Church Militant was a Sponsor of the Conference in which Fr. James Altman Calls Bergoglio a Fake Pope and Leader of the "Lavender Mafia" and, yet, it is TOO HARD TO BELIEVE that this same Mafia "Canceled" Sister Lucy dos Santos? Can we say "dishonest"?


  1. Church Militant released a video of the "Venerable" Sr Lucy as soon as the Vatican declared her "Venerable" The Fatima Center also did the same thing. They used the pictures of the true young Sr Lucy and the FAKE old Sr Lucy. A few days later Church Militant made another video. Then Christine Niles made her own infamous video attacking Sister Lucy Truth.

    Since Church Militant was a sponsor of the conference, Fr. Lovell was well aware of the video and therefore he was also ready to inform the people at the conference of the new "Venerable" Sr. Lucy. That is why he had a big statue of Our Lady of Fatima on the bare table beside the podium. He was ready to place a picture of the FAKE Sr Lucy and pray , "Venerable Sr Lucy, pray for us."

    BUT... there was one big deterrence to Fr. Lovell's announcement to coincide with Church Militant's and the Vatican's announcement of the new "Venerable" Sr Lucy. Sister Lucy Truth was in the audience and you were there IN PERSON.

    Our Lady of Fatima made sure that you were there IN PERSON because if you were not there, Fr. Lovell would have gone ahead and announced it. The Fatima Center also made a video at the same time Church Militant did. With such American endorsements, (without any oppositions) Francis would have canonized the FAKE Sr Lucy at Fatima on August 5, 2023 at World Youth Day. it would have been a canonization and a BIG LIE too difficult to reverse in the future.

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

    Our Lady of Fatima knew that it was imperative that you were at the conference, not as a speaker, but just be there IN PERSON to prevent Fr Lovell and Fr Altman from endorsing the BIGGEST FRAUD of FATIMA from happening. Imagine the 1 million young people at World Youth Day at Fatima chanting, "Saint Sr Lucy, pray for us?"

    So, Sister Lucy Truth made history in Chicago by preventing those controlled-opposition cancelled priests, especially Fr Lovell and Fr Altman, from serving the Octopus Opus Dei New World Order agenda and from carrying out the will of the devil the father of lies......

    Sister Lucia dos Santos, pray for us.
    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


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