Lies from Beginning to End. Why does the Vatican and Cardinal Bertone Want to Again Tell us that Our Lady's Purpose in the Third Secret Given in 1917, was to tell JPII to "Watch His Back" in 1981? Stop the Hijacking of Fatima! Support Sister Lucy Truth.

Or maybe Our Lady in 1917 wanted to warn us about Covid-19 and good Pope Francis speaking to an empty square and praying with the faithful of all religions for the end of the virus? Why not? If you can use Fatima for whatever you want to, thanks to the Identity Thief Pictured Below:

Wanted for Identity Theft!


  1. The Conciliar Church seems hopelessly infested with modernist apostates, heretics and sodomites. They have no shame. They continue to spout endless lies, propaganda and deceptions. They are nothing but the modern version of the Partisans of Satan. Let these fools continue howling at the moon. Let us Be of Good Cheer and Double Down on Truth! For the louder and longer their lies are spewed, the closer the truth is near. To adopt and adapt a phrase...."Dr C is over target"
    May Our Lady of the Rosary protect him and all of your sons and daughters.

  2. For those who want to know the real Third Secret of Fatima, and what diabolical things have taken place in the Church, especially since the 1950s, see this 4 part interview, originally at, with the trailblazing researcher into the Third Secret, the Great Apostasy, and the Eclipse of the Church, Gary Giuffre:

    1. Men can not restore the Church. Only God can restore the Church in His Own Way and Time.

    2. Maybe, God intends a soon ending of the Catholic Church, to be replaced by God's Glory and Judgement directly !

    3. You can not change the willfully ignorant and the excessively brainwashed, who only know the Novus Ordo sect and their leaders as the only truth. It is impossible except by the Grace of God.

  3. Gary Giuffre was controlled opposition.


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