Sister Lucy Truth answers Church Militant: Was the true Fatima Seer replaced by an Imposter? World-Class Specialists Reports vs. WebMD.


  1. Regarding Dr. Frederick Zugibe, who talked Carlos Evaristo out of his doubts that the imposter was an imposter, it is important to note that Zugibe was an employee of the U. S. Department of Defense, as can be seen from his biography, where it states he was Director of Cardiovascular Research at the Veteran’s Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Thus, that Evaristo was directed to speak with Dr. Zugibe would be a curious historic fact, if it were analyzed without the knowledge of the 1953 Declaration of Ideological War against the Church by the U. S. Government and the all too close relationship between John Paul II and the CIA.

    ....... in April of 2002, Dr. Zugibe visited the Carmel in Portugal, where the imposter lived. He gave an interview with EWTN about that, here.


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