‘Going woke, going broke’: Catholic Church losing members and lacking sp...


  1. The RCC in America is not/has not been negatively impacted (yet) by the folks leaving and collections being down. Reason? The U.S. Government is paying them Billions of Dollars to handle the "refugees" relocations etc from those walking across our Southern Border. Think about it. The RCC et al is the of the very few, if not the ONLY nationwide organization equipped to handle the human tidal wave U.S. Government created. Catholic Charities et al is a huge organization. It is one of the few with the size, facilities etc...Nation wide. The empty pews will eventually cause multiple Church closings but not yet.

    1. come to Pittsburgh, lots of closed/merged parishes.

  2. Video: EXCELLENT SUMMARY & COMMENTARY: Go Woke Go Broke: The fall of mighty brands to the woke agenda



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