Sister Lucia, Kissin' and a Huggin'? Read an Expert Translation of the 2000 Video Interview with "Sister Lucy." Who Needs Prayer and Penance When You Can Have Kissin and Huggin?

"But these days, everyone kisses everyone. Whenever I go out, everyone wants to kiss me. Men, women, men with moustaches. What can I do? There’s no way around it."

Update: Just a little section from the Wikipedia account of Sister Lucy of Fatima, specifically about her life in the Carmelite convent: Because of the Constitutions of the community, Lúcia was expected to "converse as little as possible with persons from without, even with their nearest relatives, unless their conversation be spiritual, and even then it should be very seldom and as brief as possible"[note 3] and "have nothing to do with worldly affairs, nor speak of them..."úcia
Does this seem like this applies to the woman interviewed below?

Here is the video in the original Portuguese, with a translation from a native Portuguese expert below:

(Children Singing)
Narrator: “She is the last living witness of the events from that distant 13th May 1917.
Along with her cousins Francisco and Jacinta, she witnessed the Apparitions of our Lady of Fátima, listened to Our Lady’s words and is, for the rest of us, the main character of those events. Her memories pose as mandatory reading for all of those that wish to know the message of Fátima as her witnessing is the only bridge that crosses over to the intimate experience lived by the three little shepherds of Fátima.

Lúcia de Jesus, now known as Sister Maria Lúcia of the Immaculate Heart of Maria, 93 years, old agreed to see the Bishop of Leiria, Fátima, that carried a special message.”
Bishop: “The Pope is coming to Fátima.”Sister Lúcia: “Praise the Lord.”Bishop: “On the 12th and 13th of May to canonize your cousins...” Sister Lúcia: “Yes...”Bishop: “...second of all (giggles), the Pope wants you to be there!” Sister Lúcia: “But not to canonize me!!”
(Both start laughing)
Bishop: “He won’t canonize you nor will he beat you.” Sister Lúcia: “If he wants he can try...” (Jokes)Lady in the Room: “Both of you have a cane!”Sister Lúcia: “If I take my cane, he might be scared of me.” Bishop: “He’s got one too, he can defend himself.”
Sister Lúcia: “That’s true, he does have one.” Bishop: “He’s younger.”Sister Lúcia: “He’s younger?”Bishop: “Yes!”
Lady in the Room: “The Holy Father is younger, he’s turning 80.”
Sister Lúcia: “And I’m 90, correct? Lady in the Room: “93!”Sister Lúcia: “93.”
Narrator: “Lúcia was in Fátima in 1967.
It was the celebrations of the 50
th anniversary of the Apparitions of Cova da Iria and Pope Paul VI was present. He insisted on the presence of the only living witness of the Apparitions.

Fifteen years passed. This time around, it’s John Paul II that visits Fátima. The Polish Pope comes to express gratitude for the gift of life and His Holiness, as well, asks for Sister Lúcia’s presence.
A Pope that is considered to have associated - almost to an extreme - Fátima’s message to its Pontificate. And it’s during the Great Jubilee of 2000 years of the Christian Era that this Man decides to travel once again to Fátima, this time around, with the intention to canonize the little shepherds Francisco and Jacinta. But before he does so, he requests for a moment alone with Sister Lúcia.”
Bishop: “Then on the morning of the 13th during the morning – we will let you know what time exactly, but we expect it to be around 9:00am – we have prepared a quiet place where you can speak alone with the Holy Father.” Lady in the Room: “Did you listen, Sister? There is a quiet little place, a quiet place, where you can speak alone with the Holy Father.”
Sister Lúcia: “Yes, yes.”Bishop: “Sister Lúcia, I don’t even want to listen. You can complain about the Bishop of Leiria, Fátima (himself), I don’t want to listen. Because later, when it comes to your own canonization, my vote may put you in trouble.”
(Sister Lúcia laughs)
Bishop: “Am I right?”Sister Lúcia: “I’m not sure. I’m not one for big ceremonies, but with regards to the Holy Father, I’d like to meet him.”
Narrator: “And so it was. 13th May of 2000. John Paul II heads to the Fátima’s Shrine for a meeting alone with Lúcia. Half an hour for a meeting which content remains kept in each other’s intimate secrecy.
The Pope takes the opportunity of being in the Basílica de Fátima to pray next to the Shepherds resting place. After all, this man would soon open – on behalf of the Holy Church – the doors to their holiness.

