Have a Very Valid New Year! Unplug Your Channels of Grace by Frequenting Valid Priests and Valid Sacraments. As a Reminder, Here is the Evidence Pointing to the Invalidity of the New Sacraments.


  1. This may be one of the most important topics that you have touched upon. An essay on the validity of the priests of the fraternity of St. Peter would be greatly appreciated. I personally believe the sacraments of the FSSP priests ordained by the Novus Ordo bishops to be doubtful. How many parishioners at the SSPX church bounce between FSSP and SSPX thinking its just fine?
    The parishioners I've spoken with here are so quick to condemn the CMRI group in the area but the FSSP? No way. Why is it that the parishioners that leave here almost always go to the left and not the right(CMRI)
    Archbishop Lefebvre, who's picture is in every SSPX church, and who is spoken of as a saint had something to say for himself.

    1. Right form and intention are required to make priests and bishops. So there is room for doubt. However, God might provide a path for his less informed sheep...

  2. Happy New Year, Peter. I'm glad to see you raise the crucial subject of invalid sacraments. I learned a lot from novusordowatch.org on that. I also believe that the historical argument of sede impedita in 1958, 1963, and 1978, and then sede vacante after Siri died in 1989, gives the theological argument for sedevacantism important legs to stand on. It is also the fulfillment of the La Salette prophecy: "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist. The Church will be in eclipse. The world will be in dismay."

    Everything I've seen makes me morally certain that Siri was pope, and that it was a nuclear threat which forced him to invalidly abdicate after accepting. Gary Giuffre explains it well in his interviews and articles, e.g. here: padrepioandchiesaviva.com/Grave_Reasons_of_State.html

    The quotes from Paul VI and JPII are really irrelevant if they were anti-popes playing their respective roles of Destroyer and Deceiving Charismatic Actor-Superstar. They lamented the "smoke of Satan" and "apostasy" in order to "deceive, if possible, even the elect," since they were knowing and willing causes of what they publicly lamented. We need to remember that the greatest created intellect, that of Satan, is the guiding and directing hand behind the takeover of the visible structure of the Church by the Judeo-Masonic powers.

    Have you seen the evidence of Paul VI's homosexuality? traditioninaction.org/ProgressivistDoc/A_094_MontiniHomo.html (and 2 other related short articles there)

    And unsavory facts about JPII? padrepioandchiesaviva.com/Karol_Wojtyla_Beatified_.html

    Thank you for all you do for the Church and for souls!

  3. I strongly recommend Father Anthony Cekada's book.... The Work of Human Hands...theological critic of the mass of Paul VI... very clear explanation about the invalidity and the cunning intentiions of the concilium in those changes.... for the invalidity of the priestly ordination....he wrote an excellent article that.

  4. Pope Pius XII was the last true Pope. It is not a mere coincidence that Sister Lucia and Pope Pius XII were both silenced in 1958. Soon after the Chair of St. Peter was usurped and the Hellish council was convened. I believe Pope Pius XII and Sr. Lucia were both martyred. The true Church has been relegated to the catacombs. There are few valid priests and fewer valid Bishops. If I'm correct in my assumptions the Vatican II sect will crumble with Our Lady's triumph. Bergoglio is the last usurper.


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