Fr. Gruner, at the 5:15 min. mark, provides another testimony to the fake letters sent by "Sister Lucy," and, also, testifies to the fact that Caroline, Sister Lucy's sister, said that her sister NEVER USED A TYPEWRITER.


  1. The problem I see here is not your main conclusion (that Sr Lucia was replaced) but some of the arguments used in support of that.

    For example this testimony from Caroline that Sr Lucy never used a typewriter. My mother never used a smartphone either until the last couple of years of her life so by itself that's not really a strong point. It becomes even harder to make a point of this when you are also arguing Caroline never got to see or speak to Lucia anyway since at least 1959. Otherwise one is trying to have it both ways. I think we need to say Caroline wouldn't know either way (except up to a very out of date point in time).

    The second point worth raising here is there is another aspect to the family objection that isn't really addressed on the SLT website. The response to why wouldn't her family know tends to focus on the control nature of visits to the monastery. But there is also the fact they surely would have been able to see photos and video footage as much as anyone else especially following the reporting of major Papal visits (1967, 1982 etc).



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