The much-expected canonization of the two Portuguese children was about to become true.”
Bishop: “Sister Lúcia, I wish to see you smile and clapping when the Pope declares “Well ventured. So that they may echo forever and through eternity Francisco Marto and Jacinta Marto”.
During that moment I won’t be looking at the Pope, I’ll be looking at the cousin of both Saints and I want to see Sister Lúcia clapping.

His Holiness John Paul II: “(...) we concede that from this day on, the venerable servants of God Francisco and Jacinta Marto will be known as Saints and that every year may it be celebrated the festivities of Francisco and Jacinta Marto on the 20th February. In the name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit.”
(Crowd Sings)
Bishop: “Do you know how many meters – how many meters – will Francisco and Jacinta’s picture have? In height, I mean? Ten meters high!Sister Lúcia: “Two meters high?”Bishop: “Ten. Ten meters!”
Lady in the Room: “So it can be seen from a distance.”Sister Lúcia: “So that people can see it from a distance. It’s ok, those things are ok, it’s matters of the Church, it will be beautiful with God’s Will.Bishop: “It will be beautiful.”
(Children sing “Francisco and Jacinta watch over us”)
Narrator: “Lúcia would witness in her lifetime the Church’s recognition of her cousin’s virtues and example of life.
Lúcia was the eldest of the three, but the 
Lady in White had already informed her beforehand that she would stay around for some time longer.

An announcement that was accompanied by the Rise to Heaven of Francisco and Jacinta whilst she would remain on Earth, a message from the Virgin that took place on the 13th June of 1917.
Lúcia actually stayed with us for longer, as 83 years have passed since the Virgin’s words and Lúcia still preaches that message of love and conversion that Fátima represents.

Secluded in the silence of Carmelo Convent and besides her 93 years of age, Lúcia is a woman with a great sense of humor.”
Sister Lúcia: “When I have my private meeting with the Holy Priest, we have some little things for him as a gift, can I take them?”Bishop: “Of course! To the Bishop – himself – you don’t need to offer a thing. Perhaps a little kiss, because once I came over to visit with a Cardinal and he gave you a kiss on the cheek, but you held back a little. And then you said “It’s common now, in the old days it wasn’t like that!” but you still accepted it against your will. Do you remember?
Sister Lúcia: “Yes, I remember. A Priest or a Father wouldn’t kiss a girl. Whether it was a Pope, a Bishop, whatever. Even Dom José Correia Alves da
Silva (Former Bishop of Leiria) which I regarded as a second father to me never kissed me. It wasn’t usual for men to kiss young women, women of any age. But these days, everyone kisses everyone. Whenever I go out, everyone wants to kiss me. Men, women, men with moustaches. What can I do? There’s no way around it.
Bishop: “No way around it.” (Everyone laughs)Sister Lúcia: “First thing I do when I get back home is head to the bathroom and wash my face.”
(Everyone laughs)
Bishop: “I was about to ask you something but now I’ve changed my mind, because then you can’t wash your face. I was going to ask you that when the moment of canonization comes, symbolically, on behalf of Francisco and Jacinta, I could give you a little kiss on the cheek but now I won’t.
(Sister Lúcia looks in false contempt, everyone laughs)
Sister Lucia: “It’s better if you don’t! I’m not really used to it. I can bare it, but...” Lady in the Room: “The Holy Father also kisses.”Sister Lúcia: “The Holy Father has kissed me before.”
Lady in the Room: (Pointing at top of Sister Lúcia’s Head) “I believe it was here, on the top of your head.”Sister Lúcia: (Confirms) “It was here. And I still have the veil I used back then. The Holy Father kissed my veil and I kept it, but now I’m not sure where.”
Narrator: “On the 22nd and 23rd May of 1946, Lúcia visited Fátima and identified the locations of the Apparitions. Fifty-four years later and with her cousins Francisco and Jacinta already blessed, Lúcia visits the fields once again where once upon a time she shepherded for her family and had a key role along with her cousins of that Even that would definitely mark the Church History in our Country and the rest of the World.
Priest: “Only a piece of the rock is still there. The remainder is kept at the Shrine (of Fátima). But this was this rock that you, back in 1946, showed to Doctor Galamba (referring to José Galamba de Oliveira, Catholic Priest and main Historian of Fatima’s Apparitions).”
Sister Lúcia: “Yes, yes.”
Narrator: (Reads from the Shepherds witnessing) “A few moments had passed whilst we had been playing and here is that a strong wind shook the trees and made us raise our heads, as it was a beautiful day. We noticed then, over the olive tree plantation, a figure was heading our way that the closer it got, the clearer we could see its form.
A young man of about 14-15 years of age, whiter than snow and that was made transparent under the sunlight as if made of crystal. He was of immense beauty.”
Nun: “Where are we Lúcia, where are we? What’s this?”Sister Lúcia: “What this is? It’s not as it used to be back in my days.” Nun: “Let’s have a glass of water.”Man: “Let’s have a glass of water, shall we?”
Narrator: “Lúcia was back home. The visit would start well that her parents kept in the yard and that is, nowadays, visited by thousands of pilgrims that make sure to drink its water.”
(Sister Lúcia drinks a glass of water)
Narrator: “In a Summer day after we just had a nap at home, we were playing on top of a well that my parents had in our yard and that we referred to as “arneiro” (meaning dry, sterile). All of a sudden, we saw the same figure again, the Angel.
The return of Lúcia to her home 54 years after she’d last been there.
At 93 years of age, the Fátima Witness recalls the time when she used to wander in the area in the company of Francisco and Jacinta.

