"Proselytizing Christians are not Christians....but pagans!" "Catholic Answers" had better take down more than just their baseless dismissal of the findings of Sister Lucy Truth if this man is to be believed. Catholics don't need answers, I guess, just a certain sparkle in the eye is good enough! Jimmy Aiken...call your office!

Here is the Link to the cutting Novus Ordo Watch article and podcast: 


Here is the Wednesday audience's punch line, in contradistinction to everything that has been upheld and taught by the Church since Our Lord Jesus Christ preached, the Apostles preached and were martyred, and the Fathers, Doctors, and every single pope, bishop, priest, and lay apologist has done for 2 millennia. Instead we get this from Francis:

Don’t forget this: when you see Christians proselytising, making a list of people to come… these are not Christians, they are pagans disguised as Christians, but the heart is pagan


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