No Human Remains Found in Canada's "Mass Graves" | EWTN News Nightly. Are we surprised? Will the Man in White take back his apology??


  1. Because of this BIG LIE of the New World Order, they destroyed 83 churches in Canada that Catholic missionaries painstakingly built. How can they ever be replaced? Where will those indigenous people go to pray now or will they be at the mercy of drug pushers?

    It's time that the word "anti-Catholic" be coined and used throughout mainstream media and to make known that "Judeo-Christianity" is another BIG LIE of the devil, and that Jesus was NOT a Jew
    And it's also time that the DNA of the FAKE Sr Lucy be taken from her grave at the Basilica of Fatima and compared to the blood relatives of the TRUE Sr. Lucia dos Santos. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  2. How do they make accusations without any bodies. It is crazy!

    1. Media in Canada first reported on mass graves at residential schools in May 2021. Archeologists detected what they believed to be 200 unmarked graves at an old school in Kamloops, British Columbia.

      To this date, no excavations of that site has occurred. Local elders have cited intergenerational trauma as the reason for leaving potential proof of a genocide buried.

      The 200 “unmarked graves” in Kamloops were identified by the same technology that identified the 14 in Manitoba, which we now know turned out to be nothing more than a pile of rocks underground.

      Even to this day, the CBC has been hellbent on perpetuating a ‘mass graves’ interpretation of said anomalies that have been detected at various former residential school sites. (CBC = Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

      The media’s absolute worst interpretation of the anomalies inspired protests and terrorist arson across the country.

      Since the mass graves announcement, at least 83 churches have been burned to the ground or vandalized.

      Late on Friday, Chief Derek Nepinak of Minegoziibe Anishinabe shared the results of the excavation that turned up nothing.
      Source: (click on image)

      There are two things standing on the way of the New World Order, the Roman Catholic Church and the White race. Hence the destruction of the RCC via the Vatican II Revolution and now via Bergoglio the FAKE Pope, and the invasion of Black Africans in Europe to wipe out the White race. Ref: --- --- --- --- --- Kalergi Plan ---

      Just like those fake "mass graves" were excavated, the FAKE Sr Lucy's grave must also be excavated and her DNA must be compared to the living BLOOD relatives of the TRUE Sister Lucia dos Santos. Roman Catholics must demand this excavation from the OFFICIAL SANCTUARY in Fatima where her grave is located and demand the Vatican for answers WHY there was the IMPOSTER Sr Lucy. When the FAKE Lucy is PROVEN, the entire FAKE Vatican II Council narrative will collapse because she is its poster child!

  3. Wouldn't be the first fake genocide.


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