Commenter on the RT article on the confiscation of Scott Ritter's passport, identifies the deeper roots of the American Problem.

Like all crumbling empires, the USA will soon be no more, either due to a break-up of the states in the wake of internal strife or economic collapse, or by its capital city being reduced to a radioactive crater.    The seeds of America's self destruction were planted in the earliest documents of the nation's founding.  Its fatal blunder from the beginning was its failure or refusal to recognize the Kingship of Christ over American society from which all protections under the law would have ultimately been guaranteed.  Instead, the founders adopted an agnostic constitution, built not on Christian principles but upon the undefined rights that we are told are based upon our "humanity."  And since our concept of humanity is not understood according to the teachings of Jesus Christ but on whatever is the latest narrative of the spin masters our “rights” are up for grabs, because a great portion of the American people don't even know when humanity begins and when it ends.  It doesn't even know how to determine the gender of human beings today.  A population that is so confused will never have the intellect necessary to defend its rights, which come from God and not government.  The Russians have, at least, begun to take their country in the right direction by amending their constitution to declare that the Russian Federation is a Christian nation.  They further reinforced Russia's Christian identity in January 2020 by adding to their rule of law the definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.  Then in September 2022, they additionally protected their society by criminalizing the promotion of transgenderism and same-gender "marriages."   To complete its transition away from all vestiges of its former atheistic Communist state to a truly Christian nation again, Russia must affirm that all human life is created by God, and begins at conception, and therefore can only come to an end by the will of God, and not by the will of man.   Once Russia has re-embraced the totality of the teachings of Christ  in its national life, it will become, by default, the leading nation in the world, and will enjoy Heaven's protection against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  


  1. That RT comment is half truth and half falsehood.

    The half-truth was predicted by a Catholic priest a decade before the apostate Council of Vatican II. Rev. Father Denis Fahey on The Kingship of Christ free download

    The falsehood of the long comment is proven by
    Year 2024 Rick Miracle Report #23, Let's Focus on the Truth About Zionism


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