The Post-1958 Sister Lucy and NewChurch are One. If She was authentic then Most Everything Relating to Fatima had to do with the "John Paul II the Great". If this is an Imposter, then we are speaking about a diabolical deception of the Highest Order.

How serious is our investigation of the "Sister Lucy case'? It is clear that if the woman who is presented to the world as "Sister Lucia" after 1957 is identical with the person who was clearly Sister Lucy prior to 1958, then the following conclusions follow:

2) RUSSIA HAS ALREADY CONVERTED, but "Conversion" has NOTHING TO DO WITH CONVERTING TO THE CATHOLIC FAITH.  Just as John Paul II would say since he is the one who approved the Balamand Declaration in which it was said that the Catholic Church no longer sought the conversion of the Eastern Orthodox.
3) The Third Secret is about an unsuccessful assassination of John Paul II, which, for some reason, would be better understood in 1960 even though it would take place in 1981.
4) The New Mass is Fine. Sister Lucy, the Seer of Our Lady, went to it with great joy.
5) The Teachings of Vatican II and the Newpopes are fine. Sister Lucy in no way objected to them after the Vatican II Council.
6) The Assisi Event is Fine. The Beloved of God, John Paul II, is the one who authorized and indeed called it. Look at the great affection which the 1990's and 2000s Sister Lucy shows to John Paul II.
7) There is NO fundamental problem in the post-Conciliar Church. In fact, it lived under blessed popes, Paul VI and John Paul II and saw the end of Communism, due to, guess who, John Paul II.
8) The Conversion of Russia had to do with not a conversion to the Catholic Faith --- which is apparently no concern to Our Lady or her seer, Sister Lucy, but rather a conversion to Liberalism and to the Vatican II Religious Liberty doctrine in which each can decide for themselves if they want to convert to Catholicism or not. Conversion means Freedom to make the Choice. Take that Cardinal Ottaviani!
9) Fr. Gruner and his Fatima Center were evil distorters of the facts of Fatima and caused Sister Lucy and the Carmelites who knew her intimate thoughts to SHIVER.
10) There is NOT ONE THING that was missing from the Announcement of the Third Secret in 2000.
11) The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart has ALREADY OCCURRED. It was the "triumph" of the United States in the Cold War.

HOWEVER, if the post-1958 Sister Lucy is a fraud and the real Sister Lucy was "removed," then:
1) Russia still awaits its Consecration, which is being refused.
2) Russia still needs to be converted to the Catholic Faith, outside of which there is no salvation.
3) The Third Secret is about the APOSTASY IN THE CHURCH, furthered and cultivated by EXACTLY THE MEN THAT "SISTER LUCY' WAS FAWNING OVER IN 1967, 1991, AND IN 2000. This Apostasy would be covered over by getting rid of the last "PROPHET OF DOOM."
4) The New Mass is an abominable departure from Catholic worship and it is a ceremony that the real Sister Lucy would NEVER ATTEND.
5) Vatican II was an evil council and that is why the Third Secret would be "clearer" in 1960, guess what, only 2 years before Vatican II started and in plenty of time to stop it.
6) The Apostasy, no doubt predicted in the Third Secret, was PERFECTLY EXPRESSED by the Prayer Meeting at ASSISI IN 1986.
7) Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and even Francis (in his going along with the Fraud during the Centennial celebration) were deceivers who wickedly went along with the "Sister Lucy" fraud.
8) We must await and pray for the Conversion of Russia or terrible things will continue to happen to Church and State.
9) Fr. Gruner and his fellow Fatima workers tried to point out the fact that Russia still needed Consecration and Conversion and that the Vatican was LYING about the contents of the Third Secret.
10) The "Announcement of the Third Secret" in 2000 was a COMPLETE AND EVIL FRAUD. A Lie of the Highest Order.
11) The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will be a Restoration of God's Order and the Universal Queenship of Our Lady over Nations for a time. Since "Liberalism is a sin," it will NOT involve Liberalism.

Watch the Interview below and make your judgment.

For those interested in helping to finance a scientific investigation into the Sister Lucy case, please write me at to receive the necessary bank transfer information. Also, feel free to send your tax-deductible donations to:

Sister Lucy Truth
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  1. Excellent professor. I think You are getting it down to the nitty gritty. JPll was the great ecumenist. He was opposed to conversions to the Catholic Faith just like the entire Vat2 Church. That is a rock solid truth that no one considers. It is simply not possible to believe that John Paul would consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart. The IMH is a very Catholic thing. The Catholic thing is not necessary for salvation since Vat2. Truth subsists in the Catholic Vat2 teaching...but also exists in all religions. John Paul would have violated the council and his own professed ecumenical beliefs if he had consecrated Russia to the IMH. He didn't do it and the second Lucy is a fraud. And it follows JPll and Ratzinger are frauds. Mind boggling but that's where this is going.

  2. Does the Fatima center believe that both Sister Lucys are the same person? Did Father Gruner believe they were the same people?

  3. Looks like you can stop your investigation.... this video from hell pretty much proves the "conspiracy" to be true. And by the way.... turn your mind off and be "in good company" with B16.


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