Republican "Controlled" House Passes Resolution Equating "Anti-Zionism" with "Anti-Semitism." This, After the New House Speaker said that His First Priority was to Support Israel.


  1. Please keep on calling it a "genocide" of Gaza. Do not ever call it a "war" because that is the deceptive strategy of Israel to go to the UN later on to take over Gaza that is sitting on half a trillion dollars worth of oil and where they will build the Israel Canal..

    Watch videos below why we must keep calling it a "genocide" because Palestinians in Gaza are prisoners and they have no army or airplanes that could have released those parachutes. It takes 2 countries and 2 armies to fight a war and Hamas was a set-up by Israel to justify its genocide in Gaza. -- Keep calling it a "genocide of Gaza" and not a "war between Israel and Hamas or the Palestinians who are PRISONERS of Israel. -- the 452 Billion dollars worth of oil in Gaza and the Israel Canal - here is mentioned --

    Christians must stop going to IsraHell t and stop making pilgrimages there.

    Christians must stop singing liturgical songs and Christmas songs that has "IsraHell, Zion, and Jerusalem" words in them.


    On December 12, 2023 Grzegorz Braun, a Polish Catholic R&R (Recognize and Resist) MP put out Jewish menorah candles placed in the House of Parliament using a FIRE EXTINGUISHER. The echoes of that act still reverberate around the world.

    Scandal ensued. Those who were scandalized called for practical lynch on Grzegorz Braun. The MP explained that his act meant a protest against the racist, satanic, talmudic ideology represented by the Jewish religious festival. He called on his fellow MPs and all truth-loving people of good will to join in the debate about the real meaning of Hannukah.

    Lots of internet comments showed support for Braun and his actions. Even though he was vilified even by fellow-members of his parliamentary club, common men's reactions were generally much more often positive.

    What might be missed in the whole ongoing debate are the following points:

    1) Grzegorz Braun stirred up a hornet's nest by... mentioning Jesus Christ's Kingship? Not exactly. Appealing for the rights of God in a country's socio-political landscape? Nah... Saying something about keeping the basics of civilized life: the Ten Commandments? Oh, no, sir. HE JUST TOUCHED UPON THE MATTER OF THE MEANING OF A JEWISH RELIGIOUS FESTIVAL. Celebrated and tolerated by those who were once the chosen people of God. Since A.D. 33 they lost that title forever...
    So now the worldly (in the biblical sense of the word 'world') media hate (and in a way at once promote) Grzegorz Braun because he touched upon a sensitive (maybe THE sensitive) topic. Funny to see how Mr. Braun became an overnight sensation. For the good or for the better?...

    2) Grzegorz Braun challenged other MPs to a political and theological debate on the meaning of Hannukah. It seems that nobody replied in the positive. They just seemed to reply with the quite well-known equivalent of "CRUCIFY HIM!" (though, as the death penalty is practically outlawed, they "just" want Braun dead socially, politically, personally, medially – maybe not physically, but who knows? Maybe it will come to this).

    3) The (clownish IMHO) speaker of the Parliament admitted that there was a RELIGIOUS CELEBRATION ongoing on the grounds of the lower chamber of the Polish parliament. So what about the so much hailed "religious indifferentism" of the state aka "separation of state and church"?

    4) While Grzegorz Braun was successfully doing his act [pun or no pun intended :) ], the onlookers were... well, they were just looking at what he was doing. Any reaction? Protest? Well, sorta... One FEMALE (we wouldn't call her a lady, though) tried to stop the MP. But mostly: BANG! Take out your mobile phones, let's film the stuff. That's what these guys are made of! A man might be drowning and they'd just pull out their smartphone and video the whole event! Which, by the way, means that ONE MAN OF ACTION MIGHT MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. EVEN TODAY. WITH GOD ON HIS SIDE, HOPEFULLY.

    We are still waiting for all the repercussions of the (in?)famous EVENT (if one might call it like that). It seems too soon to declare Mr. Braun one of our HEROES OF TRADITION... Meanwhile we humbly invite your to visit our flagship website:

    as well as our fanpage:

    If you could hep us spread the good message about the (sometimes forgotten) HEROES OF TRADITION by liking, following, sharing and otherwise supporting our Facebook profile, we would be most appreciative,
    In Christo, Fidelis Zagórski,
    editor of

  3. Republicans are complicit.


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