Able to Withstand and Overcome the Arians and the Muslims, the Toledo Cathedral is Desecrated by the Scum of the Modernist church and the Apostate Spanish Culture. It Seems as If Once Franco has been Ripped from His Grave Anything Goes. The Greatest Desecration in this Primatial Church has been, of course,, the Novus Ordo Missae.

In the name of the Lord the Church of Saint Mary was consecrated as Catholic, the first day of the ides of April, in the joyful first year of the reign of our most glorious king Flavius Reccared, Era 625 [13 of April of 587].

The city had been the episcopal seat of Visigothic Spain. The numerous Councils of Toledo attest to its important ecclesiastical past. Also, the abjuration of Arianism on the part of Reccared occurred there. The Muslim invasion did not immediately eliminate the Christian presence and the bishopric remained established in the church of Saint Mary of Alfizén

Dr. Chojnowski: Not only was this the church, dating back to the 6th century before the Muslim Invasion, in which King Reccardo converted from Arianism to the true Catholic Faith, but its current form, a gem of the High Gothic Period, was begun by order of the pope and was due to the efforts of King St. Ferdinand in the early 13th century, completed by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand in 1493. It was the place where the many Councils of Toledo were held, contains the tombs of the ancient Kings of Spain, while also being graced with a relic of the Holy Face of Jesus. 

There is, of course, a graphic image in the story of the desecration of the cathedral. Sorry about that. But it is time that we got mad. Our "getting mad" is is about 60 years late. Just like this desecration, the desecration of the external body of the Roman Catholic Church has been going on since the, apparent Freemasons, Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII) and Giovanni Battista Montini (Paul VI) handed over the institutional organization of the Church to its enemies. What they tried to avoid was any Catholics spiritually slipping out of the bonds of the kidnappers. Thankfully, as you look around and those at your traditional Catholic chapels, many did slip out spiritually from the diabolical kidnappers. Sister Lucy of Fatima DID NOT slip away from her "kidnappers" physically, but we know from Our Lady's Promise, that she did "slip out" spiritually to Heaven --- and I do not mean in 2005! 

Isn't it strange that the Catholic forces of Spain launched a civil war in 1936 to save Spain from desecration by her Socialist and Communist enemies and yet now the very men claiming to be bishops of the Catholic Church hand over these sacred buildings and shrines to the most disgusting and repulsive people that the European Union can produce. Francisco Franco is ripped out of his grave and the Spanish do not care, the Cathedral of Toledo is desecrated and no one cares. And the "Archbishop" "apologizes"!  He did not know. Just like the "conservative" excusers of the Modernists in the Vatican who have pleaded for 50 years that the Top Man --- the ones actually initiating and signing on to it all -- are "powerless" and are really sorry for all the discomfort that may be felt by the faithful. To Hades with that!


  1. Of course the archbishop must be quite pleased with the successful filming of the impure video and is merely shedding crocodile tears for the novus ordites and other brainless "conservatives" in order to avoid making a scene out of the whole thing and to maintain himself in good standing amongst the faithful of the diocese.

    With regards to the desecration of the Franco tomb, rumours are that a Freemasonic/Luciferian ritual was concomitantly carried out during the exhumation of the body. At least, that is the claim of such a credible figure as expert in Freemasonry Alberto Bárcena, author of numerous books, including on Freemasonry. Hence, legions of devils must have been unchained during the event, further pushing an already apostate nation into Luciferianism.

    Angelo Roncalli was of course a freemason, initiated into Rosicrucianism during his time in Turkey as a Vatican diplomat, and apparently raised to the 33 degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Paris during his time as papal nuncio there. Hence, his council and all other innovations, his REVOLUTION in fact (according to the words of Freemasons) is utterly non-binding - null and void - as far as Catholics are concerned. In 1963 the high council of Masons in Mexico City lamented the death of a GREAT LIBERAL - "GRAN LIBERAL" - the same man revered as a "saint" in the Vatican II sect, home of liberals and apostates!

  2. There is not much TRUE CATHOLICS around and be strong enough to fight back. Only a few men that you can count on your 10 fingers. That's a fact. All Catholics have lost the faith and become compromise pseudo "cafeteria-Katholics." They pick and chose whatever "feel good" and "easy" for them and call that "doctrines of the modern day church"... To hell they are marching, and the Vatican II Trojan Horses "popes" lead the way. From XXIII to the present (exclude Pope John Paul I--who was poisoned in 33 days). All of them are Cabals. Born of the fake Virgin Hebrew nun who slept with the ancient serpent who is Satan, she was the mother of the Antichrist. All of them, they sprouted from their Synagogue of Satan: the Judaism Talmudic Satanic religion. Where is Communism come from? Talmudic Judaism Jews. Where the incest, molest, abortion, pervert sodomite sexual pleasure come from? Talmudic Judaism Jews... Everything that sinful, injustice, evil, wicked, satanic...on this planet earth come from one race, one religion, one people. "YOUR FATHER IS SATAN..." the verdict had condemned and ever will be. The Islam come from the Jews... most people don't even know this. Why? People brain go dead when it come to the TRUE GOD, TRUE RELIGION, TRUE SALVATION. Why? Satan wants to be that way and people are too lazy this day to find the truth. Take too much time, effort, resources, studying and sacrifices when they can relax and enjoy life, sex, pleasure, money... etc for "free" that this world willing to give them, just to follow the crowd. Yes, Katholics and fake Shepherds follow the crowd to hell.

    God has no choice but chastisement, no one will be able to escape this chastisement. True Catholics must pray and do penance now (it's too late but better late than never) and ask Our Lady for intervention. We need GRACES and VIRTUES, to fight this final battle between Our Lady (children of Light) and Satan (children of darkness). No prisoner to be captured, victors and corpses. We don't need to waste our time and money to feed the Seeds of Satan so that they strong enough and fight back again and again. This time is the time of completely clean up. All the roots of Satan must be chopped off and burnt in the fire of hell forever. I DON'T MAKE THIS UP. IT'S WRITTEN AND IT WILL BE FULFILLED FOR GOD WILL NOT BE MOCK. Only stupid fool thinks that they can change the verdict that GOD ALREADY SET. REPENT OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. Seem like two popes of the NWO have sold their souls to Satan and they are willing to take 7 billions of the inhabitants on this earth to go with them. There is no sign of repentance come from Benedict XVI. Can someone prove me wrong here? All he has to do is come out and spit out of his mouth all the true Fatima Message and reveal the true fate of Sister Lucia, that enough to destroy the credibility of the Vatican II and then die as martyr. Seem so easy, so simple right? Yes, the true is so simple, so easy but not many can do that. The power of the devils have overshadowed him from his birth to now. His Jewish blood and Jewish mentality has proven in his books, his heresies throughout of his life. He seems to believe in the Fatima Message but FELL TO ACT ON IT. THAT'S A DIABOLICAL DISORIENTATION, FOLKS.

    1. Pope Paul 's mother's headstone is scary ,like something out of the Omen ,it's said he designed it himself

  3. This heinous desecration was an Occult Ritual. The singer-dancer is called Nanthy Peloso and
    done at around the same time as the meeting in Rome possibly to get her back into the good
    graces of the Church. This took place at night so they could have done other things in there.
    It should be Re-Consecrated.
    The ArchBishop was deliberately misinformed, however, he was slothful in not investigating prior to its event. The fallout is the Canon of the Cathedral was told to resign. The Faithful protested in front
    of the Cathedral.



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