"Catholic" Schools in the US are Losing Students at a Record Rate. It would be nice if they were losing students because they were no longer doctrinally Catholic, but that would be asking a lot.




  1. I believe more of them and their parents will in time discover the truth about traditional pre-Vatican II, pre-Novus Ordo Catholicism, which is the only true Catholicism, with the closing of pseudo-Catholic, "counterfeit church of darkness" schools (Ven. Anne Katherine Emmerich). I also hope more traditional Catholics will come to realize how the counterfeit church was established, after many years of infiltration, culminating in the threatening into invalid abdication of a rightfully elected pope at the 1958 papal conclave. Many little known facts can be seen here: https://www.realnews247.com/giuffre_on_oct_26_1958.htm
    and more little known info in "Papal Imposters" and "The Siri Project" on youtube.


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