Fr. Johannes Dormann, in a now Forgotten Series, Revealed the Neo-Modernist Heresies of Karol Wojtyla. We also know that JPII personally used the Faked Persona of "Sister Lucia" to advance His Assisi Agenda for the Catholic Church.

Here is a short quotation from Fr. Dormann's book, Pope John Paul II's Theological Journey to the Prayer Meeting of Religions at Assisi, Part I, Angelus Press, Kansas City, MO, 1994, p. 105, "Hence the Cardinal's [Wojtyla] theology naturalis religionum yields the following results: The members of the various religions --- in context, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism -- turn with success to the God of infinite majesty. The striking contrasts and contradictions among religions including their fundamentally different notions of God, are no obstacles for the journey of man to God. No one asks about the legitimacy of the various religions's claims to the truth. Given the absolute transcendence of the encounter with God, the question is pointless. For the God of infinite majesty, whom the Cardinal identifies with the God of Revelation in Isaiah 6, is conceived as a pure abstraction which 'transcends absolutely the whole of creation, all that is visible and comprehensible'; hence, all concrete historical religions. In like manner, the counter or the union with God is accomplished, on the part of man, in the trans-historical transcendence of the human person. 

Although for Cardinal Wojtyla, the encounter between God and man takes place beyond creation in trans-historical transcendence, the historical religions do not lose their importance. On the contrary, the transcendent encounter or Unio Mystica between God and man as a possibility open to all men is also the foundation at the very root of all religions. This view coincides with that of Rudolf Otto in his modern theology of religions." 


  1. Pure modernist, Masonic drivel from the soul-killing actor and former head of the counterfeit church, Wojtyla.

    “For all the gods of the Gentiles are devils: but the Lord made the heavens.” Ps. 95:5


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