Remember Christine, you are not trying to help Sister Lucy Truth, you are trying to torpedo Sister Lucy Truth! Stop citing studies that further affirm what the experts have said already!


Here is the most relevant part of the text of the study that Christine Niles uses the picture from but derives a conclusion THE EXACT OPPOSITE FROM THAT OF THE STUDY AND THAT OF LOIS GIBSON. Not to mention the fact that they are not the same woman whose skulls are being compared. Is she implying that picture B happens to ALL WOMEN AS THEY AGE?:

The angle of the jaw increases markedly with age, which results in a loss of definition of the lower border of the face, according to the study. Jaw length decreases significantly in comparisons between the young and middle age groups, whereas the decline in jaw height from the middle to old group was noteworthy.

"The jaw is the foundation of the lower face, and changes to it affect facial aesthetics," said Howard N. Langstein, M.D., professor and chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center. "These measurements indicate a significant decline in the jaw's volume as a person ages, and therefore less support of soft tissue of the lower face and neck."


  1. From the get-go, Christine Niles was determined to torpedo Sister Lucy Truth. She began with very negative insinuations towards the Most Holy Family Monastery which she specified are "sedevacantist." Then she cited where Dr. Chojnowski works in Idaho at a school that belongs to the "SSPX", a religious order that she and Church Militant have been hellbent to destroy its reputation for over two years. She also sounded very angry throughout her presentation only to make the worst conclusion, as a so-called lawyer and professional journalist could ever make, that the Vatican is going to canonize the one and the same person Sr. Lucy. So folks, nothing to worry about so stop talking about a FAKE Sr. Lucy. Within one hour, her video garnered 1 thousand views! Imagine all the souls she has misled into Bergoglio's New World Order. No wonder, Michael Voris keeps saying, "Saint" John Paul II and "Saint" Paul VI. And now Church Militant will add to their vocabulary "Saint Sister Lucy" for the IMPOSTER of Fatima. So Michael Voris will have a front row seat at the upcoming canonization by his pal, that son of the devil Bergoglio who'll make a spectacle in canonizing the FAKE Sr. Lucy. If Catholics are not outraged by this deception , they are numb and brain-dead. Imagine the deception from Hell before hundreds of thousands of young people, and millions of viewers worldwide when evil Bergoglio will canonize the IMPOSTER Sr. Lucy.. Christine Niles is the female poster child of John 8:44.

  2. Christine Niles has finally come out as the Luciferian mouthpiece of the New World Order! She has revealed her real Masonic colors. How much did you sell your soul for to the devil, Christine Niles? Stop preaching that you pray the Rosary because you have just betrayed Our Lady of Fatima by condoning the IMPOSTER Sr. Lucy of the Apostate Vatican II Church who'll be canonized by evil pope Francis. SHAME on YOU, Satanic Church Militant Pied Piper!


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