My brief reply to Robert Sungenis' Flip Flop on the Evidence Indicating the Imposture of Sister Lucy dos Santos. Can a "man of science" flip based on Christine Niles utterly ridiculous analysis of experts reports?

Christine, very good report! You covered a lot, and you did it very well. I know you are a good investigator from watching your other investigations, but I could easily see that you put even more effort into the investigation of Sr. Lucy. I was one who was more or less persuaded by Chojowski’s evidence, but you should it was mostly subjective, that is, he wanted there to be two different Lucy’s, and his dismissal of the Ideal Innovations report was most telling. One reason for Chojnowski’s bias in viewing the evidence is because he is a sedevacantist (the same as the Dimond brothers who think there is a fake Sr. Lucy). They want the Vatican to be sinister on everything so that they can justify their leaving the Church. Incidentally, the one thing you showed that really stood out, which neither Chojnowski nor the experts showed or even mentioned, was the angle of the camera! It makes all the difference. How anyone, claiming to be an expert, can make conclusions without including the effects on the photo due to camera angle, is telling. The only question I have remaining concern the profile of St. Lucy, which you didn’t cover. The forehead of the second Lucy is slanted while the forehead of the first Lucy is almost vertical. Also, the first Lucy has a turned-up nose while the second Lucy does not, and the second Lucy also has laterally protruding nostrils that are higher than the tip of her nose. Perhaps you can address these features in your follow-up.
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Peter Chojnowski
So your argument is an ad hominem one. The idea that I dismissed the Ideal Innovations report is a lie. I said about the case exactly what they said to us about the case and put in their report. They don't know if the pre-1960 and the post1960 nun are the same person --- they said that they were on the fence about the entire issue --- they were sure however that the 1967 woman was the same as the post-1981 woman. If they are pretty sure +2 that the women portrayed in the 1967 pictures is the same as the one in the post-1981pictures are the same person, why are they not sure at all about the sameness of pictures from of the woman portrayed in the 50s and the 1967 woman. Can we then say that such a result implicitly indicates that they are different individuals. We posted the report after we got it and it has been on line, obviously unaltered, since we received it. Why this flip Robert from such a pathetic and biased treatment in which the lady did not speak to me at all or ask for my input? It was a simple hit piece. What about seeing one report within the context of all of the reports? It is absolute hypocrisy to say that I see what I want to see, when EVERYONE CAN SEE that the experts don't see the case THROUGH MY EYES AT ALL. And you actually claim that experts, who do deal with this kind of thing for a living, would not know that "camera angle" should be an element in their consideration of the identify of the women in the pictures. How absurd! Are you calling them morons?


  1. Robert Sungenis is not a reliable scholar. I would put him in the Salsa/Sisco camp of deceptions. Stay clear

  2. Dr. Sungenis makes a big point of Dr. Chojnowski and MHFM being sede and therefore being biased but leaves out one of the most prominent advocates of the fake Sister Lucy. Tradition in Action began promoting their own version of research and commentary in 2006 or so. I know this because I followed their analysis as it was published. They are publicly anti-sede. I would be more concerned if I were Sungenis if the "Lucy" of later years was indeed the true Sister Lucy. She endorsed VII and the anti-popes, along with the change to happy times (instead of her usual warnings and concern) during the VII "springtime". No more prophets of gloom and doom, no more concern for Modernists and infiltrators, no more concern for the path of Christendom (read Europe) in general post-WWII when the forces promoting and manipulating us to our own demise as a people have secured the reins of control thoroughly and entirely.


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