Fr. Luigi Villa went to Fatima in 1973 and was NOT Allowed to Meet with "Sister Lucy" and was Situated at a Far Distance From "Her" at Mass.


A recently received email from Dr. Franco Adesso concerning the encounter, or non-encounter, between Fr. Luigi Villa and Sister Lucy II in 1973 at Fatima: 

Dear Elio,

In Father Luigi Villa's visit to Fatima, there is to say that Paul VI, never allowed Fr. Villa to talk with Lucia and the only thing he allowed him was to attend a Mass where Lucia was present, but very far away from Fr. Villa.

So, he could not find anything about the replacement of Sister Lucia.

In Jesus and Mary

Franco A.


  1. Fr Villa's disturbing and very revealing book, Paul VI beatified? can be read here:

    It is not widely known, but has been the teaching of the majority of Church Doctors and Church-approved theologians and which priests learned in the seminary before the 1960s, that a canonization is an exercise of the Church's infallible Magisterium, but that a beatification is not. Now if Paul VI and the other two fast-track canonized Vatican II popes were declared "saint" not for having lived a life of heroic virtue but instead to "canonize" Vatican II in the minds of the deluded faithful, then doesn't that mean that there is something irregular, to say the least, about the popes who authorized these canonizations?

  2. Why only the Catholics did not know the true about Paul VI but many non-Catholic knew all about his dirt? Shame to us!!! We do not take religion serious enough. We let down our guard and here come the wolves have entered the church and destroyed everything from within.

  3. I've had correspondence with Dr Adessa too by email. He was gracious enough to answer me some very important questions regarding what happened in the 1958 conclave. Cardinal Siri was a close friend of his.
    Father Villa no doubt suspected The imposter Lucia, and attended the mass to verify his suspicions.

    1. dan or Dr. Chojnowski, would it be possible for others of us to learn about the truth about the 1958 conclave from the great and gracious Dr. Adessa? Since Cardinal Siri has gone to his eternal reward, perhaps Dr. Adessa would allow his answers to dan to be shared -- perhaps in the context of the Sister Lucy Truth apostolate or website? Undoubtedly some very terrible things occurred in 1958 and with the current "Church" propagating error, lies, apostasy, and criminal activities, those of us struggling to remain in the light would be greatly helped by at long last learning the truth about the fateful and dreadful 1958 conclave. Thank you.

  4. So it looks like Fr. Villa suspected even in 1973 that the "Sister Lucia" at that time was a fake or an imposter??? This would be a pretty huge discovery! Fr. Villa was really amazing!!

    And, as ever, it looks like Paul VI was up to his dirty work and indeed fully complicit with the elimination of the real Lucia of Fatima.


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