Some Fascinating Information Coming Out About the Fake Sister Lucy From a Linguistic Analysis of the 2000 Video Interview "Irma Lucia."

                                               A Lady from Viseu, Portugal?

Dr. Chojnowski: A second Portuguese linguistic expert is pointing to the possibility that the imposter Sister Lucy came from the northern Portuguese city of Viseu and not at all from the Fatima region. Even though their preliminary report has not yet come in, here is some interesting information from the email correspondence:

The suggestion that Sister Lucy II could come from the Viseu area is not as strange as it may seem. Sister Lucy II did have a tendency to pronounce "ss" as "sh", which is definitely one characteristic of the Viseu speech (locals pronounce "assim" as "ashim", and also "Viseu" as "Bijeu", for example).

There is something else. The transcription of Sister Lucy II's 2000 interview, posted on December 14, is intriguing. It's not just the talk about kissing. The translation is correct and can't be blamed for this:

"BishopHe’s coming on the 12th and the 13th of May to beatify your cousins. Secondly, the Pope wants you to be there.
Sister LúciaBut it’s not to beatify me! (Laughs)Bishop: Not to beatify nor to hit you (Laughs)Sister Lúcia: If he wants to hit me a bit.Other sister: Both of you have canes (Laughs). Both of you have canes. Sister Lúcia: I have my cane, he may be frightened of me (Laughs). Bishop: He also has one, he can defend himself well.
Sister Lúcia: He does, he does.

This is totally improper. If anything, it suggests that Sister Lucy II was seriously gaga when she gave this interview. No nun, however uncultured, would make such comments in the presence of a Bishop, and no Bishop would make a fool of himself like this. Bishops were at the time very respected hierarchs and would lose authority if they behaved so informally. Unless, of course, they were talking to a senile old woman who had to be humoured.

Dr. Chojnowski: For the readers of RadTrad Thomist more information will be coming out shortly in this regard. We have two translations of the the 2000 video and have a Portuguese linguist working on another. These reports not only are clearly pointing to the fact that the woman portrayed in this video does not match the biography of the real Sister Lucy, but they also point clearly to the possible identity of the imposter. Our investigator is finding all of this very interesting. But he still wants to do a DNA search and for that I need an extra $15,000. Our Lady of the Rosary, help us. 


  1. If the clue OD is true, this link would merit an analysis:

  2. I send you a link to analyse, but now I think dates do not match

  3. Dr. Chojnowski,

    As I read your posts about "Sister Lucy", I am reminded of something that seems to be little understood about the apparitions of Our Lady. The message of the apparitions is often symbolised by the life of the visionaries and the events in their lives. Never have I seen this more clearly than in the case of Sr. Lucy - the true one - and the imposter. Sister Lucia is a type of the Church in the time of the Apostasy. She is a symbol of the Church and so, what happens to her represents what would happen to Holy Church. Now, we must say "what has happened" to Holy Church:
    1- Lucy received the Truth from Heaven and was told when and how to share it.
    2 - She did everything she could to comply with the wishes of heaven.
    3 - She was slowly hidden away by having her moved from the Dorothean convent to the Carmelite.
    4 - She was REPLACED with a fake who pretended to be the TRUE Sr. Lucia but whose words and actions were completely at odds with what the original Sr. Lucia had said.

    This is exactly what has happened in the Church. She was given the charge to teach, govern, and sanctify all men. She did so, against the constant persecution by Satan and his agents. Despite all Her work for the salvation of souls, the enemies of the Church, attacking under the guise of shepherds, obstruct and corrupt the teaching of Holy Church, and finally, REPLACE her by placing the antipopes and antichurch in Her place, teaching heresy, with false sacraments, false priests, bishops, saints.

    Just as the true sister Lucia was "Eclipsed" by the false one, the True Church has been Eclipsed by the false one.

    The exact same methodology was used by Providence with Mother Mariana de Jesus in Quito, Ecuador, when Our Lady appeared to her as Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso - Our Lady of the Great Event. Here is a link to an article on that:

    Regarding DNA tests, I suggest you save the money for other things. The evidence is already compelling and those who cannot or will not see what has happened do so out of bad will. No sense spending 15K on them.

    Keep up the good work!


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