Blue Army Spokesman Dismisses a Caller from Kansas City who Mentions the Definitive Evidence Presented by Sister Lucy Truth. The Blue Army, Which I joined as a Child 50 years ago, Now Cannot Think of Any Argument to Refute Our Evidence Other than "Her nephew -- WHO IS A PRIEST! ---- Would Have Known If It Was Not Her. " Listen, WHATEVER HE "KNEW," IT WAS NOT HER.


The gentleman who is being interviewed, who I am told is from the Blue Army, presents only Red Herring arguments concerning the Third Secret controversy and the simple idea that "her nephew --- A PRIEST! --- would know that it is not her." Question for the gentleman. If the real Sister Lucy disappeared or was "disappeared" in or around 1959, would her nephew ever have really known the real Sister Lucy? Did he ever know her outside of the Carmelite convent? Did he see her only through the grill and heavily veiled? Was the woman's conversation "guided" by the other members of her convent when "she' "met" "her nephew"? Also, if he realized that "Sister Lucy" was not his actual aunt, but an imposter, would he necessarily go public knowing that those at the top of the hierarchy obviously would not want such information to get out. Listen, grown men of reputation, who KNOW that there was an imposter Sister Lucy STILL WILL NOT GO PUBLIC AND ANNOUNCE THEIR JUDGMENTS. Why? Because they know their reputations will be attacked if they should come forward.  This includes organizations, like the Blue Army, which has gone along with the Vatican's manipulation of the Apparitions of Fatima to the Modernist Occupants' own benefit. 

And the clueless gentleman who wonders how it would benefit the Modernist Vatican to substitute the true seer of Fatima and Messenger of the Immaculate Heart for a dingbat woman who, when she is not spouting nonsense, is allowing the enemies of Fatima to hijack the persona and message of the actual Seer,  to this we can only shake our heads in disbelief.  For the "dingbat" aspects of the Imposter Sister Lucy see,


  1. Have you see. The Catholic Answers answer to. ‘Was there a fake Sr Lucy?’

    Answer: No. there is no evidence that there was a fake Sr Lucy.

    This appears to be an outright lie.
    How can Catholic Answers be unaware of the research presented on Sister Lucy Truth?
    It is one thing to disagree with the research and it’s findings. A totally other to say it doesn’t exist. Most open-minded people who’ve seen the research have responded definitely ‘there was an imposter’.

    I have seen many reliable sources who h e assured me that Catholic Answers is a wonderful organisation and site, but the first time I consult it I receive an outright lie! It is one thing to say we disagree with the research. (Though most people who review it find it compelling). But to say there is no evidence of an imposter is an outright lie. And one easily exposed. Google Sister Lucy Truth. I am shocked and disappointed by Catholic Answers. Their answer is a clear pointer to the politics of the Catholic Church.

  2. Perhaps both her family and fellow nuns were told the replacement was to safeguard her ,that her life was in danger.



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