Tradition in Action's Dr. Marian Horvat Acknowledges the Definitive Work Done by Forensic Sculptor and Historian Carlos Bezerra and Sister Lucy Truth in the Case of the Two Sister Lucys. Very Satisfying Article from the Woman Who Started Me Looking AND Thinking About this Epic Case of FRAUD. 

We have the pleasure of acknowledging the article by Dr. Marian Horvat on the work of Sister Lucy Truth and Prof. Carlos Bezerra in the case of the Two Sister Lucys. In her article, Dr. Horvat gives an account of some early work that was done on the case of the Two Sister Lucys and then presents SLT's report, submitted to us by Prof. Bezerra, which gives a 3-D demonstration of the impossibility that the women portrayed in the set of pictures and videos from 1917 to 2005 could be the SAME WOMAN. Dr. Horvat mentions her 2006 articles that she wrote, suggesting that there had been a replacement. I do not remember seeing those articles until 2017, after the death of Fr. Gruner and John Vennari, however, it was those articles that first alerted me to the possibility that there was some imposture that had taken place. It was, however, the indomitable Cornelia Ferreira who was the one who advised me to take the scientific approach to the entire question and to PROVE one way or another if there was or if there was not an imposter Sister Lucy. This all occurred after the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions in May of 2017. 

One thing about the TIA article, Prof. Bezerra is a BRAZILIAN historian and artist and Sister Lucy Truth has many reports and evidence from many different experts from many different perspectives, all available at



  2. Hopefully Dr Horvat and others at TIA will be able to connect the diabolical dots and come to perceive that the 1958 papal conclave was the momentous scene of the crime and the enabling act for the long prophesied Great Apostasy and what Our Lady of La Salette foretold as the "eclipse" of the Church. True popes are prevented by the Holy Spirit from doing, teaching, approving and mandating what John XXIII thru Francis have done. A true pope was threatened into invalid abdication and "exiled" back to his archdiocese:

    The agent of Satan, "Saint" Paul VI was responsible for most of the diabolical destruction, and even invalidated Holy Orders in 1968:

    More suppressed truth about Paul VI: (Communist asset: p.18; Accomplice to murder: p.21; Freemason: p.30; his mother a false convert Jew: p.44; as Jewish High Priest: p.50; Homosexual: p.55; Satanist: 53, 59, 82,87; p.80: read "Impostor Sr Lucia of Fatima")

  3. Excellent work. Now do Paul VI :)


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