Since Christ Has Conquered Death, Let us not worry about what the World thinks of us. Here Bishop Donald Sanborn points to the real cause of the "clerical abuse" scandal. The Moral and Dogmatic Collapse of the Clergy as a Result of the Heresies and Cultural Surrender of Vatican II.

Co-conspirators in the Pederasty Cover-up from the 70s into the 21st Century. These, however, were ALSO two of the most critical actors in the SISTER LUCY COVER-UP. We blow the whistle on them and will continue to blow the whistle on these very unholy men.

The greatest and most poignant quote from Bishop Sanborn's article: "The real reason: The godless, faithless, disgustingly selfish, and perverted Novus Ordo clergy who profited from the respect and admiration that innocent young persons had for the Catholic clergy in order to perform upon them acts which make you want to vomit."


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