Sister Lúcia: “There was a path uphill and we sat up there with our legs stretched down and would slide all the way down here.
Our yard was quite large and round and there was a wall around it. The wall wasn’t made of small rocks but instead, of larger rocks and we would put the corn in the middle on a pile and people would sit around it on the wall.”

Man: “Sister, tell the story of the hugging...”Sister Lúcia: “Whomever was first to grab a dry corn cob had to give a hug to each person sat around the corn pile.”
Narrator: “In Sister Lúcias memoires we can read “In our yard there were five big fig trees. We also had a slice of land with other trees.”
Sister Lúcia: “In our yard there were fig trees, one in the yard, and as the yard was large, there was another couple of bigger fig trees.
We’d go down a set of stairs to the well and all that piece of land belonged to my parents.

It had several trees – apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees...Man: “Sister, what was the fruit you liked the most? All of them?”Sister Lúcia: “I liked them all when they were in Season, because they weren’t all at the same time.”
Narrator: “Lúcia enters the house where she grew up - her parent’s house - the same house where she got her first teachings regarding the faith and where often spent time with her cousins Francisco and Jacinta, frequent visitors.
Priest: “So the room display was more or less as it is now.”Sister Lúcia: (Pointing in a different direction) “Yes, but our heads would be facing that way. And there (points up) is where we would hang our clothes. Whenever I’d get back from the fields soaking wet or in the Summer all sweaty, we would wash ourselves and hang our clothes there. Either in the yard or there.”
(Crowd Cheers)
Narrator: “But this return of the Fatima Witness to her origins would still see a special place. That place where on the 30th March 1907 she would be born to Faith and where by the act of baptism she would become a member of God’s people at the Fatima Parochial Church.
(Crowd Sings Avé Maria)Man holding Sister Lúcia’s arm: “Be careful. Careful there. Careful.” (Crowd Cheers)
Narrator: “Finally, the car taking the religious Carmelita (term to define a Carmelo Convent Nun) that witnessed the Apparitions of 1917 would make an entrance in Fatima’s Shrine, her final destination. That same location where 83 years ago on top a small oak tree, Her Lady of Fátima would make an appearance where today stands the Chapel of the Apparitions. Just as she did that day, Lúcia prayed.
(Sister Lúcia prays “The Our Father”) (Singing)
Narrator: “So it ended Lúcia’s return to the place where she was born and where she was a key figure, along with her cousins – now Saints – of an event that marked The Church life and one that is regarded as a generation of Faith for all People, all Races and Cultures. Fátima.

Doesn't seem to be much Kissing Going on Here.


  1. So we have got a horror show out of a true apparition of Our Lady. God bless you, Dr. Chojnowski, for all efforts you put in elucidating this terrible charade.

  2. There is no way that nun shown with Wojtyla is 93 years old! Maybe she is a young looking 53. That fact alone proves an imposter. Given that her accent is of the Coimbra area and not of Aljustrel is further proof. And of course, they don't look at all alike, and the adult Lucia doesn't need to wear glasses full time. Thank you for your great work. So called "trads" who "recognise and resist" the false popes of the new religion don't seem to want to know.


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