present there. So it can be said that there were four kings and the alleged fifth, that is, the consort of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    King Edward's sapphire is stuck in the Maltese cross atop of the Imperial State Crown, which only confirms that England / Great Britain mystically belongs to St. John the Evangelist. England is also a dowry of the Virgin Mary. The act of donation of England as a dowry was officially made by King Richard II on June 13, 1381.
    For the second time, St. John the Evangelist appeared in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in a town called Knock on August 21, 1879. St. John appeared there in the company of the Blessed Virgin, who holds the crown of England in dowry, and in the company of St. Joseph. The latter played a passive role there to indicate the nature of the mutual relationship between the active heroes of this event, that is, John the Evangelist reading the sealed Book of the Apocalypse, and the Blessed Virgin as the orant. The Crown of England binds these two together like a king and a queen!
    On the same day, that is August 21, 1879, the image of the Virgin Mary was coronated in La Salette, and in fact it was the coronation of the Eldest Daughter of the Church. It happened in the Dauphiné, because the Holy Virgin appeared there as a Dauphine (regional dress!) in search of her spouse, the Dauphin. The coronation in La Salette AD1879 announces the coronation of the Eldest Son of the Church, who is still unknown by name, i.e. the arch-Christian king of France. We know only that he is a type of the beloved disciple of the Lord John the Theologian, the disciple who took the Blessed Virgin into his home, just as Saint Joseph did. This still unknown ruler will be king not only of all christianitas, but of all inhabited earth.
    The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima took place on October 13, 1917, the feast of Saint Edward the Confessor, commemorating the translation of his relics on October 13, AD1263 (and October 13, AD1269). In Fatima, next to the Woman Clothed with the Sun, appeared successively: Our Lord Jesus Christ and St. Joseph with the Holy Child. It was not a spectacle like in a kaleidoscope: first the Lord Jesus as a mature man, and then the same Jesus Christ as a boy. No, that's not the point. This Holy Child is the announcement of the revelation of the person of the great monarch of the end times, the mystical spouse of the Blessed Virgin, the monarch of all Christianitas and of all inhabited earth, as it is presented in the Apocalypse, as commented on by the Fathers of the Church, as has been portrayed in numerous prophecies.
    Dear Anonymous, your intuition is correct!


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