Fake Proves Fake: Want to Prove that the Fake Sister Lucy 1982-2005 is the Real Sister Lucy? Compare the Fake Living (at the time) Sister Lucy with a Picture from Her first performance on May 13, 1967!

Added Fraud Bonus! This Photo is a Cut and Paste Job. Isn't it Strange that No-one is Particularly Interested in Looking at "Sister Lucy of Fatima"? Would't You Want to Treasure Every Moment in Her Presence Since She Had Not Appeared to a Large Audience Since October 13, 1917? Apparently Paul VI was not much interested either, since he only spent 3 minutes with "Sister Lucy" and REFUSED to meet with her privately. Told her to go talk to her bishop!
Things to Talk About and Share:
1) Dr. Frederick Zugibe states that he did an investigation to verify the identity of Sister Lucy of Fatima because Carlos Evaristo, some time after his interviews with "Sister Lucy" at Coimbra in 1992 and 1993, doubted that this woman that he spoke to was the real Sister Lucy. 

2) Who provided Dr. Zugibe with this material? It seems to be Carlos Evaristo. Police Chief Jay Reilly does not seem to have been the one who provided the material. Reilly is just receiving the report. Would Zugibe provide his own pictures for his own analysis? 

3) Why did Dr. Frederick Zugibe, an American Pathologist, even BEGIN to analyze pictures in order to prove or disprove the identity of Sister Lucy of Fatima? Someone must have been questioning it and bringing to him the question? Who? The only person he mentions is Carlos Evaristo. In fact, it was Evaristo's doubt that caused him to do the "investigation," or at least produce the report, in the first place.

Here is the critical paragraph from the EWTN article/interview with Dr. Zugibe:

S.M. Doctor, this not about your credibility — how would you answer those people who claim that the person presented to you was not Sr. Lucia?

Dr. Z. Such a claim would be totally preposterous. I will tell you why it was Sr. Lucia. A number of years ago, I was asked — one time someone asked me — they said they had met Sr. Lucia and wrote an article about Sr. Lucia — a fellow by the name of Carlos Everisto. He wrote several books over there, of sights in Fatima. He had written a letter to the chief of police and said that he had written an article about Sr. Lucia, and had a picture of himself with her. He thought that it was not Sr. Lucia. He wanted to know if the chief of police knew any forensic specialist who could compare that picture with known pictures of Sr. Lucia.

He came to me, and I went ahead and did a complete study, called an anthropomorphic study, of the photos showing that it was definitely the same person. I'm very, very familiar with what Sr. Lucia looks like after looking at a whole big bunch of pictures — I know exactly what she looks like, in all ways.

In light of the above, we have three simple questions to pose to Mr. Carlos Evaristo: 
1) Did you ask Dr. Frederick Zugibe to investigate whether or not the woman who met you in both 1992 and 1993 was the real Sister Lucy dos Santos of Fatima?
2) Was Dr. Zugibe telling the truth when he said that, "he [Carlos Evaristo] came to me, and I went ahead and did a complete study"? 
3) Did you provide Dr. Zugibe with the pictures that he would use to authenticate the identity of Sister Lucy of Fatima? Did you provide him with any materials whatsoever to further his investigation?


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